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Mind your (pool) manners, please

 I thought I was in the minority. But seems my fellow swimmers get annoyed, too, at folks who misbehave in the lanes and laps of life.

Swimming offers some of us more than a bit of exercise: it is an activity that evokes creative thinking and emotional release from all the nonsense of the day.

I am not Mark Phelps or Mark Spitz, just a middle-age woman seeking some time to escape. I am an introvert by nature so I love exercise where people will not annoy me with trivial chatter. Swimming offers that preference.

Please, people. Let us Aquarius types renew our spirits at the pool in peace. Follow the rules – keep your limbs in your own lane, find the place for your pace, and follow in the right direction.

Oh, leave my towel alone, too, please…


(S-R archives photo)

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