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The Holy Spirit and Frank Bach

Today at noon, rich and poor alike will gather near downtown Spokane to dedicate a housing complex for the chronically homeless, named after Father Frank Bach. I wrote a profile of him Sunday.

I've known Father Bach about 15 years, and I had no idea how much he has accomplished, especially in his work among the poor. The 82-year-old priest hates attention, deflects praise and changes the subject when too much praise comes his way.

In this era of relentless social media neediness (Read our blog! Read our Tweet! Take our survey!) it's so refreshing to know a person who hates all that fuss. I had to really talk him into doing the story.

The fruits (or fruit) of the Holy Spirit are said to “show up” in people in these ways: In joy, in peace, in goodness, in generosity and in modesty, among other attributes.

The Holy Spirit is active in the life of Bach, for sure. Just don't tell him you think so. He'll likely deny it.

(Photo by Colin Mulvany/Spokesman-Review)

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