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Are you model material?

Today's Boomer U article was about the prediction (and hope) that boomer age men and women will be in greater demand in the next few years as models and actors in TV commercials, as companies finally wake up to the fact that boomers have some money to spend, a lot more, in fact, than the 20-something folks advertisers are so hot after.

My thanks to models Trudy Raymond and Joyce Cameron, both stunning looking women, who often donate their time on the runway for nonprofit fashion shows.

And with this blog post, I make my pitch to all boomer-age people. If you are asked to “model” or be on TV for whatever reason, and you think you're not young or good looking enough, reconsider.

The more people in society see “real” aging, the better off we'll all be.

Give it a shot!

(Photo of Joyce Cameron courtesy of Eric Chamberlain)

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