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Young nurses: Some good news at last

Labor economists have long been saying that the unemployment rate will get better once the boomers feel confident enough to get the heck out of the workplace. And then there will be labor shortages.

The non-boomers are waiting, but certain labor shortages worry boomers, such as shortages of nurses and geriatric docs.

Well one worry was eased today with this story from AP and OfficialWire. Here's an excerpt:

A surge in young nurses may ease forecasts of coming shortages as their baby-boomer coworkers retire.The past decade brought a 62 percent increase in the number of younger registered nurses entering the workforce, researchers reported Monday in the journal Health Affairs. A young influx is noteworthy because at least 900,000 of the nation's roughly 3 million nurses are older than 50, meaning they're nearing retirement. At the same time, the population is aging and getting more chronic diseases, bringing an increased demand for care even before the new health care law that promises to help 32 million more Americans gain insurance within a few years.

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