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Hotter than a biscuit!


Good afternoon, Netizens…


My God, it was only 5:05 this morning when the residential air conditioning kicked on saving our collective asses from another scorching hot day. As much as we feel the crunch of paying Avista Utilities for this somewhat questionable asset, yet when we compare living in our house bereft of air conditioning, sweating it out later in the day, suddenly that air conditioning is well worth the cost. Most of the houses in our neighborhood have one form or another of central air conditioning, although some have window-mounted air conditioning units while others have big fans mounted in their attic spaces that you can hear rumbling away during the heat of the day.


At four o'clock in the afternoon today, there is barely a breeze stirring the trees. This is a lot like living back in the Midwest, with the exception of the stately fields of corn that whisper to themselves at dusk, although I have it on good authority that, due to the drought in Nebraska, the corn this year is pretty puny by comparison to years gone by. Of course if I hear someone snorting with derision upon hearing the term global warming, I'll remind them of the impact of the drought in the Midwest and Southwest this spring and summer, and ask them how they like the sharply-increasing prices at the food markets. Of course, I always did say that farming is a lot like gambling with God Almighty. Sometimes you win, and on bad years you lose. Every year you plant your crops, watch the sky and pray. It's that simple.


The talking weather idiots are saying we could foresee a few more weeks of this heat wave before matters are restored to some degree of normalcy. It used to be that, if you wanted to forecast the weather, all you needed to do was step outside and peer at the sky. In modern times, we have come to rely on self-styled meteorologists who, by virtue of some degree of meteorological education, forecast the weather for us with some degree of reliability. We've had our share of mediocrity with regard to weather forecasters here in Spokane. They all seem to proclaim their reliability, but if the truth is known, we couldn't still do much better than simply watch the sky and occasionally pray for rain at appropriate occasions, preferably without hail or lightning, if you please.






Post boom-boom….

Good morning, Netizens…


In case you slept completely through it, last night we had one of Spokane's occasional thunderstorms, complete with sporadic heavy rains and hail. Having lived in the Midwest and portions of the Deep South, I suppose last night's thunderstorms weren't really all that severe, as we had time between the individual peals of thunder to speculate how long we would wait until the next barrage of light and sound. Having endured several truly severe thunderstorms, I know that a good old-fashioned Midwestern severe thunderstorm would never give us the time to contemplate before the next lightning strike, not to mention the occasional tornado dropping from the sky. Both happen more frequently in the Midwest and Deep South than we ever see here in the Inland Northwest, but last night's storm rattled the window casements fairly well and made us worry about our electronics, for lightning storms and electronics do not always mix as well as coffee and milk.


This morning's weather, however, is still muggy, unsettling perhaps, almost uncomfortable enough to turn on the air conditioning, which suggests that we might have more crash-and-bang shows from Mother Nature before today is complete.


However, at shortly after 4:00 AM this morning, all of Mother Nature, including a particularly vocal robin and a woodpecker, are doing their best to welcome the new day regardless of what may come next. Upon rising, when I peered at the NEXRAD weather radar this morning, I witnessed the Eastern edge of last night's storm sidling off to the East, perhaps to terrorize Montana later on today.


In the interim, here I sit at age 65 observing the vagaries of nature, rapt in all its majesty and mystery and thankful that I lost nothing more than a few hours of sleep last night. As I am often fond of saying, it's another wonderful day in Paradise.



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