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Learning, still

I have often written about my friend, Mary, who died a week before she turned 91.  

Becky’s story today about Act 2, a learning center for people 50+, reminds me of Mary’s wisdom for a full, long life: keep curious, keep learning.  Mary bought a computer after she turned 80. And she used it, mostly for e-mail connections and to “look things up.”

When people ask me what I would like to do when I retire, I often say, “Take a class or two.” I would like to fill in the gaps of what I missed: Greek Mythology, a scripture class on Luke-Acts, and a class or two on what I love: algebra –  I love algebra.

While many classes teach new concepts and offer opportunities, perhaps the greatest lesson of Act 2 is:  no matter our stage or age in life, it is never too late to develop our gifts and enjoy new friendships.

(S-R archives photo)

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