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Military suicides

One day after viewing the movie “Heaven is for Real,” a friend tells me her young adult son has taken his own life. He was a soldier and spent time in Afghanistan. The suicide rate among military personnel now exceeds the rate among the civilian population.

My heart aches for my friend, her family, his friends. And within it all, she maintains her amazingly strong faith. She is confident  heaven is for real, for she had glimpses of heaven in the brief years she shared with her precious son. 

(S-R archive photo)

A glimpse of heaven

A wonderful man from my parish died a few weeks ago. He was told last summer that his cancer would take his life within six months. Jim was artistic in skill as well as in his appreciation of art. His friends asked if he wanted to travel to Paris to see the world's great art. They pondered a gift of collecting cash for this possible adventure.

Instead of making a pilgrimage to Paris, Jim said he simply wanted to spend his time back at the high school where he worked: teaching and guiding students. He wanted to continue to make a difference in the lives of teens.

Perhaps it is in the simple choices of where and how we place our gifts that we get our first glimpse of heaven.

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