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A previous supervisor told me her husband never votes, never has, never will. And because I wanted to remain employed, I said simply, “Oh, that is interesting.” And kept my opinion quiet.

He doesn't vote because he believes his vote does not count. Try telling that to former Governor Chris Gregoire. She won in a recount by nearly 130 votes.

Today I say,”Vote!” It is a privilege and a responsibility. We take it for granted in our country, but voting gives us a chance to have our opinion counted, our views considered. Millions of people around the world, in different countries, have walked miles and miles, stood in line for days to  drop their vote into a box. 

Take time, consider the candidates, their views; consider the Initiatives and what you believe and then…vote accordingly. Don't keep your opinion quiet.

(S-R archive photo)

Holy smoke…update

Today begins the conclave of Cardinals to elect a new pope. Who do you think will wear the white garment and stand at the window?  

While the rest of the world tweets, emails, texts and blogs, the men in red sequester themselves without electronics; instead they pray, reflect and vote – just as they did 400 years ago.

 An American? The guy from Milan? The hockey-playing Canadian? The man from Ghana?  Latin America? Who is your favorite?

 We wait and look to the sky for an answer.


Vatican City, 12 March 2013 (VIS) – This evening at 7:42pm, black smoke rose from the chimney installed on the roof of the Sistine Chapel signalling that the Cardinal electors have not elected a new Pope in the first ballot of the Conclave.

(S-R photo: U.S. Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley of Boston)


Amazing comments from a twenty-something writer about the upcoming election.

Her words and insights offer evidence that wisdom does not require decades of experience – just great skills of observation and reflection.

(S-R photo)

They’re back! Sort of

My all-time favorite television show – The West Wing – is back…sort of.

Some cast members have reunited to get us united in our civic duty and profound privilege: voting.

The team has created a public service announcement for Bridget Mary McCormack, the Michigan State Supreme Court candidate whose sister Mary acted on the series.

 Enjoy the education from the Emmy Award winners who remind us to read everything on the ballot – Michigan or not – and vote. Since some of our candidates are non-partisan,  if you vote strictly according to your political party, you may skip some of the candidates.  

President Bartlett was a great leader – at least for one hour each Wednesday night. And I am certain, he votes.

(S-R archives photo: Martin Sheen as President Bartlett in The West Wing)

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