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Young men in pink

When two great-nephews, on two separate Hoopfest teams, arrived at their games Saturday in electric pink team shirts, I knew we weren't in boomer-color rules anymore.

In my younger years, no teen boy would be caught wearing pink.

But everywhere at Hoopfest Saturday, I saw boy teams in electric pink. And fluorescent lime was popular with the boys, too.

Perhaps the gender color barriers — blue for boys, pink for girls — are gone for good.

(Tony Wadden photo)

Of Hoopfest, nephews and baby quail

Our backyard is home to several quail families. We watch for the babies, as tiny as a sneeze, and then marvel how fast they become teen quails and then, mom and dad quails themselves.

In my large, extended Italian family — 15 nieces, 25 great nieces and nephews — it's like watching quail families in human time. Saturday, my husband and I went to Hoopfest to watch my great-nephew Adam play, coached by his father, my nephew Matthew.

Was it just about 20 years ago, Matthew was just a bit older than his son, playing his heart out at Hoopfest? Yes. And Tony and I were courtside, taking photos, like the one above. Son and coach/father. We do not think we age, watching from our windows to the quail outside and watching courtside at Hoopfest.

But just as teen nephew grew into father nephew and quail as tiny as sneezes become parent quails, so we, too, age. The watchers age.

It goes so fast. I say it more and more. You take a picture of it, hoping to slow it down somehow or freeze some of it for later.

(Photo by Tony Wadden)

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