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Facebooking from her hospital bed

Sarah Blain Bain is one of those Spokane women everyone seems to know. She has 685 Facebook friends, and she probably knows all of them pretty well.

She was instrumental in starting a support group for parents who lose children at birth or shortly after. See story here.

Sarah, in addition to many other things this year, is teaching journalism at Whitworth University. I've been scheduled for a month to talk today with one of her classes today. We were going to meet before class to catch up on things.

But over the weekend, she underwent emergency surgery to remove her appendix. And she Facebooked it, so all I had to do was reassure her I was still good for teaching her class today, so mark that worry off her list.  

Sarah wrote at one point: “The extrovert in me is so grateful to have FB available for my first surgery.”

Wonder if she's the beginning of a trend. Don't have to call, bug or visit folks in the hospital. Just look for their Facebook updates.

Heal quickly, Sarah!

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