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Your life before your eyes

The recent mishap on the Southwest Airlines flight in which a mid-flight fuselage hole depressurized the cabin in scary ways reminded me of a story a USA Today colleague told decades ago.

He was having girlfriend troubles and I think they'd even fought before he boarded the plane. As the plane took off, a door somewhere (maybe to the luggage area) opened up and catapulted the plane around. It was several minutes before the plane could get back on the ground. He said he heard a lot of screaming, a lot of praying, but he found himself shouting the girlfriend's name over and over.

They broke up anyway, even though he was sure those name shoutings meant true love.

Ever had a huge scare like this? What were you shouting, whispering, praying, thinking about in what you thought might be your final moments of life?

(AP photo)

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