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10 items a day for 1,000 days

I have a New Year's resolution that I started in December and have had no trouble sticking to. I am throwing away — or giving away — 10 items each day from my house. Last summer, I did a story on a woman who helps people declutter, and she said the average household in the United States has 100,000 items. Way too many things.

So far, nearly a month into this, it's been pretty easy. I started with my bathroom drawers (old eye shadow, lipstick) and the other day, we pruned our cookbook collection and will donate the books to the library. In 1,000 days, I will be decluttered by 10,000 items. And if I then start over…

It has never been too hard for me to get rid of things, except for books and paperwork, but after more than 20 years in our home, we have too many items. It feels great to shed. And it's kind of addicting.

Any other shedding tips out there?

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