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Now THAT’S baseball!

With all the Washington D.C. rhetoric making the news, it is difficult to focus on any other drama. Thank you, Boston. Game two of the American League Championship Series between Boston and Detroit offered baseball fans a wonderful diversion from politics.

The tension from Detroit’s perfect pitching and five runs was palpable from Boston’s Fenway Park to our family rooms.  With Boston up, a home run put Boston on the score board; then a Boston fan’s fairy tale made real when Boston’s David Ortiz hit a grand slam to tie the game. In the ninth inning the Red Sox broke the tie and won the game.

An object lesson for sure in a city that deserves a victory: never, ever give up.

(S-R archives photo: Pedestrians walk past a statue of former Boston Red Sox player Ted Williams outside Fenway Park in Boston.)

So much to pray about…

Last night was chaotic and confusing in Massachusetts: One police officer was shot and killed near MIT; scores of law enforcement responded to gun shots, explosions? in Watertown, Mass. Media reported scattered details leading to uncertain conclusions. One detained man was ordered to remove all his clothing before he was put into the police car – in case he had strapped explosives to himself.

 We send soldiers overseas when the war has arrived on our own soil.

 So much to pray for in a country that feels like it is losing its sense of decency, safety and trust.

(S-R photo: An official stands guard at Massachusetts Institute of Technology following reports of a shooting, Thursday, April 18, 2013, in Boston. State police say a campus police officer at the school has died from injuries in a shooting on the campus outside Boston. )

The day after

Often other people say it best…But I will say, our hearts are broken, we pray without ceasing and our American resolve of compassion and generosity will aid Boston in the days to come. Peace.

(S-R archives photo)

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