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Suicide among our elderly and boomers

Boomers worked to have it all – or at least as much of life as we possibly could. But boomers may not be as happy as once thought: And our unhappiness may be reflected in the increase in suicide among this generation (born between 1946-1964). The suicide rate rose among boomers during 2000-2010 according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Today’s stories propose some theories for the increase in boomer suicides: unemployment, ill health, disappointments in dreams unfulfilled.

And while the rate of suicide is on the rise among boomers, our own community’s elderly have the highest suicide rates in the nation and in North Idaho and Spokane County.

The good news: local and national resources are close at hand to help anyone and everyone. Take a moment and learn what can be done to end this mysterious healthcare epidemic.Our friends and families are too important to lose to this tragic ending.

(S-R archive photo)

Want fries…or salad…with that burger?

Boomers once again are driving an industry: restaurants. Stats show that we are the major consumers at restaurants – not our 20-something children who are struggling a bit in this economy. (See story.)

(S-R photo archives: Fery Haghighi has been running restaurants in the Spokane area for more than 30 years.)

Boomers: We dream of travel

In my Boomer U story today, I looked at coming trends in boomer travel.

European river cruises are hot, as is taking trips with many generations in tow.

One boomer I interviewed for the story, Susan Snelson Spiegel, is an uber traveler and always has been. And she has combined travel with volunteering on many occasions.

What kind of travel will you do in your 50s, 60s and beyond?

I picture myself, in my 80s, on those bus tours seeing the United States in a new way.

Happy Memorial Day!

(Photo courtesy of Susan Snelson Spiegel)

Boomer U and me

My husband once told me, years ago, that I would likely have a newspaper job to the grave, if I tracked the baby boomers to the grave.

That's not the reason I'm happy to be a big part of Boomer U, our new Monday Today section, but he had a point.

Take a look

How old is old?

How old is old??

Rebecca and I initiated our EndNotes column primarily for our generation, the Baby Boomers, to address issues around aging, illness, death/dying and etiquette needed in these situations. A new poll finds three-quarters of all baby boomers still consider themselves middle-aged or younger, and that includes most of the boomers who are ages 57-65.

When I was 14 I remember looking ahead to the millennium when I would turn 45. I imagined myself as graying and past my prime – that image could not be more wrong. I am enjoying my life now more than ever. I hope to continue on this path until…

So, gentle reader, how old is old? How do you see yourself, your life 20 years from now?

(AP photo of Cher at 65)


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