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Got siblings?

Sibs may influence your marriage?!

A new report reveals that the more siblings one has (up to seven) the more likely your marriage will last.

All that negotiating for the bathroom and compromising and getting along with different personalities may actually be good preparation for a lifetime of marital bliss.

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Conveyances and other marriage traditions

My husband and I celebrated 32 years of marriage last week. I have no idea where the time has gone, but when I tally up the milestones, we have traveled through some interesting places, experiences. Some lovely, some not…

He is more prone than I am to the sentimental remembrances of “This anniversary is symbolized by paper, china, silver, platinum…”

And – I had no clue – the 32ndyear of marriage is symbolized by conveyances.  Huh? Yup. GOOGLE says so, therefore it must be true…

With my major conveyance, a car, recently replaced – my practical self said, “No gift for me this year.” But on our anniversary my husband sat me down, told me to close my eyes and then placed the controller for a remote control car in my hands.

“Open your eyes and push the lever up,” he instructed.

Around the corner and into the kitchen came a remote control police car with its lights on – and a little box strapped to the top.

The jewelry is lovely, but the conveyance a surprise,  a creative unique touch. Even after 32 years…

Marriage is a journey – requiring a variety of conveyances through the years. Mostly, the conveyance of love, commitment, forgiveness, humor, compromise -  sprinkled with a dose of that magic ingredient: pure luck.

What has been your most unique celebration of a wedding anniversary?

(S-R archives photo)

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