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Suicide among our elderly and boomers

Boomers worked to have it all – or at least as much of life as we possibly could. But boomers may not be as happy as once thought: And our unhappiness may be reflected in the increase in suicide among this generation (born between 1946-1964). The suicide rate rose among boomers during 2000-2010 according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Today’s stories propose some theories for the increase in boomer suicides: unemployment, ill health, disappointments in dreams unfulfilled.

And while the rate of suicide is on the rise among boomers, our own community’s elderly have the highest suicide rates in the nation and in North Idaho and Spokane County.

The good news: local and national resources are close at hand to help anyone and everyone. Take a moment and learn what can be done to end this mysterious healthcare epidemic.Our friends and families are too important to lose to this tragic ending.

(S-R archive photo)

On being called elderly for the first time

The Comcast cable subcontractor arrived this morning to put in a cable box. It was the wrong one. The nice young man, Rick, called his supervisor and explained that we likely couldn't go in person to the Comcast warehouse to swap the box because we were “elderly.” 

I will turn 57 next month. I recently wrote a story about how aging boomers won't like the same older age labels our parents put up with. How did I react? I pointed to my husband, who is a few years older, and said: “You can call him elderly but not me.” 

I was surprised at the intensity of my reaction. Hurry up people, let's figure out some new terms so we boomers can pretend we are not heading to elderly territory.

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