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Ann B. Davis - “Alice”

Actress Ann B. Davis died on Sunday at the age of 88. Davis was an actress whose name may slip from one’s memory, but her face and delightful presence cannot.

We loved her in the sitcom “The Brady Bunch” where she was the live-in housekeeper/caregiver we would have welcomed into our own homes.  As Alice Nelson, she cleaned up more than spilled popcorn – she tidied up those little emotional messes of a blended family.

Her acting credits include the character Charmaine Schultz on “The Bob Cummings Show.” Davis played an ordinary-looking secretary for a playboy-like photographer. Her work on the show earned her two Emmy Awards.

When she entered college, she intended to study medicine, but instead was inspired to a life of acting after seeing her brother perform in “Oklahoma!”

Davis never married, claiming she never could find a man she loved more than her work. She spent her later years giving witness to her evangelical faith. Thanks, “Alice” for little life lessons - and laughs.

(S-R photo: In this April 14, 2007, file photo, Ann B. Davis arrives at the 5th Annual TV Land Awards in Santa Monica, Calif. The Emmy-winning actress, who played the housekeeper on “The Brady Bunch,” died at a San Antonio hospital on Sunday. She was 88.)

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