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A Brief History of the Ballroom

Good morning, Netizens…

[The First Arrival]

In the beginning, where this Blog first set its calloused feet upon the oft-trodden road of what some call the new journalism, I was fond of writing what were quite long messages, in particular about a called the Virtual Ballroom. That act set a new and sometimes unpopular precedent for the Spokesman-Review online Blogs, but I anticipated that from the onset, and having braced myself against the roiled opinions and rumpled egos, still I persevered, and over time, others began to accept the Virtual Ballroom and Espresso Bar and its hallmark, a free cup of Virtual Espresso.

Along the way I introduced countless ghosts and spirits, even gracefully introducing the Garden Gnomes who maintain the sumptuous Virtual Garden behind the Ballroom in exchange for free holes in the ground in which they live, procreate and sing of their history as they have done for ages and ages.

There has been no mention, however, how this virtual kingdom came into existence; it didn’t just manifest itself one day in the middle of Hillyard, because according to faux-historians, Hillyard didn’t have a name when the real-life embodiment of the Virtual Ballroom first came into existence. Rather, there were various Native American tribes, including the amiable but cryptic Yukapatooie Band of Indians living in the area we now call Stevens County, who astutely avoided all commerce with the White Man, even other tribes and only occasionally were seen by outsiders.

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