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Red Rover, Red Rover send…

…peace and calm right over.

 A program pioneered in Seattle’s King County has withstood an appeals court challenge.  The program has specially trained dogs provide comfort for victims in a courthouse setting, helping them to not only relax, but feel safe and secure as they testify to unspeakable and often violent crimes committed against them. 

Send in the dogs. 

Most dog lovers will tell you that dogs provide unconditional love and attention to their human owners, and also to most anyone else who crosses their paths. And most are smart enough to sense who needs comfort. 

During my own recovery from dramatic cancer treatment, I would languish in bed when I felt pain and unfathomable fear. Our big, black German Shepherd would come to the bedside, look at me, and then quietly go to the other side of the bed where she would carefully jump up. She scooted herself over next to me until her body was snuggled at my side. She stayed for hours. 

We put people through enough humiliation and anguish when they seek to invoke justice against a criminal. A good dose of puppy love will hopefully make the process tolerable.

(S-R archives photo)

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