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Looking at 60: Leap years

Our class reunion – minus Becky – called a group of us to California where we laughed, reminisced, and discussed what middle-age people discuss: jobs, kids, lovely grandkids and a few aches and pains: “What do you take for your blood pressure? “ I overheard.  But we slipped back in time, too, recalling lovely moments. “Cathy, remember when we went walking way behind the Pitti Palace?…and the Dobermans came charging at us?!” he asked. I remember and remind him how I threw him in front of me. “Because you are tall and I knew you could protect me!”  He smirks.

Now home, the reviews of our weekend are connecting us via cyberspace; comments include: “When we were in Florence, we had such confidence to do all sorts of things, and getting together every 5 years reminds us and inspires us with that confidence again.” 

At our next reunion, we will be in our sixties, talking retirement, social security, family and always ancient Florence fun.

Even now, 60 seems a tad “old” requiring a leap to a new phase of life.

But with these amazing human beings, I will gladly make the leap - knowing they are the best social security.

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