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Geezer geyser gazers

I keep a list in my head of all the things I'll do in my older years, if I feel lonely, sad, neglected.

After a recent — and first — trip to Yellowstone Park, I've added a new one. I will become a “geezer geyser gazer.”

We were told during a tour that the park's 500 geysers have fans. Some of these fans sit and watch the geysers for hours, days and weeks and record what they see.

One group even has a website.

The geysers provide much to think about. They are beautiful. Most are unpredictable. Some lay dormant for years and then erupt when no one's watching.

Old Faithful is the one to rely on. But we noticed the geyser gazers seemed to congregate around the lesser known geysers, holding vigil.

See you there in 20 years!

(Old Faithful photo by Tony Wadden)

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