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Keeping the promise: we remember

 In the weeks after the 9/11 attacks, The Port of Seattle Police Department sold hats to raise money for the Port Authority Police Department Benevolent Fund in New York/New Jersey. That department lost 37 officers in the attacks.  Each hat had the name of one officer who died Sept. 11. At the time, my husband was part of the POSPD canine unit; he bought a hat with the name Sirius on it. Sirius was the PAPD police dog killed at the World Trade Center. My husband also bought a hat for me.

 Here is what I wrote about my hat.

  I have a hat 

  In memory of a police officer

  I never knew.

  His body finished, fallen;

  While his spirit ascended home.

  I have a hat

  In honor of a man

  Others loved each day.

  I run my fingers

  Over the stitching

  Spelling his name.

  I weep.

  I wear the hat

  Like a guardian angel

  Object of protection.

  Memories belong to others;

  Prayers to me.

  I wear Paul's hat

  To honor those

  Still here.


  They continue…

  Waking early;

  Kissing sleepy spouses,

  Hugging drowsy children.


 Of quiet commitment

 And uncommon courage,

They slip into place.

  … The beat goes on.

 This week, we remember those who died…and their loved ones who remain.


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