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Mickey Rooney dies at 93

Mickey Rooney was irrepressible and delightful as an actor, singer, dancer, entertainer.

He debuted as an infant and never stopped. He was the screen’s most famous teen face during World War II – starring as Andy Hardy, the active fun-loving teen.

Rooney’s real life reads like an action film: rich beyond imagination by the time he was 40, earning $12 million, spending it more easily than he made it; he loved risk and adventure with his fortune and gambled early on. He was married eight times. His relationships were marred by his fiery temper and irresponsible habits.

Still, we loved Mickey Rooney on screen and in the news. His 93 years of life have inspired and delighted us all. May his legacy be one of entertaining a nation who adored him. 

(S-R archive photo: In this Jan. 5, 1942, file photo, Mickey Rooney, 21, Movieland's No. 1 box office star, and Ava Gardner, 19, of Wilson, N.C., pose together in Santa Barbara, Calif., shortly after the couple applied for a marriage license.)


Speaking out against elder abuse

Mickey Rooney, one time famous actor, was brave to speak out in Congress this week about elder abuse.

As people age, the losses mount up under the best situations. Rooney was ripped off by loved ones, the worst loss of all.

He was also not afraid to cry and show other emotions in Congress and in press interviews.

Way to go Mickey!

(AP Photo)

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