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Got siblings?

Sibs may influence your marriage?!

A new report reveals that the more siblings one has (up to seven) the more likely your marriage will last.

All that negotiating for the bathroom and compromising and getting along with different personalities may actually be good preparation for a lifetime of marital bliss.

(S-R archives photo)

Losing our siblings

More than a decade ago, I reached the age where my peers started losing their parents. When the parental deaths started happening it seemed like a major watershed. Indeed, we were all getting older. Now, most of my friends in their 50s have lost parents, usually both. This weekend at dinner with friends, we talked about siblings because one friend lost his 69 year-old brother to cancer a few weeks ago. The conversation reminded me of several other sibling deaths among friends in the past year or so. Not a lot but enough to make me realize my peers and I are entering this new phase. The sibling loss phase.

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