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Help for addicted teens

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has released information on available resources to help addicted teens as well as identify those teens at risk for substance abuse.

Teens present with unique circumstances and needs when it comes to treatment and recovery since they tend to use different substances and suffer different consequences from adults who use drugs. With their brains not fully developed until their mid-twenties, teens are more susceptible than adults to addiction when experimenting with drugs.

Teens are less likely to seek help or think that they need it. All the more reason for the adults who love them to stay close and remain informed. 

The high price of talent

When the news of Whitney Houston's death hit Saturday, CNN showed a photo of her taken years ago with Liza Minnelli, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson. All people blessed with great talent. All people who used the talent well for many years.

But all four fought battles with addiction. Only Minnelli remains alive.

If you were given a great talent — in acting, singing, dancing, fine art, writing — would you accept it, knowing that the addiction demon comes with it? Post-mortem questions today.

(Spokesman-Review archives photo)

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