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Same-Sex Marriage in Washington

Day One: Licenses have been granted and rituals – large, small, formal, simple – are legalizing love that has been. Love for a few years as well as love that has been steadfast and true for decades.

Take a look at one  love story on Washington’s day one of same-sex marriage.

(S-R archives photo)

Love you and honor you the rest of my life…

We love it when we witness a marriage ceremony: people with their eyes full of hope and passion for a life together. We want the best for their future, for the family they have created.

Finally, those couples who love each other, and are the same gender, who create  a family, and want simply to have their relationship recognized as a family  may soon have their status as a married couple legally acknowledged in Washington state.  

To deny people their civil rights is not what we do here in America; we abhor that behavior in other places around the world. And nothing is more human, more civil, than a commitment to love and honor another human being.

 A House vote to follow next week and a certain signature from Governor Chris Gregoire.

(S-R archives photo: Sean Fritz, left, and Tim McQuillan exchange rings during their wedding as the Rev. Mark Stringer officiates in Des Moines. Associated Press)

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