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To nurture, to keep safe, to love

I can't seem to forget about Frances Swan, the 106-year-old woman discovered by Stevens County sheriff's deputies last month. She was hungry and neglected by her “caregiver.”

She asked for food and wanted to be taken to a hospital where people would feed her and talk to her and be nice to her.

I ponder these simple requests in the hectic pace of our lives. Most of us want exactly that: to be nurtured - with food and safety and security; to live in community with other people - a family, given by birth or choice; and to know companionship - in ways of kindness and generosity, selflessness.

Reportedly, the people at a care center in Colville where Frances now lives have answered her plea; she receives food and kindness,care and friendship in a secure home.

May we pause from our hectic lives to offer the same to those who need us.

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