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Here come the nones

No, not a misuse of the word. “Nones” are the people who self-identify as religiously unaffiliated. And, yes, it is a rather quaint collision of these two homophones. But this group is gaining ground politically. Washington state once identified as the least religious state in the US. We have lots of nones.

However, instead of denying belief in a deity, as do atheists, 68 percent of nones believe in God – they do not, however, participate in a formalized faith community.

One-fifth of the US public identifies as religiously unaffiliated and the number rises to 30 percent for persons age 30 and younger.

As politicians look at voting demographics, the nones deserve attention. And the caution is obvious: if you want to win this group’s vote, and not alienate the non-nones, what direction should be taken?

“Values politics” claims Chris Hale, a senior fellow at Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good.

 The 2016 elections will be interesting:  Values politics? Thank God.


George McGovern

George McGovern, a man to honor and remember for his contribution to American politics, has died. He was a politician who advocated justice for poor Americans and supported civil rights for all of us.

McGovern characterized himself saying: “I always thought of myself as a good old South Dakota boy who grew up here on the prairie (South Dakota)…My dad was a Methodist minister. I went off to war. I have been married to the same woman forever. I’m what a normal, healthy, ideal American should be like.”

May his legacy serve as a reminder of commitment to one’s ideals, nation and family.

(S-R archives photo: July 14, 1972, Sen. George S. McGovern makes his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in Miami Beach.)

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