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The Yemeni social culture of bombing…

Good morning, Netizens…


David Horsey has the temerity of a street smart gangster from the East Los Angeles Hood, with testicles the size of footballs. During my observation of him, he has taken on nearly every political and social figure one could ever think of, and the hell of it is, he has gotten away with it unscathed. That is saying something in this age of Fundamentalist kooks from places like Yemen, home of vapid idiots claiming to have insider knowledge of the “true” meaning of Islamic laws and traditions.


Now we have the latest permutation of designer underwear bombs built and designed by Ibrahim Hassan Asiri, a world-reknown bomb designer well-known for his underwear bomb that fizzled in December 2009, when a hapless lad from Africa tried to blow up a plane over Detroit and instead seriously singed his privates. The new-and-improved explosive device, however, never made it onto a plane or even close to a runway, thanks in part to some excellent sleuthing by Central Intelligence Agency operatives.


Putting explosive devices in underwear may seem pretty outlandish to traditional Western thought, until you consider the wacky mindset of Islamic extremists. It doesn't seem the least bit outrageous that they would willingly don a pair of tighty-whities with a little explosive thrown in for good measure. Why worry about ones exploding private parts when good terrorists are going to Paradise where there might be a surplus of willing virgins willing to sacrifice their innocense for a terrorist that, it seems, doesn't have any equipment left on his privacy rack anymore.


If I were Asiri, I would be keeping an ultra-sharp eye on the horizon for any signs of drone aircraft about to pounce on his butt, and put his underwear retail store out of business permanently. I would be my bottom dollar that somewhere the CIA is not only targeting his bombs,, but probably his entire operation.


That might be considered urban renewal for Yemen, after all.



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