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Love’s journey

Washington voters have many decisions to make this fall as we decide who and what will get our vote.

 Referendum 74 seeks to affirm the marriage equality law in Washington state. 

Like many of our political beliefs, we are influenced at first by our theories and principles. But, oh, how our minds can change when we know someone, when we love someone who will be impacted by our principles.

 The story in the Seattle Times reflects the journey for many people, including our governor. We listened to a generation of young people who pointed out the nonsense of the status quo, of keeping people from the rights they are legally entitled to have: to love and have their relationships recognized as others are recognized.  

When our lives on Earth end and we move to another reality, I imagine God will simply say, “I tried to make it so easy for you. I told you how to navigate your physical existence. I gave only one easy guidepost: ‘Love one another.’ And you made it so complicated with all these exclusions. All you had to do was love each other..”

 Perhaps the time has come to legally recognize those who follow that mandate.

(S-R archives photo: Gov. Chris Gregoire is embraced by Rep. Jamie Pedersen, D-Seattle, after the House voted to legalize gay marriage )

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