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Angels living in evil

The angelic faces of Syria’s children stare back from the television, the computer, the newspaper.  They stare with deep sadness in their eyes. These beautiful, innocent children living in refugee camps throughout Lebanon.

And like all children, they dream.

The Beyond Association, a UNICEF partner, provides schooling as well as art and music therapy at Fayda Camp, some 25 miles east of Beirut, Lebanon. These moments beyond loss and grief find a way into the children’s imaginations where they can dream of a future, one with all their family members, with peace and with the normal routine children deserve – school, soccer, chores, friends and laughter.

War disturbs so much of our intended life: the landscape, pieces of our cultural and communal past. But somehow, war – any war – seems to claim children more than anything else; if not their lives, then their very souls.

(S-R archive photo: Syrian children stand near their tent at a refugee camp in the eastern Lebanese border town of Arsal, Lebanon)

Syria ~ now what?

We are war weary in our country: Iraq, Afghanistan, even the memories of Viet Nam for some of us are enough to cause us to exhale grief as we recall images of caskets draped with our own stars and stripes. And now those images of innocent civilians in Syria writhing in pain from chemicals invading their bodies and killing them, their children, their families.

The evil in the world is ever-present. Where is one safe? What next? 

(S-R archives photo: Syrian refugee children peer from the window of their classroom, newly decorated with a mural, at Zaatari refugee camp, near the Syrian border, in Mafraq, Jordan)

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