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Who you gonna trust?

Good morning, Netizens…

Yeah, tell me about it!

It sounded so nice, so respectable, so dependable when they signed us up for our 401k’s, didn’t it? However, now that we have wandered down David Horsey’s Carnival Midway where the real wheeling and dealing takes place, the money we invested isn’t worth a fraction of its original value, now is it? The only thing we can be certain of is that our financial worth and savings took a big hit while some faceless, nameless guys who own the Midway, such as the rabid bats at AIG, and thus actually control the how the show runs, made a killing doing so.

In several James Bond movies, there are several references made to crooked roulette wheels, where the Bad Guys are capable of manipulating the outcome of each roll of the wheel. In several other movies there are crooked dice, which because they have their edges altered in various ways, can be made to fall in more predictable ways. Of course, since the beginning of time there have always been crooked cards, altered to where they could be read by those-in-the-know in high-stakes poker games.

If the truth is known about our current economic and financial woes, it seems to me as if we all were gambling with our investments when we signed up for various fiduciary products, including our 401k plans; it is just that they told us our savings were all so secure. They told us we were being wise and cautious investors, which we should be.

They just didn’t tell us the equipment was all rigged in the favor of Fat Cats could manipulate the outcome in their favor anytime they wanted to do so with insufferable ease. Apparently they did that.

Short of the Ouija board, a shaman or a soothsayer, who can you trust in these days?

Oh, before you answer that loaded question, since you’re going back out into the Carnival Midway, please grab me a box of popcorn, would you please?


Flip a coin or listen to Obama?

Good morning, Netizens…

In this morning’s David Horsey cartoon we have the first time that David Horsey has violated the air space of Barack Obama’s sacredness. Of course, that isn’t to say that President Obama is sacred, no; rather it speaks to the truth about Obama’s version of our national economic projections. After a week that saw the sacred gods of the Dow Jones diving deep into their inflation-proof bomb shelters, taking refuge in their offshore bank accounts which are now not nearly so safe as they once were, nobody can be convincing when they say they understand the markets.

“I dunno, man, like, let’s flip a coin and see where it’s going next,” one Wall Street marketer says to another.

Then we have Obama, making predictions about the economy. Which do you trust more, Obama’s predictions while wearing rose-colored glasses or the two residents of Wall Street flipping a coin to see where things will end up?


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