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Writing the truth

After a childhood of abuse, Katherine Reddick was not going to write a dishonest obituary about the mother who harmed her and her siblings. So, when her mother - whom Katherine had not seen in over 30 years – died, Katherine told the truth.

Katherine’s words, announcing the torture and abuse suffered by her and her siblings, have “gone viral,” but her hope in writing the truth is for people everywhere to pay attention to child abuse in their midst and work to eradicate it from our lives. 

(S-R archive photo)

Jesus’ newspaper obituary

In the St. Aloysius Church bulletin Sunday, there was an obituary of Jesus, written in newspaper style from the “Lake Galilee Gazette.” Not sure who wrote it, but here's what it said:

Jesus, son of Joseph. Age: 33. Born in Nazareth, Galilee, of Joseph, carpenter, and Mary, housewife. Joined his father in business as Joseph and Son, LLC. Graduate of Nazareth Synagogue with certificate in Hebrew Prophet Studies. Developed a following as preacher and teacher with some apparent success in healing ministry throughout our area. Became enmeshed in politico/religious intrigues in recent years leading to conviction and execution by Roman authorities this past week. Interment services held in Jerusalem according to custom. Survived by mother, numerous cousins and extended family. Remembrances may be sent to a charity of one's choice.

Anything you'd add?


(From Spokesman-Review archives, this is an undated copy of an original painting of Jesus Christ by portrait painter Stanley Gordon)

Sunday obits: Favorite lines

From the obituary in today's Spokesman-Review for Liliana Stewart, 1927-2011, described as a woman of Jewish-Italian heritage and a Holocaust survivor:

Entering her home you often found her singing and cooking, sauces simmering on the stove, bread being pulled from the oven and warm butter being coated across the crust as the loaves cooled on the racks. Flour sprinkled on the counters as gnocchi were rolled out.

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