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Lunch in a funeral home

Paula Davis, funeral director at Heritage Funeral Home in Spokane, truly puts some fun in funeral home, to use the cliche. One to two times a month, she hosts lunches at the funeral home. She invites people she knows in civic and history groups and cooks all the food herself.

During the lunch, in a low key way, she does a sort of “commercial” for the funeral home, talking about the need to preplan and to write your obituary in advance.

She invited me to her luncheon yesterday. Menu: soup and salad and amazing desserts. I sat at a table with Dorothy Powers, Spokesman-Review legend and two local writers, Penny Hutton and T. Dawn Richard, all pictured here.

Paula may be at the cutting edge of a trend for funeral homes in our communities: Make funeral homes seem less funereal. 

(Photo courtesy of Heritage Funeral Home)

Have you written your obit?

Paula Davis, funeral director for Heritage Funeral Home, is on a crusade to get people to write their own obituary. In my Sunday story, she explained one reason to do it:

“You spend days planning a birthday party or a vacation,” she said. “And then all of a sudden a death occurs and you have three or four hours to get this obituary written because we have to get it to the paper. If you have to start from square one, that is not enough time.”

Have you written your own obit? If yes, send me an excerpt and I'll put it on the blog.

(Jesse Tinsley S-R photo of Paula Davis at Corbin Senior Center)

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