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Welcome home!

This week people all over the country celebrate their new lives: walking down the aisle, making solemn promises with family and friends present and then all those witnesses who have been there before. The real deal.

Yes, families all over the country begin new lives this week, National Adoption Week. More than 140 foster children in Washington state will settle into their forever families, legally part of a clan who claims them.

Each year my son, Alex, born in Paraguay and placed in my arms when he was four months, and I attend the local process and community celebration. Each year he loved to sit in that courtroom, listen to the lawyers, watch kids squirm and then cheer with the crowd. We ate cake and pushed through balloon bouquets to talk to people. Kindred spirits.

Today, in Olympia, Friday in Spokane: a legal process and endless, unconditional love will create new families. Many will say how lucky those children are – but all adoptive parents know the truth: we, as parents, are the lucky ones. Profoundly blessed.

Welcome home, sweet children!

(S-R archive photo: Alex on his citizenship day)


National Adoption Day

Later today my son and I will slip away to the local courthouse and witness the creating of new families as judges finalize adoptions for local families. My son always wants to attend the annual event. He claimed it was for the teddy bears years ago, now he says, “The food is good!”

Our son came to us through the magic of adoption and I know in every fiber of my soul he was meant to be in our family.  I do not believe in “one true romantic love” – a fairy tale for sure – but I believe that somehow our children are destined to be ours.

We flew thousands of miles to meet him and bring him home and answered almost as many questions for the “Oh, Lord, am I worthy?” home study in the year before. We laughed a lot as we made our way through the process of people asking almost every question imaginable of our lives. “We don’t smoke…we do pay our taxes…have jobs…pay the mortgage… we are not HIV+… have no criminal history…have friends…yes, we occasionally fight, and we do resolve our differences…” The inquisition was endless.

And then that baby was placed in my arms.

Adoptive parents know the truth:  the journey provides magic that is unmatched. And when people say our son is lucky, we immediately correct them: we are profoundly blessed to be his parents. We know a kind of magic that few ever experience.

Random luck? Hardly…As writer Anne Lamott claims: “God can be such a show-off!”

Love to you, Alex…and all families celebrating our special day. xoxox

(S-R archives photo: Randy and Trish King wait in the hallway of the Spokane County Courthouse to finalize the adoption of 2-year-old Connor on Friday, Nov. 19, 2010.)

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