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The WASL Test Results

Good morning, Netizens…

What follows is only a portion of the total WASL Test results, in this case for Grade 10. If you wish to read the entire result tests go to and examine the various grade levels. To be utterly honest, I had no idea the math results were as deplorable as they are. According to the results posted on the web page, 63.5% of the students in tenth grades taking the WASL math test did not meet standards.

This leaves us a serious set of realities, because our children, I believe, are our futures. In our complex and terribly technologically-driven world, if children cannot perform math at a satisfactory level, I believe they are doomed to eking out lives in substandard, menial jobs.

What is perhaps even worse is that over 20% of the students taking the test performed at a substandard level in the reading tests.

So, here for your contemplation and consideration as parents, grandparents and others who care about our children’s futures, are the results for the 10th Grade.

If this is, as the Spokesman-Review suggested this morning, is a plateau, it has a lot of rocks on the road.

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