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Final Word

I need to begin a conversation with you regular readers. Over the next coupla weeks, I’d like you to analyze the Hot Potatoes blog. What works. What doesn’t. What you’d change. What you’d add. Do you like the roundups: Quick Fix 6, Best of the Northwest and Headlines at Closin’ Time? Or prefer only local? I want the blog to have a complete physical, so I can upgrade it as I head into the second season of blogging. My anniversary date is Feb. 16. I want it to be hitting on all cylinders by then.

Headlines @ Closin’ Time

*’Jeopardy!’ whiz kid finally loses: Ken Jennings blows final question after record 74 wins/Associated Press: Like Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak, this one record may stand forever.

*Control of Montana Legislature hangs by just 1 vote: Constitution Party House candidate leads Democrat in Montana recount/WorldNetDaily: Yet, more proof that every vote counts in some races.

*Principal apologizes for prayer: Administrator recited poem ridiculing political correctness over intercom/WorldNetDaily: This story includes the principal’s prayer that set off the PC police. Cut and past it, and send it to your friends.

*Ridge resigns from Cabinet: 1st homeland security secretary to stay on until Feb. 1/Associated Press: The kid batted 1.000. After all, we weren’t hit again after 9/11. Saaalute.

*Muslims nabbed in charter-school scam: Campus allegedly took public money, taught Islam to children/San Francisco Chronicle: Every apple barrel has some bad ones to spoil things. Book ‘em, Dan-o.


Mike’s Corner

Mike Kennedy, my fave Red State Idaho D, has sent along a coupla alternative links today:

1. From the Christian Science Monitor, Mike sends a piece about a Pentagon report that criticizes the administration’s approach to the war on terror and the two wars in the Middle East here.

2. From the WorkingForChange site, Mike sends a story that raises questions about the sexual orientation of new RNC chair Ken Mehlman here and asks: “Would it matter to the ‘values’ base if Ken Mehlman is gay and now he’s the RNC Chairman? How ‘pure’ do people have to be?”

3. For a Demo trifecta, I added a piece by Joe Trippi (Howard Dean’s former campaign manager) from the Wall Street Journal that recommends that the D’s can win if they do what the R’s did: play to their base here.

Peanut Gallery (Fundamental LDS sect)


Interesting link to that FLDS story. I haven’t heard about it anywhere else. I’ll have to pick up the Krakauer book – I’ve seen it and thought it was intriguing but never read it. I’ll have to read it now. I wonder if the Task Force on Human Relations is tracking it at all.

Mike Kennedy

DFO: Dunno. Someone should give Tony, Norm, Marshall & Co. a heads-up.

Slippery slope?

Always out front when it comes to social lunacy, the Dutch have taken partial-birth abortion one step further and now are killing babies here. Are we next?

Fallen Heroes

The L.A. Times memorializes three heroes who were killed in action while fighting in Iraq: Marine 2nd Lt. James P. Blecksmith here, Marine Lance Cpl. Jeramy A. Ailes here, and Marine Lance Cpl. George Payton here.

Tuesday Quick Fix 6 (11/30/04)

We’re being nailed with our first real snow of the winter this morning — enough to coat the countryside and make me slide past a turn. I saw an SUV make a turn in which it needed the entire shoulder of the road. Ah, the first snow. Time to be extra careful. Or to have a 4WD. After such a mild November, I have no complaints about winter’s official arrival.

Photo Fix: Brent Rocha, brother of Laci Peterson, looks down as he is followed by family and friends as they arrive for the penalty phase of the Scott Peterson trial in a Redwood City, Calif., courthouse, this morning. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, pool)

1. Political ‘Toon Fix: Steve Benson here and Paul Nowak here.

2. Humor Fix: “Do you ever notice the day after Thanksgiving that your fridge looks like a crime scene out of “CSI”? There’s a skeleton in there, globs of blood…” — Jay Leno.

3. My Way Fix: This Day in History here, This Day in Music here, Today’s Birthdays here, and Positive Quote here.

4. Top of the News Fix: Bush arrives in Canada to repair relations here, Suicide bomber rams U.S. convoy here, Fallujah’s mosques hid arms, terrorists here, NAACP’s Mfume to step down here, and Mayor Daley’s son joins Army here.

5. Movie Review Fix: Christianity Today asked reviewer Peter T. Chattaway to compare three versions of films depicting the life of reformer Martin Luther, including the 2003 show, which is being released on video today here.

Opinion Fix: George Will/Houston Chronicle (Ukraine vote), Alex Markels/U.S. News & World Report (Bubble trouble in housing market?), David Limbaugh/WorldNetDaily (Liberal elite arrogancy), David Horowitz/FrontPageMag (Al Franken’s liberalism), and Wesley Pruden/Washington Times (TV news).

Final Word (Nov. 29)

Gotta note from Idaho Falls newspaper editor Dean Miller, a former S-R colleague, asking for Alice Rankin’s address to send a letter of condolence re: the recent death of her hubby, Ron. Quoth Dean, the current editor of the Idaho Falls newspaper:

“Do you have an address for Mrs. Rankin? Hell, I’d have spoken at his funeral if I could have. Agree with him or not, he was an example of a guy so thoroughly confident of his point of view that he was able to instantly see how any event would weaken or strengthen his cause. Utterly memorable guy.”

DFO: Dean’s utterly correct.

Flipflop strikes back

Swiftboat vets extracted a heavy toll against John Kerry during the recent election. But Kerry and his ilk extracted their revenge on one of them, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, here.

Bush dodgers head north

Tongue firmly cheeked, Joe Blundo of the Columbus Dispatch wrote about all those liberal relatives who are yearning to be free in the Great White North. Example:

“In an effort to stop the illegal aliens, Greenfield erected higher fences, but the liberals scaled them. So he tried installing speakers that blare Rush Limbaugh across the fields. ‘Not real effective,’ he said. ‘The liberals still got through, and Rush annoyed the cows so much they wouldn’t give milk.’”

You can read the entire column here.

Thanks to Editorial Board pard Becky Nappi for sending this one along.

Travels With Herb

Springfield, Missouri to Oklahoma City, Via Tulsa was uneventful. Shortly after crossing into Oklahoma, I drove past the hometown of Will Rogers. Clouds and then fog and light rain greeted me in Oklahoma City. I over nighted at Wal-Mart.

In the morning, I changed my mind regarding routing. Originally, I was going to dive south to avoid the high country around Albuquerque. I decided to press west and try to outrun the weather system. Heading west via I-40, the famous route 66, toward Amarillo, Texas.

The last time I was in Texas, was Air Force training at Wichita Falls, a few miles south of here and 48 years back. I haven’t missed it.

Westward, where I broke out of the weather at Tucumcari, New Mexico, I over nighted at an RV park. The first such stop of the trip.

Watching the weather that night, I realized that I had avoided flooding, tornados and everything but famine and pestulence by heading west instead of south. The good lord was watching out for me.

The following day, I headed south, knowing I would finally solve a mystery that had bugged me since I flew a light plane through that valley many years ago. What came first, the quiz show, or the town, named, “Truth or Consequenses?” It was named after the show in 1950. Bob Barker, the host put the word out that he would like to see a town named after the show…the rest followed.

I’m Herb and I’m on a road trip.

Bayview Herb

DFO: This is another in a series of recollections by Herb Huseland of Bayview as he criss-crosses the USA.

Peanut Gallery (Cedar Post)

I still read Huckleberries when I get the chance on the newspaper’s website. I couldn’t help but email you after I read what happened to the Cedarites when they were in Atlanta here. Quite amusing, did you hear that from (newspaper adviser) Erin Daniels, she seems like the type of person who would report something like that. I really appreciate seeing updates from the Cedar Post in your columns and I hope that the paper is still in a national award winning condition as when I left it.

Nick Walker
Cedar Post editor 2001-02

DFO: Nick’s currently serving a mission for the Latter-Day Saints in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Monday Quick Fix 6 (Nov. 29, 2004)

Seems Oliver Stone’s “Alexander the Not So Good” is floppin’ big-time at the box office, and the trendy left critics are blaming the religious right and homophobia. I kid you not. Stone’s Alexander is as gay as the ‘90s — 1890s, that is — and critics are saying that’s why America ate turkey instead of seeing one. Aussie blogger Chrenkoff — he of the “Good News from Iraq” reports — disses the movie critics here.

Photo Fix: Colin Farrell, as the bisexual Alexander the Great, reviews the troops in Oliver Stone’s megaflop.

1. Political ‘Toon Fix: Paul Nowak here, Wayne Stayskal here, and Henry Payne here.

2. Humor Fix: “Did you watch the big Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade? It takes 54 people to work the giant balloons with tethers. It’s the same way they get Michael Moore into his pants” — Jay Leno.

3. My Way Fix: This Day in History here, This Day in Music here, Today’s Birthdays here, and Positive Quote here.

4. Top of the News Fix: Dubya picks Latino Carlos Gutierrez (photo) for his Cabinet here, Supreme Court refuses to hear gay marriage case here, Poll: Most oppose high court life tenure here, ‘National Treasure’ claims box office crown again here, and Nearly 100 whales, dolphins commit mass beach suicide here.

5. Politics ‘06 Fix: Remember Daschle! will be the battle cry in 2006 as Republicans set their sights on Democratic senators representing Red States where Dubya won big, including Nebraska, here.

6. Opinion Fix: John Fund/Wall Street Journal (Will D’s steal Washington governorship), Dick Morris/New York Post (What’s not Dubya’s mandate), Rich Lowry/National Review (Absurd intel reform bill), Chuck Colson/BreakPoint (C.S. Lewis’s prophecy), and John Leo/U.S. News & World Report (Over the Top awards).

Headlines @ Closin’ Time

*‘Cheers’ star in shocking overdose: Shelley Long, depressed over marriage bust-up, rushed to hospital/New York Post: She hasn’t been the same since she turned her back on Sam.

*France falsifies Arafat death certificate:
Claims Yasser born in Jerusalem, though actual birthplace was Egypt
/Jerusalem Post: Next, the French’ll be saying Yasser was born in Bethlehem and was the Second Coming of the Baby Jesus.

*Abortion in Russia: No big deal: Terminated preborns outnumber live births by 2-to-1/Moscow News: Eatcher heart out, Planned Parenthood breath.

*Mom of martyr: ‘Sacrifice more of my children’: See clip of women celebrating, praising Allah for death of sons/WND: You could get a complex with mothers like these.

*Clinton Legacy Poll: It’s All About Sex/NewsMax: Slick Willie may be gone but his scandals linger on.

Best Christian albums of ‘04

Christianity Today releases its list of the Top 12 Christian albums of 2004 here.

Peanut Gallery (Spokane police, fire)

A recent letter to the editor stated a position that has also been running through my mind since financial problems with the city of Spokane have arisen and the city police and fire seem to have no concern other than some of their fellow workers are going to lose their jobs and incomes.

As I seem to recall, before my recent departure from being in a position to read the news for two and a half weeks, these groups were in line for pay raises at 5% a year for each of the next three years! I wonder, if they are concerned about the stability of these departments and the welfare of many of their comrades, that it might not hurt if they refused the raises or even consider a 10% cut in pay until such time as the money becomes available.

Many people, especially small businesses cannot raise their prices to afford these public employees. More likely they will absorb the extra cost with a reduced net in their own income. Several of the airline employees are finally getting it figured out that in order to preserve their jobs and company, it is necessary for them to make DEEP cuts in their income. The public employees in Spokane are sacred cows? Incidently I don’t live in the city.

Vern Slichter
Spokane Valley

Peanut Gallery (Hagadone Garden initiative)

A few folks are suggesting a popular vote on Mr. Hagadone’s request to take over Sherman and 1st street and restrict use on 2nd street so he can have a grand entrance to his resort complex. We can’t go to the polls for every hot issue. Our government is not a pure democracy. We have a representative form of government known as a Republic. Let those we elect make their decision. But there is an opportunity for direct democracy, if needed, in the form of Initiative and Referendum. Until the mid ‘70’s only state legislative acts could created directly by the people through Initiative or be put to a popular vote through the Referendum.

I authored the legislation that extended initiative and referendum to local units of government. If our electeds won’t respond to needed laws or ordinances we can force it with the initiative. On the other hand, if our electeds enact bad laws or ordinances, we can force a referendum to change or repeal the offending law. If the behavior is so offensive that the trust is beyond repair, the Recall is also available to throw the rascals out. So lets hear all the pros and cons, let our electeds know we feel about it and let them decide.

Gary Ingram
State Representative 1972-1980

TGIF Quick Fix 6 (11/26/04)

We had an enjoyable turkey day with Amy Dearest and our two Grandmas, who both live in Kootenai County now. My wife’s mom moved up here from northern California earlier this fall and is keeping her fingers crossed that the beautiful weather holds — at least until March. I don’t think it will. But I appreciate her thoughts.

Photo Fix: Patrick Arabie (front left) stood in line all night to get first crack at holiday specials this morning in Plano, Texas. Locally, biz writer Becky Kramer sez: “It’s crazy out there.”

1. Political ‘Toon Fix: Mike Lester here, Ed Stein here, and Chip Bok here.

2. Humor Fix: It turns out that the Detroit Pistons fan who allegedly threw that beer at Ron Artest was on probation for a DUI…he has a police record that also includes assault, fraud, and carrying a concealed weapon. This guy shouldn’t have been in the stands at an NBA game - he should’ve been on the courtJay Leno (rest of monologue here).

3. My Way Fix: This Day in History here, This Day in Music here, Today’s Birthdays here, and Positive Quote here.

4. Top of the News Fix: Fallujah weapons cache biggest yet here, GOP sees chance to pass faith initiatives here, Stores now after your e-mail address here, Decision to join Iraqi terrorists proves fatal for French teens here, and Bush tells CIA to get more spies here.

5. GI Joe Fix: Lt. Col. Gordon Cucullu sez our troops deserve better than they’re getting from the media — especially at Thanksgiving time here.

6. Opinion Fix: Ann Coulter (End judicial tyranny), William Kristol (Regime change at CIA), Ruben Navarrette (White liberals and diversity), James P. Pinkerton (Abortion tide turning), and Wall Street Journal (Bashing the Boy Scouts).

Final Word

Photo: Duane Hagadone presenting his plans for a botanical garden to The Spokesman-Review Editorial Board, including, from left: Yours Truly, Publisher Stacey Cowles and Editor Steve Smith.

I informed the Editorial Board today that I’ve changed my position on Hagadone Gardens — the proposal by The Duane to take three downtown city blocks to build a botanical garden and add a second tower to The Coeur d’Alene Resort. Hagadone’s announcement last week that he wanted the city to give him three city blocks instead of two was the deal breaker. I always knew he wouldn’t be satisfied with the original freebie he asked for. And that the townspeople who own the streets wouldn’t know his full agenda until it was too late. If he wants those three blocks, Hagadone should pay through the nose to get them — mebbe $1 million per block to honor his father and mother with a flower garden and help build a new library. (After all, he offered $2 million when he was coveting McEuen Field for his garden seven years ago.) Also, he should grant perpetual access to his part of Sanders Beach as part of the deal. For once, Hagadone isn’t bargaining from a position of strength. The city has something he wants badly. So, he needs to make an offer we can’t refuse.

Headlines @ Closin’ Time

*Declaration of Independence Banned at Calif School: Christian teacher files discrimination suit/Reuters: As Dave Barry would say, I’m not making this up.

*Alleged al-Zarqawi tape criticizes Muslim scholars for ‘silence’ against U.S. actions/Boston Globe: Sounds as though Abu realizes he’s lost and that his days are numbered.

*The $28K Sandwich That Grew No Mold: How the Virgin Mary’s grilled cheese stayed mold-free for 10 years/Slate: What did P.T. Barnum say about suckers?

*Dan Rather Says He’d Have Liked Another Decade/New York Observer: Then, he shouldn’t have used his position to try to skew the prez race. This partisan clown should be laughed off TV rather than be allowed to semi-retire gracefully.

*Bush post-election bounce confounds media: Condi number stands at 63 percent/NewsMax: The media’ll will never get it as long as 9 out of 10 of them vote Liberal. How about some true diversity (translation: another conservative or two in the newsroom?)

Bringing home the bacon

Dunno how much Idaho pork is included in the $388 billion appropriations bill by U.S. Sen. Larry Craig and U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson. But you can find a list of the goodies we got here.

Peanut Gallery (Every vote counts)

Wow-oo, again the power of one vote! In the Washington Governor race, it looks like with almost 3 million votes cast, it comes down to about 1 voter difference per county could have made all the difference in the outcome.

Dan English
Kootenai County clerk

DFO: After the recount, Repub Dino Rossi still led by 42 votes.

Rossi wins

Repub Dino Rossi won the Washington gubernatorial recount … by 42 votes, which means we’ll probably have to wait for a rerecount here.

Peanut Gallery (Right on, Badraun)

In response to Steve Badraun’s (Hagadone’s Philanthropy MIA) here, a Big Hearty AMEN! Sum’s up my opinion precisely.

Steve Adams

Demo Underground rips Boy Scouts

Wanna know why the Demos are rapidly becoming the unwanted Left? Check out the reaction from after Congress voted 391-3 to support the Boy Scouts (click on comments below the congressional resolution) here.

Thanks to Don Morgan for providing this link.

Peanut Gallery (Hagadone philanthropy MIA)

For 40 years, the people of Coeur d’ Alene have lived in the shadow of Duane B. Hagadone. Every community, large and small in America has a Duane B. Hagadone. We are excited by their vision. We are proud of their accomplishments. We eagerly anticipate the new directions in their life and in the life of the communities we share with them as those directions are realized

Duane Hagadone, unlike others, somehow never understood the responsibility that came with this acclaim from his fellow residents. That responsibility is the gift of giving to their towns that only these few select individuals can do. It is a sports complex from JR Simplot, a college pledge from Joe Albertson, a health library at North Idaho College from Dick De Armond. It is Bill and Melinda Gates and their commitment to worldwide vaccines. These dynamic and enduring gifts develop a bond between the community and the benefactor that makes everyone strong and proud of this partnership. Sadly, with Duane Hagadone, it is always a self enriched business deal with the people of Coeur d’ Alene. In all of those 40 years, it has never been purely a wonderful and timeless gift of love.

That is why the Sanders Beach issue harbors so much contempt for this man’s actions. Why can’t this community have a JR Simplot or a Joe Albertson? What is in this person that makes him defiantly thumb his nose at a community desire for a couple of feet of their ancestral shoreline only to sell it to others for a dollar? What anger does he harbor for Coeur d’ Alene to turn away when he is needed for these community hopes and wishes?

Duane’s remark recently that one of the reasons some do not like this project is that they don’t like him. Nothing could be further from the truth. What people don’t like is Duane Hagadone’s utter disregard and contempt for his responsibilities to his community. Duane remarked once to me regarding a new redevelopment of Sherman Avenue. Steve, he said, “I have even tried to shame those property owners into working on their buildings”

The asterisk beside his name will read for future generations of our children and grandchildren: Duane Hagadone selfishly helped himself to the riches of Coeur d’ Alene. It could read that Duane Hagadone was a beloved builder of this community. Duane Hagadone, shame on you.

Steve Badraun
Former Coeur d’Alene planner

Final Word

This one’s for those of you who remember former S-R Sandpoint bureau chief Dean Miller. For some time now, he’s been the managing editor of the Idaho Falls paper. Now, he also has a new partner in life, Tracie. He writes: “Tracie loves to hunt and fish, so we have great weekends. Plus she has two kids and so I’m a full-time dad. Something I always wanted. Lucas is 5 and Alexandra is 7. I’m loving this new life.”

Peanut Gallery (Hagadone Gardens)


I dont think that the addition of Front street as part of the Haga-plan should come as a surprise to anyone. To be honest, I think it was in their plan all along but they didnt reveal it until now because they thought if they came out with it at the beginning people would have really been against it. The citizens would have thought it was just too much. Do you think Hagadone is really concerned about the safety of the pedestrians on Front Street?

I think what people really have to do is separate the plan from the planner. I know that is real difficult to do. They need to ask themselves will this plan benefit the citizens of Coeur d’Alene? Yes, I think it will. It will bring more tourists to Coeur d’Alene which will increase business, which will increase taxes collected from outside sources, which will allow the local economy to grow. When the economy grows, we all benefit. But the parking and traffic issues need to be examined and planned very carefully. In addition to the growth in the economy we will have a beautiful area to enjoy right in our backyard. A stroll downtown thru the garden and down by the water would be great! A chance to get away from the stresses of life.

On the flipside, will this benefit Hagadone financially? Of course! He wouldnt do it if it didnt. That is really hard for alot of people to swallow. This guy flaunts his yacht,his jet, his helicopter, his multi-million dollar homes in everyones faces and for mom and dad living in mid-town who at times have more month left than paycheck it makes them sick. Especially considering that this cheap skate cut out the retirement match for his employees because business was down a little bit. However distasteful it is to see this plan put more money in his pocket, I think we need to look past that and think of what will benefit the city in the long run and this project would be a great addition.

Eagle Eye

No need for mouth soap

“Some people REALLY love Christmas. Me, I love Thanksgiving. This year I had my chance to do the traditional thing of shooting my own turkey for Thanksgiving. Man, you should have seen the people scatter in the meat department!” — Pastor Tim’s CleanLaugh (click here).

Thanks to Jeanne Helstrom for passing this link along.

Bush-Cheney owned ‘exurbia’

In the More Reason for Demos’ Fears category, the L.A. Times has reported that 97 of the 100 fastest-growing counties in the U.S. went Bush-Cheney earlier this month here.

Sports thugs

Sports author John Feinstein offers a superb analysis of the Detroit/Indiana basketball fight here.

Best of the Northwest

And the Washington gubernatorial count and recount and possible rerecount goes on and on and on. Dino Rossi has gained 25 votes to add to his 261-vote lead, but the big counties that went to Christine Gregoire are still be be recounted. You can read all about it here.

1. Eric Devericks/P-I and David Horsey/Times ply their ‘toon wares here and here.

2. Idahoan raises more than a quarter of a million dollars for National Guardsmen and their families here.

3. A moment of silence, puh-LEEZ, for plans to build a NASCAR race track near Marysville, Wash., here.

4. Eric Cannavaro, who once plied his broadcast journalism trade in North Idaho for KXLY-TV, was sent up the river for 30 days for sexual abuse of a friend’s son here.

5. Five thousand soldiers of the Fort Lewis’ Stryker force returned from Iraq Monday to pick up their lives here.

6. IMHO-NW: Joel Connelly/P-I (U.S./Canada relations), Spokesman-Review (Washington elections), Oregonian (NBA brawl), Bruce Kauffman/Oregonian (“Casablanca”), and Jeremy Wright/Vote By Mail (Mail-in ballots).

7. Spokane firefighters want a city utility tax hike to prevent a layoff of 75 firemen and cops here.

8. At Salt Lake City, the Utah Jazz retired the uniform of former Gonzaga Bulldog great John Stockton in halftime ceremonies Monday here.

Final Word

If you ever want to forward a single Hot Potatoes’ item to someone, all you have to do is click on the time it was entered (lower righthand corner) and then cut and paste the URL address (you know — the thing with the httP://www … in the upper lefthand corner of your screen) into your e-mail. Simple as that. And I’ll see you tomorrow — DFO

Iraq: Good News Division

For those of us who believe the Big American Media wing of al-Jazeera isn’t providing the whole story about Iraq, the latest “Good News from Iraq” by Chrenkoff is always a treat here.

61 Million Man

Dubya’s just broken the 61-million vote barrier here.

Cuh-razy Lib-Lefties

John Little of Blogs of War points out some of the cuh-razy reaction by readers to the plane crash that claimed Bush Sr.’s crew today here.

Best of the Northwest

I was such a fool. For once, I tried to be open-minded about plans by The Duane to build a botanical garden in downtown Coeur d’Alene. After all, I figured, closing two blocks of Sherman Avenue for a botanical garden seemed like a good trade — even if the bazillionaire didn’t want to pay a red penny for the use of public property. Or for street realignments. Now, calling from his megayacht in the Caribbean, The Duane has announced he also wants a block of Front Avenue, so his guests don’t get run over crossing the street to his nearly empty mall here. (Seems the skywalk between the parking garage and the mall isn’t good enough for them.) That’s one bridge too far for me because I know The Duane has other cards up his sleeve. Here’s a guy who wants the city to give him three city blocks when he wouldn’t give a square inch of rocky Sanders Beach in return. It’s time someone told this guy to jump in the lake.

1. Cartoonist Noah Kroese/UI Argonaut doesn’t believe Dubya shed tears when Secretary of State Collin Powell resigned here.

2. Boy-C State cracks the Top 10 for the first time in Bronco football history here and is ranked No. 7 in BCS standings here.

3. Monday means my Huckleberries column here.

4. My padre, Pastor Steve Massey of Hayden Bible Church, points out in his biweekly column for The Spokesman-Review that believers today need assurances just like people did in Bible times here.

5. Fresh from a stunning defeat, Leftest organized get-togethers throughout the nation, including in Seattle, to encourage disciples to continue to push pacifism and gay marriage here.

6. IMHO-NW: Jim Moore/P-I (Apple Cup win), James Vesely/Times (Washington suburban politics), Spokesman-Review (Abstinence-only teaching needed), Idaho Statesman (Idaho’s stake in Cabinet picks), and Coeur d’Alene Press (Ripping Washington water interests).

7. Jack Potter has become an encyclopedia of knowledge about Glacier National Park in his 35 years he’s spent hiking, skiing and cross-country skiing in the northwest Montana treasure here.

8. University of Idaho’s Delta Sigma Pi’s chapter has been put on probation following the deaths of two members in a motorcycle accident here.

Final Word

Cutting out early today, folks. Gotta get a head start on celebrating my double-nickle birthday: Big 5-5. Tomorrow. Nah, I won’t be hitting the bars. Never have. But I’ll be enjoying myself with my wife and extended family. ‘Tis nice to have family around. I won’t be alone in celebrating either. Mayor Sandi Bloem shares Nov. 20 with me. You might want to wish her a happy one, too. See ya Monday.

Peanut Gallery (Hagadone Gardens)

Darn ! Dan English is so logical. No wonder he keeps getting elected (including my little Republican vote). But if our elected officials have already decided to have an advisory vote for the library, open space, and public safety why not just add the Sherman Avenue hot potato. No cost and a real crowd pleaser.

Paul Ferguson

DFO: Good idea. On the down side, an advisory vote on the gardens would kill the library and public safety votes. My guess? The gardens would be lucky to win a third of a public vote.

Peanut Gallery (Republic or Democracy?)

Do we live in a democracy or a republic and what does that have to do with Sherman Avenue?

Outside of the county elections office is a sign that reads in part, “Gatekeepers of Democracy.” Sometimes we get complaints that “Hey, don’t you know America is a republic, not a democracy?” I explain that yes we certainly do know that America is a republic. That is our form of government, however democracy is the process we use for picking our elected representatives. (My personal opinion is that democracy sounds too close to democrat and therefore makes a lot of people uncomfortable even though you never hear that our goal is to spread republics around Iraq and the rest of the world).

As an individual citizen I can embrace and get kind of excited about the idea of getting to vote on hot topics like closing part of Sherman Avenue, having hydroplane races on the lake, banning thong bikinis, etc., etc. Maybe I would even like to vote on more mundane topics like planning and zoning issues or whether to charge for parking on downtown streets. Of course if you really wanted to take this to the extreme, why not hook up interactive devices so that we can just do an instant vote while watching city council or even CSPAN? Maybe we could just cut out the middleman (elected officials) and save $$ while we are at it!

But as a current county elected official and former city council and school board member, I have to question this idea. Our form of government is in fact a representative form of government. We have the responsibility to vote for our officials and then it is their job and responsibility to study the issues, listen to the public, and then make these important decisions on our behalf. Of course if we don’t like the kind of decisions they are making then it is the job of citizens to decide if they want to “re-hire” that official in the next election.

Dan English

p.s. For those who really, really want to get to vote on all these decisions, you too can run for office. It’s great, it’s America!


You can find the rest of the story about the brave Marine who killed the wounded terrorist in Fallujah here.


Seems our old friend Osama has no where left to run and very little room to hide here.


Now, the Iraqi mosques aren’t safe for the bad guys any more here.

Shorthand Blogging

I don’t have time to do the regular features today. But I will be blogging off and on during the day. So, stay tuned.

Headlines @ Closin Time

*Arlen Specter wins colleagues’ support: GOP judiciary panel members unanimously back chairmanship/WorldNetDaily: I’m told by my sources in D.C. that this cat now has a bell on his tail. And he’ll behave. We’ll see. We’ll see.

*Veterans blast Pentagon for ACLU deal: Defense department denies Boy Scout support diminished/WMD: The Pentagon deserves our contempt for giving in to this bunch.

*Clinton: I never lied about my job: Ex-president says he paid for personal mistake ‘many times over’/New York Daily News: He shouldn’t talk about Hillary that way.

*Rare blood infection in injured U.S. soldiers:
102 troops who fought in Iraq, Afghanistan have hard-to-treat malady
/Reuters: Stay tuned.

*Linda Ronstadt laments ‘new bunch of Hitlers’:
‘People don’t realize that by voting Republican, they voted against themselves’
/WND: Isn’t it nice to be shown the error of your ways by one of the brain trust from the music industry?

Hey, that ain’t Laura

Dubya welcomes Margaret Spellings, his secretary of Education nominee, with a peck. You can read all about her nomination here.

Craig answers Hot Potatoes criticism

Earlier this p.m., I criticized U.S. Larry Craig for supporting liberal colleague Arlen Specter’s push to chair the Judiciary Committee here. I just got this comment from his office.

“Senator Specter gave his word to President Bush and has publicly committed to move the President’s judicial nominees in a fair and timely manner,” said Craig. “He has also rejected applying a litmus test to disqualify pro-life nominees, and as a member of the Judiciary Committee for the past two years, I have seen for myself his consistent support for the President’s nominees. I will therefore take him at his word and support his chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee, and believe he will faithfully and responsibly carry out his duties as chairman.”

You can read the entire statement and an accompanying one from Specter here. (What do you think?)

Craig backs liberal Specter for Judiciary post

The Repubs on the Senate Judiciary Committee, which includes Idaho’s Larry Craig (pictured), told all the religious conservatives to go back to the back of the bus now that the R’s have gotten their vote again. Translation: All 9 of these guys support liberal Sen. Arlen Specter, who has promised to fight Dubya’s conservative judicial appointments, for Judiciary Committee chairman. When will we ever learn? Click here.

Peanut Gallery (Hagadone Gardens IV)


I think the Mayor and four of the six council members will want to avoid placing an advisory on the February ballot fearing the anti-BigD electorate will be successful and also torpedo the proposed library and emergency service levies.

Like many others have said, I feel BigD has long wanted to rid himself of the nuisance of the Third St. launch. Can you imagine trying to negotiate the traffic maze trying to get into and out of the busiest boat launch in the area? The area boaters (who don’t/can’t afford to keep their boats moored at one of BigD’s marinas) desperately need that launch to be kept accessible.

Her Sandiness and BigD carry a lot of weight with the Downtown Association and can unduly influence the outcome of the studies being conducted. Did you notice that the engineering firm doing BigD’s traffic study is also doing one for the Association? Biased? I’m hopeful those downtown merchants trying to exist year-a-round on a six month tourist economy have the sense to oppose this self-serving proposal.

If BigD wants his new tower, let him put it out at his golf course next to J.J.’s house and leave the entrance to our downtown area as is.


Peanut Gallery (Hagadone Gardens II)

I thought Big D said if people didn’t want his beautiful flowers he would take the plans off the table. So why does he object to a public vote? If it’s such a great idea, let the people examine it and then make an informed decision. Oh wait, I remember now, he wants to put his trust in the hired, err, I mean elected officials.

The Edge

Another good North Idaho source, in Boundary County, provides a good daily news review of North Idaho’s five counties here.

Best of the Northwest

And the winner is … Rossi … by 261 votes out of 2.8 million cast in Washington state. Mebbe. There’ll be a recount here. And The Seattle Times notes that suburbs that haven’t gone Republican in two decades helped put Dino over the top here. And David Horsey/P-I doodles about the cuh-razy Washington voting system here.

AP Photo/Ralph Radford (above): Dino Rossi is joined by his wife, Terry Rossi, and son Joseph Rossi during a news conference Wednesday in Bellevue, Wash.

1. UI cartoonist Noah Kroese provides a clever ‘toon to gauge your voter awareness here.

2. Gonzaga new McCarthey Athletic Center is winning rave reviews as the Zags prepare to open the basketball season here.

3. The S-R editorial board has taken the position that the Hagadone Gardens proposal needs a thorough public review but not an advisory vote here.

4. Army 1st Lt. Luke C. Wullenwaber, 24, a former Lewiston High football player, was killed in Iraq while conducting a security mission here.

5. Washington poll: Sixty percent prefer the traditional definition of marriage here.

6. IMHO-NW: Seattle Times (Close election), Lon Woodbury/RuralNorthwest (Idaho’s anti-smoking law), James J. Na/Discovery Institute (Survival guide for red-leaning blue-staters), Jake Dorsey/Daily Evergreen (Be classy at Apple Cup), and Seattle P-I (On to the recount).

7. Howie Stalwick/Inlander, a former S-R colleague, tells you everything you wanted to know about Gonzaga star Ronny Turiaf but were afraid to ask here.

8. Leonard Perry is 0-6 as coach of the Idaho Vandals against Boy-C State, but he isn’t obsessed with defeating the Broncos. He’ll get another chance to do that this weekend with three games at the Taco Bell Arena here.

Thursday Quick Fix 6 (11/18/04)

I’ve been doing some thinking about what a new Internet friend said re: this blog: “The endless smack toward non-Bush voters is getting kind of old, don’t you think?” He could be right. Since this blog began in mid-February, the prez race was front and center. And I took no prisoners in supporting Dubya. Believe it or not, however, I’m not 100% Republican. By any means. I want R’s running things nationally because their social agenda isn’t as repugnant as the D’s unabashed support for the slaughter of the innocent unborn. On a state level, however, I’m turned off by the arrogance of the R’s. They’re a law onto themselves. On the local level, it doesn’t matter one iota. Right now, the top item on my agenda is The Duane’s attempt to take over Sherman Avenue. I’ll try to give non-Bush voters a respite — if they behave themselves.

Photo Above: President George W. Bush, former President Bill Clinton, former President George H.W. Bush, and former President Jimmy Carter walk from the William J. Clinton Presidential Center to the podium during opening ceremonies in Little Rock, Ark., today. The $165 million glass-and-steel center will be the home to Clinton’s library collection of more than 80 million presidential items. (AP Photo/Ric Feld)

1. Political ‘Toon Fix: Mike Luckovich here and Chuck Asay here.

2. Humor Fix: “Colin Powell said today no one should be surprised he’s leaving. He said that throughout his first term he had always told President Bush that he thought he would only serve one term. And Bush said, ‘Hey, me too’” — Jay Leno (complete monologue here).

3. My Way Fix: This Day in History here, This Day in Music here, Today’s Birthdays here, and Positive Quote here.

4. Top of the News Fix: Bishops approve marriage initiative here, Rumsfeld urged to defend Scouts movement here, Clinton library whitewashes impeachment here, Poll: 1/3 of U.S. believes French are enemies here, and $15 mil Kerry stash angers D’s here.

5. Call To Action Fix: The Traditional Values Coalition has issued a call to action as a result of the Defense Department booting Boy Scout troops from military bases to satisfy the Anti-Christian Liberties Union here.

6. Opinion Fix: Andrew C. McCarthy (Protecting sources), Robert Novak/Chicago Sun-Times (Reining in CIA rogues), Peggy Noonan/Wall Street Journal (National Settle Down Week), Marvin Olasky/ (National Adoption Month), and Ann Coulter/ (The loss that keeps on giving).

Presidential pardon

The election may be over, but, for Jay D. Dyson of Sacred Cow Burgers the fun lingers on. Here, he spoofs the annual pardon granted by the prez to the biggest turkey his aides could find.

When Blue means Red

You can find a coupla maps that indicate areas (in blue, of all colors) where Dubya picked up votes here and here.

He’s B-a-a-a-ck

The mountain’s white,
the garden’s brown.
Old Man Winter’s
back in town.

The Bard of Sherman Avenue

Peanut Gallery (Mosque shooting)

I was watching your news program yesterday about the soldier that fired on the “unarmed” man here, and all I can say is shame on you! Shame on every news cast that follows our soldiers around who are dealing with life and death circumstances. It amazes me how any thing that might cause an uproar or get your news channels attention you are running to show all over every TV you can.

I wonder what you would do if you were followed everyday all day with cameras around you. Would everything you do and say be perfect? And that is in just general life. … Now, imagine what it would be like with people trying to kill you … still perfect?

I truly believe that America’s worst enemy has become our own press. We are so eager to make our President or soldiers look bad. Well, war is ugly. It is a sad fact of life. And everyone of you is making it that much worse. Why don’t you show all the things the soldiers are doing right? There are many! Our men and women are risking their lives everyday and should be praised daily on the news … not judged. I am really disappointed in what our country has become.

Instead of praising our soldiers, we are trying to get more ratings and be anti-government. The government is not the President or all the members we elect .. it is us … the American people. Every time you focus on the negative and skim over the positive that our soldiers are doing, you only hurt the American people and make our country look bad to the foreign countries. I ask you .. do you see Iraq media following their soldiers around looking for things to report negative about them?

The more I see of the news the more disappointed I am in the US media. You have defiantly let our soldiers and country down.

With much sadness,

Jeanette Hughes

DFO: Irwin N. Graulich of believes the embedded reporter who filmed the shooting should be shipped back to the USA — in jails and tried for treason here.

Final Thought

At a meeting with downtown merchants this morning to discuss his Sherman Avenue botanical garden proposal, The Duane didn’t like a bizman’s suggestion that the matter be put to a vote of the people. The bizman figured the project would have too big of an impact on the community to be decided by elected City Council reps who often are viewed to be in The Duane’s back pocket. Responded The Duane (according to my spies): That’s not why they were “hired, er, elected.” I kid you not. Freudian?

Last chance?

Hal “Late Great Planet Earth” Lindsey has issued a warning that God has given America one last chance to to remove the court-mandated official national religion of “Agnostic Secular Humanism” here.

Thanks to Big John Rook for the link.

Wanted: Alive or … Alive provides color photos of wanted Kootenai County felons here.

Evangelicals invade Mormon country

Q — Who was the first Evangelical minister to speak at the Mormon Tabernacle since Dwight L. Moody 105 years ago?

A — Ravi Zacharias, on Sunday.

You can find an account of this extraordinary Evangelical/Mormon confab on the Christianity Today blog here.

Iraq The Model at age 1

Iraq the Model, a blog dedicated to presenting truth at war’s Ground Zero, celebrated its first anniversary on Sunday. In his first posting since then, blogger Omar writes why its important to look for sources other than CNN and al-Jazeera for news about his country:

Being out of the events’ field for a week and having the media as the only source of information made me understand more why many people have a blurred vision about the situation in Iraq, I mean watching Al- Jazeera and the CNN for a relatively long time made Iraq- at certain moments-look like “hell on earth”. Fortunately I lived my whole life in Iraq and when it comes to events taking place over there I can distinguish between the truth and the lies to a certain degree but my concern is about people who have never been there because the media twist facts and exaggerate things in an unbelievable manner.

You can check out the courageous bloggers of Iraq the Model by going to the Web site here.

Justice in AmeriKa

“Boy, I feel safer now that she’s behind bars. O.J. & Kobe are walking around, Scott Peterson’s going to be soon, but they take the one woman in America ,willing to cook and clean, and they haul her ass to jail.” — comedian Tim Wilson re: Martha Stewart.

Peanut Gallery (2 wrongs don’t make a right)

*NBC Says Marine shot dead wounded Iraqi prisoner/Reuters: Watch the media obsess about this one, too. I’m sure the Iraqi, ahem, insurgent would have been far more gentle if the tables had been turned. (Headlines @ Closin’ Time)

Why is it that conservative commentators always use the “two wrongs make a right” argument when something goes wrong in Iraq? (see Abu Ghraib)

Shooting a wounded unarmed soldier in the head is wrong regardless of what the insurgents would do, or is that the standard of conduct we wish to hold ourselves to?

I guess it’s this line of moral development (or lack thereof) that allows nutcases to justify bombing abortion clinics or murdering abortion clinic doctors…e.g. “well they kill babies!”


Bob Salsbury
Spokane Valley

DFO: The key word here, Bob, is “obsess.” It’s one thing to say that the Marine’s conduct, if proven, was wrong (which it would be). It’s another thing to obsess on every wrong Americans do in Iraq, as our media tend to do. The media went bananas over Abu Ghraib as a way to undercut the war effort and Bush without coming right out and declaring themselves on the side of the Lib-Left. Conduct at Abu Ghraib was wrong. But it didn’t deserve the media’s months of carpet bombing. Then, you should put yourself in the shoes of a Marine who’s been shot in the face and seen his buddies killed by thugs such as the wounded man. Mebbe you wouldn’t be so quick to judge this brave man.

Running Late

It’s Tuesday, which means I’m running late. Quick Fix 6’ll be ready around 10 — dfo

Headlines @ Closin’ Time

*Keillor: Born-agains shouldn’t have right to vote: Popular radio host says Christians’ citizenship is really in heaven/WorldNetDaily: Keillor (right) was joking, right? Right?

*Condoleezza Rice to Be Named Secretary of State: National Security Adviser Is Bush’s Choice to Replace Powell/Drudge Report: Sic ‘em, Condi.

*NBC Says Marine shot dead wounded Iraqi prisoner/Reuters: Watch the media obsess about this one, too. I’m sure the Iraqi, ahem, insurgent would have been far more gentle if the tables had been turned.

*Man sets himself on fire near White House: Yells ‘Allah, Allah’ after security officers extinguish flames/Associated Press: Burn, baby, burn.

*Kerry’s ex-girlfriend relives their affair: New book treats readers to ‘insider’ account of senator’s bachelor days/London Telegraph: Earth — to Lee Roystone: No one cares any more.

Another hero falls …

We can never become insensitive to the high cost we’re paying to free Iraq from the Islamo-fascist tyrants who disembowel women. You can find out about the human cost of the Fallujah assault here.

And in this corner …

Two hungry high school teams will square off for the state 5A championship this week in Pocatello. In one corner, you have the Coeur d’Alene Vikings, who won that 28-21 overtime thriller over Centennial Friday. In the other corner, you have the Twin Falls Bruins, who dumped Capital behind Brody Miller, who has rushed for more than 2,000 yards. You read about the one semifinal game in our paper Saturday. You can read about the other from The Idaho Statesman here.

No place like home

Air Force Col. Gregory Cook received the bronze star for turning Iraq’s battlefields into airfields. Now, looking forward to retirement, he’s buying a home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, because, the world traveler sez, there’s no place like it here.

Monday Quick Fix 6 (11/15/04)

Colin Powell and three other cabinet members are jumping ship, now that Dubya has won re-election. At least 6 of 15 cabinet members will need to be replaced. A problem? Or an opportunity? Time will tell here.

1. Political ‘Toon Fix: Daryl Cagle & Co. look at the state of the Democratic Party here.

2. Humor Fix: “Some Palestinians are accusing Arafat’s wife of only being interested in Arafat’s money. Well, come on, she knew those good looks were going to fade one day” — Jay Leno (rest of Friday monologue here).

3. My Way Fix: This Day in History here, This Day in Music here, Today’s Birthdays here, and Positive Quote here.

4. Top of the News Fix: 2 of Allawi’s kidnapped relatives freed here, Body of blond woman found in Fallujah (photo above is of Marines attacking from same bridge in Fallujah where Islamo-fascists hung the bodies of American contractors last spring) here, Cuban performers seek asylum in Las Vegas here, Frist withholds Specter support here, and Spammer got rich but ended up in prison here.

5. Pro-Life Fix: Pro-life groups say Scott Peterson’s trial and the ultimate double murder verdict “is further evidence of the growing shift in U.S. law regarding protection for all human life, including young humans who still reside in their mother’s wombs” here.

6. Opinion Fix: Sheryl McCarthy (Bill Cosby), Christopher Caldwell (Holland’s deadly tolerance), Joe Klein (Dems’ value gap), Christian Science Monitor (Message from Fallujah), and John Leo (Alfred Kinsey).

Me & My Shadow

There’s been a lot of blog interest in Duane Hagadone’s big boats. You can read about the Lady Lola Shadow in this piece by here and this brief piece about Shadowboats here. There’s a better piece in November’s ezine, with the LL & her Shadow chugging along. But I can’t provide a link that doesn’t require a description. All the Shadow’s toys, including a 21-foot, four-man sub, are displayed in the three-page “new and notable” feature.

Concert canceled

Big John Rook passes along this, ahem, public service announcement for the DNC:

Those planning to attend the Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Barbara Streisand, Dixie Chicks Concert hosted by Michael Moore on the White House lawn are hereby notified that it has been cancelled.

More from the Arafat front & Dave Dolan

Coeur d’Alene native David Dolan reports on the ground about the burial of Yasser Arafat here.

TGIF Quick Fix 6 (11/12/04)

I’d planned to blog the photo above yesterday — Veterans Day — in memory of the late Ron Rankin, a patriot extraordinaire. It shows Marines in Iraq circled around a buddy who’d been killed in action. It was one of The Ronfather’s favorites, right up there with the Marines hoisting the flag at Iwo Jima. I may be a day late, but I’m not a dollar short. To Ron, his widow, Alice, and all the brave men and women past and present who’ve served our country in time of war, this one’s for you.

1. Political ‘Toon Fix: Paul Nowak here, Wayne Stayskal here, and Timothy Kelly here.

2. Humor Fix: “Martha Stewart is back in the news. She wants her company to reimburse her for her $4 million legal bills. Martha explained that the money isn’t just for her, because she also has a wife now” — Conan.

3. My Way Fix: This Day in History here, This Day in Music here, Today’s Birthdays here, and Positive Quote here.

4. Top of the News Fix: Electorate sees successful second term for Bush here, Arafat buried here, Falwell to resurrect Moral Majority here, Secret Service visits Boulder (Colo.) High here, and Full control of Fallujah hours away here.

5. Reality Check Fix: You can find one of the best stories about the on-the-ground fighting in Fallujah here.

6. Opinion Fix: John Zogby (Mea culpa), Andrew C. McCarthy (Yasser Arafat: Repulsive killer), Mark Bowden (Fallujah), Charles Krauthammer (Redneck vote myth), and Ann Coulter (Goofy vote conspiracy theories).

Headlines @ Closin’ Time

*Hamas: Israel poisoned Arafat: Leader of terror organization had own run-in with Mossad/WorldNetDaily: Hamas must subscribe to the same conspiracy theorists as U.S. Democrats.

*Woman names babies Yasser and Arafat: Twin boys born in Gaza hours after PA leader dies in France/Associated Press: With names like that, they couldn’t help but become suicide bombers.

*Matthew Shepard murder not hate crime? ABC ‘20/20’ report says it might have been mugging gone wrong/New York Post: Stay tuned.

*Nasdaq hits 7-month high: While Dow Jones advances 88 points/Reuters: Happy days are here again, the sky is bright and clear again …

*‘Saving Private Ryan’ too risky for ABC?
Some affiliates fear federal fines, cancel Veteran’s Day broadcast
/Associated Press: Once is enough for me. Don’t plan to see it again. We’re not worthy of those who stormed the beaches.

Red = Slave states? C’mon

The Looney Left continues to freak out about election results. Now, they’re comparing Bush country to slavery here.

Peanut Gallery (Duane’s last hurrah)

The comments by The Edge concerning Duane Hagadone’s master plan are interesting and probably very close to the mark here.

Duane Hagadone gets no kicks walking around his yacht. That ain’t doing it for him. His moments of glory have been all about building in Coeur d’ Alene. His big push the last several years is going to be the last hurrah for Duane and those plans will be everything he has done in the past and much more.

Hold on to your seat. We have not seen anything yet. He finally has in position the elected officials needed for these plans. No one is going to turn him down. Oh yes, there will be little concessions, but the dramatic moves will go forward. It is a dangerous time for the people of Coeur d’ Alene and the rights to public open spaces and public access. The simple fact is that there isn’t anything that can be done but allow those spaces to be given away or compromised dramatically.

Don’t worry be happy. Duane will take care of us….

Steve Badraun

Best of the Northwest

Ever heard of “Jihadi Rap”? Daveed Gartenstein-Ross of FrontPageMag describes it in a personal note to Hot Potatoes as “a new genre of rap music which indulges in Islamist paranoia, is anti-American in tone and substance, and is intended to win sympathy for the jihadists’ cause.” Why am I telling you about this? In a riveting article about Jihadi Rap, Daveed fingers Sons of Hagar, from the Puget Sound town of Des Moines, as a rising group in this rap subculture. You can read his article and what these guys sing here.

1. Cartoonist Eric Devericks/Seattle Times provides the first good post-election toon here, while my old buddy Milt Priggee continues to suffer postelection stress syndrome here.

2. How about a Rotten Potato for the clueless Coeur d’Alene High students who dissed Veterans Day ceremonies yesterday by talking or refusing to remove their hats while young patriots like CHS senior Chris Mitchell (above) led the assembly. Chris plans to join the Air National Guard after graduation. His father recently completed a tour of duty in Iraq. Click here.

3. Busted: The Roman Catholic diocese of Spokane plans to file bankruptcy to avoid priest sex abuse lawsuits here.

4. The state of Idaho nabbed 50 slot machines in a statewide raid of 13 bars, including three taverns in the Coeur d’Alene area, here.

5. Boisean Dave Player columnizes on the sacrifices made by Vietnam War veterans that led to freedom here.

6. IMHO-NW: Missoulian (Veterans Day), Seattle Times (Change election mailing rule), Joni Balter/Seattle Times (Murray & Gregoire), Doug Clark/S-R (Courageous Dr. Vern Nelson), and Post Falls Uncensored (Super Bowl Tuesday … oh wait).

7. North Idaho lawmakers are cautiously supportive of Gov. Dirk Kempthorne’s plans to fix U.S. Highway 95 here.

8. It’s still Dino Rossi ahead of Christine Gregoire by an Italian nose here (complete results here).

Final Word

Gotta call from a former journalist who said his sister was bordering on a nervous breakdown because Dubya was re-elected prez. Seems she cried for a half hour on the phone, explaining between sobs that religious fascists soon would be breaking down the door and carting her family off. She has a lesbian daughter, after all. I couldn’t believe the nonsense. The Left appears to be on a full-scale meltdown. Which means, Lib-Lefties are either immature or narcissistic. Or both. (I don’t get my way all the time, so I’ll pout.) This time, the Bush Haters can’t console themselves by saying Dubya was illegally elected. All they have is their threat to move to Canada. They should quit talking and go.

Headlines @ Closin’ Time (11/10/04)

*Pro-lifers not thrilled with Gonzales choice:
Bush’s pick for attorney general upheld abortion on Texas court
/WorldNetDaily: Hope Dubya doesn’t forget the pro-life horse he rode in on.

*Allawi family members kidnapped: Kin of prime minister threatened with beheadings if Fallujah siege not lifted/Associated Press: Beheadings are so passe.

*Anti-French rampage prompts Ivory Coast evacuation: Expatriate says government ‘pushing to kill white people’/Associated Press: The French’d better make peace with Ivory Coast before someone gets hurt — that or surrender.

*Gorbachev honors Cat Stevens: Gives Muslim activist ‘Man for Peace’ award in Rome/Associated Press: Didn’t know Vladimir was a fan of “Peace Train.”

*Yet another Peterson juror leaves panel: Foreman who holds doctorate, law degree replaced with alternate/Fox News: I don’t need to follow this. I’ve already seen “Runaway Jury.”

Peanut Gallery (Defending Post Falls, Athol)

re: comment by The Edge here discussing future plans by Duane Hagadone: “The sewer goes to Post Falls and the college moves to Athol (kind of the same place when you think about it)”.

Dave, in reference to the comment from the “Edge” above, what does he mean? I don’t seem to understand it. It is true that Post Falls and Athol have some things in common:

—We are the only two Cities in Idaho with American Legion Posts that have Club licenses.
—Both Cities are run by responsible Councils who weigh all sides of an issue.
—The citizens of Post Falls and Athol speak out on issues and use their real names.
—Most people can spell the names of both Cities correctly on the first try.
—Neither Athol nor Post Falls have a true “downtown” that anyone is trying to improve or change.
—Post Falls and Athol citizens seem to respect the ideas of others, even if they don’t agree.
—Athol and Post Falls seem to manage very well with only 4 paid Council members and 1 Mayor.
—Local Developers receive cooperation to achieve their goals with the best interest of both parties being considered.
—The phones work at both City Halls. (I know this was a cheap shot, but I couldn’t resist)

I hope the “edge” did not mean we were Cities of less value and was taking a cheap shot at our communities, cloaked by a pen name that you support and protect. I hope the “Edge” will have the courage to come out of the closet someday.

Cliff Hayes
Post Falls

DFO: Ah, I don’t presume to speak for The Edge. We’ll have to wait to see what he meant.

Computer users beware

If you get a notice, purportedly from “Paypal,” claiming your credit card has just been billed $175, beware. I got one of those yesterday at the office. It’s some kind of a scam. The Billings Gazette tells you all about it here.

Red states are more generous

Many of you have seen that chart, pushed by Bush Hater Howard Stern, which purports to show that intellects are higher in Blue States than Red States here. It’s a hoax, of course. But a chart circulated by Michelle Malkin that links generosity to candidate support isn’t. Bush states rank No. 1 to 25 on the generosity index, compiled by the Catalogue for Philanthrophy, with Idaho No. 10. The first Blue State? New York at No. 26. Seems Lib-Lefties like to talk about helping the poor, as long as they’re using your money to do so. You can find the state philanthropy chart here (go to 3rd item).

Best of the Northwest

WSU will join host Arizona State in honoring fallen Wildcat alum Pat Tillman (pictured) when the two teams play Saturday. The Cougs will wear the initials PT in honor of the Army Ranger who gave up a career with the Arizona Cardinals to fight for his country in Afghanistan, where he was killed in action last April. Click here.

1. David Horsey/P-I is among the Lefties who believe that gay marriage was the sole reason Dubya beat Flipflop here. (Caution: liberal wishful thinking.)

2. A Yakima farmer has produced an apple with the logos of WSU and U-Dub branded in — just in time for the annual Apple Cup game between the two rivals here.

3. Those who own yachts and megayachts — and I’m not naming names here — caught a big income tax break in 2003, according to the P-I, here.

4. Dan Popkey/Idaho Statesman columnizes on Sean Hannity’s visit to Boy-C here.

5. Despite the best effort of faculty Lib-Lefties, Boy-C State prez Bob Kustra said, the university will honor its $4 million contract and keep Taco Bell Arena as the name of the Broncos basketball gym here.

6. IMHO-NW: Idaho Statesman (Judge supports secrecy), Floyd J. McKay/Seattle Times (Moral values), Julia A. Youngs/Seattle Times (More progressive candidate won), The Oregonian (Vote by mail), and Rebecca Nappi/S-R (A true hero).

7. Gov. Dirk Kempthorne is expected to unveil a plan in January that would significantly boost the state’s investment in highway construction for the next several years, according to Wayne Hoffman/Statesman, here.

8. Authorities in the Spokane Valley are looking for a nondenominational purse thief who has been hitting local churches here.

Life Aboard Lady Lola (Part II: Perks)

More from the former mate of the Good Ship Lady Lola.

I joined the Lady Lola at the beginning of August, 2003. I was in San Francisco at the time, and I guess mine was the cheapest airfare to get to Seattle. The average turnover for crew at this stage was one new person every 3 weeks. Churn n burn.

As a rule, annual operating costs run about 10% of the purchase price, or $5 million for a $50 million boat, but not much of it goes on the crew. I asked the chef what the budget was for crew meals and found it was $10 per person, per day. What a crock! No wonder the food was recycled over and over. When we did get a 15 minute break to eat some food, the Hagadones
would tour the guests through and make patronizing comments about how great it smelt. I was tempted to point out that we were re-running the lunch time meal, but decided it was better to just eat. The girls would break $500 plates or $1500 vases on a daily basis, yet all we got was $10 a head for meals!

We had satellite DirecTV in the crew mess, but they couldn’t see the benefit of paying an extra $80 a month so we could all get the internet as well. Much better to make the crew members run to the Internet cafe through the bums of Seattle after working a 15 hour day.

Headlines @ Closin’ Time

*Ashcroft, Evans resign from Cabinet: Attorney heneral, commerce secretary 1st to step down since election/MSNBC: The Left will have to find someone else to demonize as the Great Satan — beyond Dubya, of course.

*Terror leaders likely fled Fallujah: Al-Zarqawi, others probably left city before U.S. assault began/Reuters: Terror big shots are all for martyrdom … as long as someone else is doing the dying.

*Specter promised to stop Bush picks: Expected judiciary panel chairman made pre-election vows to papers/WND: Send this bum to the showers. He shouldn’t be on our team anyway.

*Madonna calls for U.S. to leave Iraq: Singer to BBC: ‘My feelings are can we just all get out?’/Agence France-Presse: Madonna would have been a perfect secretary of state under a Kerry administration. Hey, don’t laugh. If Flipflop’d won, he would have owed Planet Hollyweird big time.

*Official: Arafat has hours left: Wife in battle with leaders over her portion of estate/WorldNetDaily: This guy takes longer to die than old Tito.

Peanut Gallery (Hagadone Gardens)

Duane Hagadone is always a persuasive advocate on the stage. It is the detail behind the curtain that it dangerous. Standing just out of sight in the darkness are Duane’s hired guns who are ready to take more and give less. Elected officials have to have courage to pull the curtain back and we just do not have those committed and brave people in office. The danger is the loss of free and open public space forever. Don’t fall victim to pretty pictures.

Steve Badraun

Winners & Losers

The biggest winners in the ‘04 election, according to Hot Potatoes? The loyal citizens of Bright-Red Flyover Country, which includes almost the entire Inland Northwest, except for three precincts in the heart of Spokane city. As for other winners & losers, provides a pictorial here.

D’s should be ready for Canadian citizenship

A word of advice to Dems considering relocating to the Great White North:

“As Canadians, you’ll have to learn to embrace and use all the products and culture of Americans, while bad-mouthing their way of life”Thane Burnett/Ottawa Sun.

DFO: Sweet Potatoes to L.C. Johnson of Moscow for sending that along.

Peanut Gallery (Bill McCrory)

Question: What do Duane Hagadones’ proprosal for a garden on Sherman Avenue and Coeur d’Alene’s proposal for a Kroc Center grant have in common?

Answer: Neither one includes any provision for improving life-saving shelter and other basic needs for Coeur d’Alene’s homeless and hungry. As Kevin Taylor noted in his article today, two transients have died in Coeur d’Alene in as many weeks, and St. Vincent De Paul men’s shelter may be unable to meet the needs this winter. I’m very sad that red geraniums, recreation facilities, performing arts centers, senior centers, computer labs and Internet libraries apparently have a higher value than human life to the people in Coeur d’Alene who have the resources but not the will to make meaningful changes.

Bill McCrory
Coeur d’Alene

Tuesday Quick Fix 6 (11/9/04)

I needed a day off yesterday after the intensity and work involved in the recent elections. Dunno what life’s going to be like without J. Flipflop Kerry to kick around. But life goes on. And we must do so also. At this point, we should join together in praying for our brave Marines to clean out that rat’s nest in Fallujah. Those who love peace in this world owe these brave troops a big debt of gratitude.

1. Political ‘Toon Fix: Paul Nowak wonders why all the lippy Planet Hollyweird stars and starlets haven’t left the country here, and Chuck Asay looks at the regrets between Elephants and Donkeys here.

2. Humor Fix: Jay D. Dyson has a message for turncoat Repub Arlen Specter and the obstructionist Democrats here.

3. My Way Fix: This Day in History here, This Day in Music here, Today’s Birthdays here, and Positive Quote here.

4. Top of the News Fix: Arafat: Dead or alive? here, U.S. forces push through Fallujah’s center here, Carville: Demo party must be born again here, Howard Dean to become DNC chairman? here, and Blue states buzz over secession here.

5. Poll Fix: You think the majority of Americans are pro-choice? Think again. The pro-choicer claim a majority by including individuals who support abortion only in rare instances (rape, incest, life of the mother in danger). Add these folks to the pro-life side where they belong and 55 percent of America opposes abortion. And their votes made a difference last Tuesday here.

6. Opinion Fix: National Review (Keep Orrin Hatch as judiciary chair), Wall Street Journal (Time for conservative justices), Michael Medved (Hollywood activists vow to keep it up), Ralph Peters (Finishing Fallujah), and Carlos Watson (George Bush’s political genius).

Life aboard Lady Lola (Part I: Duties)

I’ve been in contact with a crewman who worked recently on Duane Hagadone’s megayacht, Lady Lola. He provided some insights into his duties, the ship and his bosses. This is the first in a series.

We would start around 7 a.m. and wipe down all the stainless and any dew on deck. Depending on what was happening. We would rotate one guy waiting at the gangway to help anyone on or off and to be there when the Hagadones returned from their walk. We might be able to get in a cup of tea while this was happening before setting up golf, etc.

If we were underway, comeone had to be constantly up on the deck to clean up water from the jacuzzi. It was designed in such a way that if the yacht moves at all the water spills over the sides. It truly was the bane of our existence.

After the guest left an area, we would be in there to clean the stainless, tidy up. Every cushion had to be just so, every chair had marks on the deck to be lined up with. We also had our own “baby” area to clean if we ever had down time. Mine was the lazarette and all the water toys, which wasn’t bad. It was out of sight and I could sit in the tender or on the jetskies and wipe the same spot over and over.

We would get some lunch, then just keep going. When they were landing the helicopter on the wharf, we had to race out and open the doors. One other job was to collect the mail from the rear compartment, which happened to be directly under the exhaust. Whoever got that job had to have a shower and change in order to get the smell of aviation fuel off them.

There was one instance where the English bosun ran behind the helicopter. Not only was it incredibly stupid and dangerous, but Keith (chopper pilot) couldn’t see her and anything could have happened. She was technically my boss, but I gave her an earful anyway. Keith was pretty angry as well.


I’m taking Monday off, so you’ll have to do without the Hot Potatoes until Tuesday a.m. (unless, of course, I get time to blog from home. You might want to check in over the weekend).

Headlines @ Closin’ Time

*Despondent Dems fleeing to Canada? Immigration website shows big spike in wake of President Bush’s victory/WorldNetDaily: They shouldn’t let the door hit ‘em in the butt on the way out.

*Bush wins Iowa: Gives president total of 286 electoral votes/Associated Press: Paint it bee-you-tiful red, baybee. (You can find a red-blue county breakdown here.)

*Keyes blames media, GOP for Illinois loss: Large numbers of Republican votes for Obama contributed to 43-point spread/Associated Press: Ah, Alan, I love ya like a brother, man, but, if the liberal media is powerful enough to be responsible for a 43-point loss, I’m movin’ to Canada.

*Wrong man, wrong place, wrong time: Should Arlen Specter be named chairman of Senate Judiciary Committee?/WND poll: I agree with that old Butch Otter vote in the Idaho Legislature: Not only no, but hell no!

*Al Sharpton, wife announce separation:
‘Allows them to continue pursuing their work interests’
/Associated Press: And yet another reason why I chuckle when someone addresses this clown as a “reverend.”

Travels with Bayview Herb (South Dakota)

As I desert Indianapolis, I have left several things behind…

A new Governor in Indiana, four new senators, four more representatives…

History will never record this, but as I passed the hundreds of Daschle campaign signs in South Dakota, I hissed appropriately, putting a hex upon him. Obviously that was the difference.

In the morning I will head out for Kentucky. As I pass through the Cumberland Mountains, I will wonder if the many initiatives and referendums regarding heterosexual marriage will affect the cousins too.

I will next make contact in South Carolina in a few days…

On the road agin…….


DFO: Herb Huseland has been checking in with observations re: his travels throughout our great U.S. of A.

Peanut Gallery (Kootenai County vote)

Thanks for the compliments on the elections. My staff and poll workers did a great job and certainly deserve most of the credit. Now here’s some interesting tidbits for all the political trivia buffs that demonstrates the intensity of the race for President. For various reason people do not always vote in every race on the ballot. These are referred to in the media as under votes. As an example, in the Otter/Preston congressional race, out of 55,704 ballots cast 3,991 voters (7.2%) chose not to vote on that race. In the race with Senator Crapo and a write-in candidate the total of non-voters was not surprisingly even greater at 10,117 under votes (18%). In the two uncontested commissioner races both had over 14,000 (25%) under votes.

But in the race for president, out of 55,704 ballots cast, only 156 voters chose not to vote for any of the presidential candidates for an astoundingly low under vote rate of .28%. The presidential race definitely drove this election and turn-out.

Dan English
Kootenai County clerk

p.s. The local option sales tax generated 3,252 (5.8%) under votes. I guess that implies the voters had more interest in that issue vs. their congressional race?

Peanut Gallery (Crime & Not Much Punishment)

Good Morning Dave,

Today’s S-R reports on the sentencing of Mr. Cory Preston an admitted and convicted child (baby) rapist. For twice raping and nearly killing a 3 year old boy he’s to receive a total of 13.5 years in prison thanks to our U.S. Supreme Court and some local judges’ judgment.

Democrats wonder why moral issues drove them N2 the ground on election day. They boisterously parade around Bill Clinton, convicted congressional perjurer and admitted womanizer and embrace Hollywood scum ethics. This is not America and hopefully never will be.

Perhaps Mr. Preston will feel the nicotine withdrawal wrath of some of his fellow inmates. Perhaps with new Supreme Court justices crime appropriate sentencing guidelines will be set for such heinous actions.

Pray for our country.

Dave Tolle

Peanut Gallery (Sanders Beach)

I read both the Review’s and the Press’s articles today about six of the Sanders Beach property owners wanting the city to stop its legal action. Lotsa fizzle, no sizzle.

With his irrelevant concern and speculation about who actually penned the lawsuit documents, I can only conclude that Mr. Magnuson took document authentication lessons from CBS News and Dan Rather. As he knows well, it wouldn’t matter one iota if the filing had been written by Saddam Hussein. Do I hear “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” playing in the background?

Mr. Magnuson’s effort to impute political motivation to City Attorney Mike Gridley’s involvement in the lawsuit was squelched by both papers including quotes from the mayor explaining that the City Attorney was acting at the City Council’s direction. Interesting, though, was where each paper placed the Mayor’s quote in relation to Mr. Magnuson’s allegation. The Spokesman Review’s article led with the allegation but included the Mayor’s refutation in paragraph 3 of its 985 word, 28 paragraph article. The Coeur d’Alene Press’s article cited Mr. Magnuson’s allegation in the second paragraph but didn’t include the Mayor’s quote until the last paragraph in a 913 word, 41 paragraph article.

Bill McCrory
Coeur d’Alene

DFO: Another discerning reader.

Peanut Gallery (Brand X political ads)

You weren’t kidding. The long knives are out for Mike Gridley (pictured). Just compare the Hagadone story and your paper’s story (S-R here and Brand X here).

I think the bias is crystal clear. In the Brand X story, the Mayor Bloem talks about the situation at the bottom of the piece and Spokesman story has the mayor saying the flap is horse (manure) near the top. Gridley should know better than to question the evil empire.

I am not sure why they are pounding on the guy who just lost an election. Paybacks are never fun. Here’s praying they don’t run another quality city employee out of Dodge because he asked to see if the Press was playing favorites with political ads. Does anybody else see the problem with a media outlet providing free ads to political candidates? I guess in Idaho, if you’re a Republican and you’re willing to kiss the ring of Big D, the law doesn’t apply.

The Edge

DFO: I don’t think this is just about Repubs in general. It’s about favored Repubs and other wannabes who can be counted on to carry the Hagadone company’s water.

Gridley’s onto something

You’ve read about the current flap in which City Attorney Mike Gridley, an unsuccessful candidate for the state Legislature, has accused the Coeur d’Alene Press of giving preferential treatment to his opponent, Repub Marge Chadderdon.

The Coeur d’Alene Press has dismissed Mike’s comments as sour grapes. I don’t. My sources in the Hagadone empire say there’s something to Mike’s complaint. In fact, they say, Brand X has been doing these shenanigans for years, dating back at least to the 1992 state Senate campaign between Repub Frank Henderson and Demo Barb Chamberlain. It works like this:

The Press doesn’t make fave candidates pay up front like other candidates. Instead, the business department sends a delayed invoice after the election with no expectation for payment. Then, when the bill isn’t paid, the biz dept. writes it off as bad debt.

A lot of full- and half-page ads have been written off that way over the years, according to my sources. Brand X isn’t as blatant as it used to be, according to my sources. I think a full-scale audit of Brand X’s political ad practices would determine who’s right about this very important political issue.

Headlines @ Closin’ Time

*Net photo of Bush slugged as ‘a—hole’: News coverage on Netscape site includes graphic slam on president/WorldNetDaily: Yet another reason to switch from CNN to “Fox News.”

*Aides: Ashcroft likely to leave Cabinet:
Stress causing health problems for 62-year-old attorney general
/Associated Press: The, ahem, tolerant Left will have to find another man to demonize. This good man has earned a rest.

*3rd-party influence barely a blip: Badnarik, Peroutka, Nader don’t draw 1% of vote among them/WND: Ralph who?

*Sharpton on Bush Win: ‘Let’s Get out of the Country’/NewsMax: Who’s stoppin’ ya, pal?

*‘Millions’ of Iranians Celebrate Bush Victory/NewsMax: Mebbe Sharpton can immigrate to Iran.

Freedom isn’t free

Michael Moore, one of the biggest losers of the recent campaign, posted this poignant photo of Dubya’s face, comprised of troops killed in Iraq, as a way to slam the president. But conservatives, as Michelle Malkin explains so well here, should view it as another solemn reminder that freedom isn’t free.

What now:

UI blogger Henry Johnston shares my current dilemma:

Now that the election is over, Bush has won, Republicans gained congressional seats, and we’re on our way to four more years of freedom, what should I write about on this blog? Since this blog’s birth in February 2004, the Democrats and their presidential hopefuls (Kerry and Dean mostly), have provided me with more than ample information to cover. But now that everything is settled, I’m at a loss.

Best of the Northwest

There’s all kinds of theories out there why Dubya smoked John Kerry Tuesday. Iraq? War on terror? Morality. Etc. But none can beat cartoonist Milt Priggee for boiling everything done to a simple answer here.

1. Lib-Lefty David Horsey/P-I also didn’t agree with the majority decision Tuesday here.

2. Tim Eyman (pictured, railing) finds another cause here.

3. Election results: You can find Idaho statewide results here and eastern Washington results here.

4. Democrat Christine Gregoire edged ahead of Repub Dino Rossi yesterday in their tight race for Washington governor here.

5. Gay rights activists now know they can’t win at the ballot box, so they’re looking to the courts to enforce their agenda on the country here.

6. IMHO-NW: Doug Clark/S-R (Prison cigarette ban), Idaho Statesman (Nation counting on GOP), Kay McFadden/Times (Tips for baffled political journalists), Seattle Times (Bush’s second term), and Joni Balter (Gregoire’s campaign fizzle).

7. Patty Duke Pearce was listed in fair condition at Kootenai Medical Center after undergoing single bypass surgery here.

8. If you’re like me, you’ll want to read Greg Lee’s article on Coeur d’Alene High’s two superb running backs Gabe Le and Kevin Ah-Hi here.

He loves me not

There was an ex-Hagadone staffer
Who carried a grudge ever after
Every chance he got,
He took a cheap shot.
But, sadly, the facts didn’t matter.

Rick Thomas/Brand X biz writer

DFO: I was blind-sided by this shot by Thomas. Couldn’t figure out why he was ragging on me — until I reviewed my files and found a Peanut Gallery e-mail from The Edge here. Seems Thomas wrote in an Oct. 27 column that he’d dropped his company insurance. Quoth: “…the bottom line is a premium of $600 a year off an already slim take-home.”

So, Thomas decided to earn a coupla brownie points in his Wednesday column by defending The Boss — and by outting me as a disgruntled former employee. Shazam. Whatta revelation. I’ve told everyone who is anyone in this town that I used to be The Duane’s editor in Kalispell and that I got canned in May 1982 for not kowtowing to his son, Brad, my darkroom technician. That was a good day careerwise. I escaped the Hagadone chain, which places little value on news gathering (and, as Thomas points out, pays very poorly), and landed on my feet as a news editor on the Lewiston Tribune, one of the best small papers in the country.

Bottom line? Thomas’ poetry isn’t bad. When he finally has had enough of Brand X or gets his walking papers, I could use him as a pinch-hit rhymer when The Bard of Sherman Avenue is on vacation.

Parting Shot

Didja know that Viggo Mortensen (pictured) — yeah, the king who returned in Lord of the Rings — has a North Idaho tie? He kicks back on a little place of his near Sandpoint. After a long day of talking politics, how about a change of pace? You can find Marianne Love’s story about the Viggo connection here (and then click on: “An exclusive, uncut interview with actor Viggo Mortensen).

Headlines @ Closin’ Time

*Bush’s victory speech: Read transcript of president’s talk to supporters/WND: Music to my ears.

*Kerry’s concession speech: Read the transcript of senator’s acknowledgment of Bush victory/WND: Long-winded but suh-weet.

*Moral issues drove voters: Christian advocates, media pundits agree on believers’ impact/WorldNetDaily: Onward Christian soldiers … marching as to war … with the cross of Jesus going on before …

*Zogby concedes mistake: Pollster predicted strong Kerry electoral win yesterday/WND: Mistake? Wearing white socks with black slacks is a mistake. Zogby flat blew it. Remind me to never ever listen to this guy again.

*Landslide for Obama: Democrat easily beats Alan Keyes for Senate seat/WND: Can’t win ‘em all.

Question of the Day

Which is sweeter: Dubya’s monster victory, Daschle’s loss or the 11-for-11 run of state win’s for traditional marriage?

Peanut Gallery (Bill McCrory)

I completely agree with your wanting to deliver a steamin’ Hot Potato with the sourest cream to the editor of the Coeur d’Alene Press for today’s editrivial criticizing Mike Gridley’s concern about his opponent’s apparent violation of Idaho’s campaign finance law. A promise to pay later is an expenditure, and the reporting clock started ticking when the expenditure was incurred, not when it was billed. The intent of the law is to provide timely and accurate identification of contributors and how much they are contributing. The use of a “cutout” to receive the actual bill due and payable is a mechanism that could be abused to conceal donors and their amounts. Thus, it was very appropriate for Mike Gridley to investigate and then complain. To have any real and meaningful effect, his complaint had to be timely. It’s disappointing that the Press’s editor believes that a candidate’s insistence that the law be applied equally and fairly is deserving of scorn.

Bill McCrory
Coeur d’Alene

DFO: You can find the Best of the Northwest link for Bill’s comment here.

Peanut Gallery (John Austin)

Hi Dave;

Phil Corless needs to lighten up on our friend, Dave Bond. Although D.B.’s rants are sometimes over-the-top, he remains the voice of those dwindling few among us who can still remember the glory days of mining in the Silver Valley. Before the gondolas and condos, there were the mines, where long-haired college kids (like me) could work their way through school. In those days, a shot of whiskey and a couple hundred dollars were a man’s reward for a hard day of work.

And, Mr. Corless can rest assured that D.B. gets all the professional counsel he needs from the various and uniquely facinating people with whom he shares residence in downtown Wallace.

John Austin

Peanut Gallery (Phil Corless)

You made a mistake giving D.P. Bond a voice on your blog. That’s the kind of vile hatred this country does not need. Hey, it wasn’t even funny. It was just mean, sickening, and juvenile. And it painted the 56 million people who voted against Bush as somehow less patriotic than those who did. I won’t even mention the 40% of eligible voters who didn’t care one way or the other.

D.P. needs to seek some professional help to stem his anger at people who do not see the world exactly the way he does.

Phil Corless

DFO: I’ve listened and read D.P. rant for 27 years. Sometimes, it’s on point. Sometimes, it’s not. But it’s always interesting — and usually blog-worthy.

An Open Letter to the U.S. Elites

To: Peter Jennings, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Chris Matthews, Aaron Brown, Judy Woodruff, Al Hunt, Mark Shields, George Stephanopolous, Keith Olberman, Tim Russert, Margaret Carlson, Juan Williams, Terry McAuliffe, Tom Harkin, Tom Daschle, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Al Gore, Howard Dean, Kofi Annan, Hans Blix, Wesley Clark, Merrill McPeak, William Crowe, Ann Lewis, Tad Devine, Bob Schrum, The Entire NPR Staff, Mary Mapes and the staff of 60 Minutes, Gwen Ifle, Molly Ivans, Katie Couric, Laurence O’Donnell, Maureen Dowd, Barbra Streisand, Bill Mahr, Al Franken, Michael Moore, Rob Reiner, Martin Sheen, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, George Soros, Dennis Kucinich, Nicholas Kristof, Richard Cohen, Paul Krugman, Bob Herbert, and all the other “superior,” lefty/lib, socialist, hand-wringing, one-worlder, redistributionist, race-baiting, class-envy types who disgracefully used Iraq bad news and rejoiced as the numbers of casualties mounted to fuel their drive for power, and who think they know better than the American people:

We, the patriotic American people, won the election yesterday and defeated the treasonous John Kerry despite the most fervent, unethical, illegitimate, and illegal efforts of all of you, and leftist academics, limousine liberals, Hollywood traitors, politically-ambitious lefty generals, the ACLU, socialist crazies, and other America-haters. Now shut (expletive deleted)up and let the PEOPLE run the government without being lectured by the likes of you whiners.

For your information, I have arranged a wide selection of non-stop flights to Paris, Pyongyang, Tehran, Moscow, Berlin, Madrid, Mexico City, Ottawa, Hanoi, Havana and the other locales you favor, where the uneducated, uncultured, unsophisticated, flag-waving, gun-toting, Bible-clutching rubes that refused to listen to your considered wisdom cannot be found.

Please leave at your earliest convenience.

If none of these capital cities meets with your approval, connections to many wretched, third world hell-holes are available (like Maputo, Mozambique, ancestral home of the would-be First Lady, African-American Ter-ay-za Heinz), where you can mingle with the kind of people you love, and for whom you would empty America’s treasury if you were ever to ascend to power.

Call Lenin/Lamumba Leisure Travel at 666-666-1917.


D.P. Bond

PS: Although Waziristan is lovely this time of year, I’d advise against traveling there. As you well know, Mr. Bin-Laden is the most noted resident of the region, and while he hates all westerners in general, he has particular scorn for those that espouse the liberalism, atheism, secularism, abortion, hedonism, and socialism you all adore. So, don’t go losing your heads by traveling there.


The Doonesbury that got censored last weekend here.

Oh Happy Day Quick Fix 6 (11/3/04)

The Seattle Times has just reported that John Kerry has will concede Ohio to President Bush at 10 a.m. PSToday, ending the bitter 2004 prez election and sending many Bush haters to Canada. You can read all about it here.

1. Political ‘Toon Fix: Rather than blog the usual political cartoon fix today, I decided to go with one of Guy Gilchrist’s angels for inspiration (because we all need it) here.

2. Humor Fix: “Remember it’s not who wins tomorrow that’s important it’s the fact that this campaign has finally ended”Jay Leno.

3. My Way Fix: This Day in History here, This Day in Music here, Today’s Birthdays here, and Positive Quote here.

4. Top of the News Fix: GOP majorities grow in Senate, House here, Tom Daschle defeated by Thune here, Legal battle looms for Florida here, Exit polls favoring Kerry: There’s something wrong here, and 11 states uphold traditional marriage here.

5. Reality Check Fix: You can find your up-to-date vote total and a bee-you-tiful map of the U.S. dominated by red here.

6. Opinion Fix: Bill Bennett (Bush mandate), Timothy Carney (Who needs Arlen Specter?), John J. Miller (Winners and losers), John Derbyshire (Yeeeaaaahhhh), and John Hood (GOP retention).

Ominous sign

re: Jonathan Cohen, my Taxachusetts conservative who writes occasionally, decided to go for Kerry, although he admits he’s still under the spell of the Red Sox win:


I’m not really a closet wing-nut. I only play one in e-mails. That’s why you’re the first one to know that I voted for what you’d call the Evil Empire today. Principal reason? Civility, as in “civil liberties” and “civil discourse”. That’s what I care about most. The worst thing I could think of if Mr. Kerry wins? Michael Moore wins the Oscars. Hey, I can live with that. I just want four more moderate, more tolerant years in my country and the world. This Administration, IMHO, is not a friend of civility. End of story.

Besides, the Red Sox beat the real Evil Empire en route to the World Championship (did I really write that?). Steinbrenner’s a Red guy. The Sox owners are Blue. Massachusetts rules!

In any event, thanks for giving a lonely, prickly independent a forum. I must admit, however, that I was under the influence when I first started writing.

All’s fair in love and politics, right? Just let me know that I’d be welcome if I ever visit Coeur D’Uane, OK?

Jonathan Cohen
Brookline, MA

DFO: You’re forgiven. Just don’t mention the Kerry snafu to any locals if you visit.

2 sites for local/state results

Kootenai County residents can follow local results by clicking on County Clerk Dan English’s Web site here (and then on “cumulative results”), and North Idahoans can follow races throughout the state by going to the Secretary of State’s Web site here.

Peanut Gallery (Phil Corless)

Dave, I lived in Boise for thirteen years…. Gang violence in Caldwell was a regular highlight of the news from 1990 until we came to our senses and returned to North Idaho last year. The violence even spilled over into Nampa, Meridian and Boise…. My wife and I witnessed a gang shooting AND beating in downtown Boise in the early 90’s. Suffice it to say, Caldwell
hasn’t been a “safe” place for many many years.

Phil Corless

DFO: Phil’s responding to my surprise at the recent rash of gang-influence shootings in Caldwell.

Best of the Northwest

Here’s what Matt Drudge reported at 5:12 ET: Exit poll mania spread through media and campaign circles Tuesday evening after exit data from big media sources claimed Kerry competitive in key states…. FL Kerry +1 PA Kerry+2-4 OH Kerry+1 WI Kerry+4 MI Kerry+2 NH Kerry +4 // Senate Winners: Martinez FL Thune SD Bunning KY Salazar CO // Losers: Bowles NC Coors Co [CAUTION: Early 2000 exit polls showed Gore +3 in Florida; showed Gore-Bush even in CO [Bush won by 9], 2000 exits showed Gore +4 in AZ [Bush won by 6]]… Developing… Meanwhile, John Zogby’s calling Florida and Ohio for Bush here.

1. Cartoonist David Horsey/P-I nails the outlook for Election Day ‘04 here.

2. The 2000 presidential election had nothing on the campaign of 1874 for the Idaho territory’s lone congressional seat, according to The Idaho Statesman. Not only did the man with the most votes not get the job, but he challenged the declared winner to a duel for mocking his social graces during the campaign. Read all about it here.

3. The National Alliance, an Aryan Nations wannabe organization with a Bozeman post office box, spread racist literature in Missoula and Flathead counties over the weekend here.

4. IMHO-NW: Doug Clark/S-R (Davenport Hotel spooks), Daily Evergreen (Young voters have power), Seattle Times (Bah-bye Coach Gilbertson), Missoulian (Power of one vote), and The Daily Inter Lake (Vote today, then set aside rancor).

5. At the University of Idaho, the Vandal Taxi, which has probably saved lives by transporting drunk students on Friday and Saturday nights, is changing to a set route after experiencing funding difficulties here. The UI Argonaut opined on the service here, and cartoonist tossed in his 2 cents about it here.

6. Washington voter turnout could set a record here.

7. Kootenai County investigators are looking for a possible link between methadone and the deaths of three teen-age boys in September here.

8. The Washington Department of Tranportation is buying 300 miles of the Palouse River and Coulee City railroad line to keep service alive in the small, grain-producing towns of eastern Washington here.

Extra! Extra! Results are in

They’ve lied. They’ve cheated. They’ve stole. And God bless ‘em for doing so. Hot Potatoes is the first in the nation to report the winners — of the Fightin’ Creek mayor’s race. And I’m not using exit polls. Steve Young (the ex-49ers QB?) won the one-year term in a landslide with 1,421 votes. Denny Stewart was elected vice mayor with 389 votes and Cheryl Schoener, secretary/treasurer with 315 votes. Other top vote-getters were Nick LePire, 175; Steve Sherich, 133; Kate Harold, 70; and Gary Harold, 41. About 3,000 cast votes. The new mayor’s prime responsibility? Keep the two-hole outhouse behind the Fightin’ Creek Tavern (which doubles as the Fightin’ Creek Chamber of Commerce) stocked with toilet paper for the next year.


OK, you blurkers, it’s time to stand up and be counted. Any predictions on the outcome of the prez election? Popular vote? Electoral vote? Send ‘em to me and I’ll try to blog your guesses before the polls close tonight.


Our Patty’s undergoing bypass surgery

“Page Six” of the New York Post is reporting that Coeur d’Alene’s Patty Duke is at Kootenai Medical Center undergoing bypass surgery here.

Parting shot

Well, folks, it’s all over but the voting. Idaho, of course, is going for Bush 2-to-1, but there’s still a race or two out there that needs your attention (unless you live in District 3 — Hayden, Hayden Lake, Rathdrum, etc., where legislative races were decided in the primaries). I may see you out and about tomorrow night when I visit the various election centrals. Have a safe and sane Election Day. And puh-ray that we don’t have a repeat of Election 2000 when we had to wait weeks for the courts to decide the thing. I’d almost prefer John Kerry to that. Almost.

A budding opinion writer?

Do yourself a favor and read the political endorsements on both sides of the state line by UI student Henry Johnston (pictured during his days as a flag-waving Sandpoint High upperclassman). Well reasoned. I don’t agree with all of them. But Henry (who has appeared a coupla times on the Laurie Roth radio show) did as well as some Editorial Boards. He starts with the prez race. Click here, scroll down and see why I’m impressed with this youngster.

This is a test — a fun one

If you’re like me, you enjoy taking tests that provide a little insight into your personality. Or political philosophy. Edit Board colleague Becky Nappi sends along a test that’ll show you where you stand on the economic/political continuum. Surprisingly, I was extremely moderate and close to Pope John Paul II in my answers. Mebbe I’m still influence by my Catholic upbringing. Click here.

Monday Quick Fix 6 (11/1/04)

I scored a Monday trifecta today: I couldn’t find my glasses, so my wife had to drive me to KVNI-AM for my annual pre-election endorsement review with news director Dick Haugen and Demo strategist Mike Kennedy (pictured introducing singer Carole King in Coeur d’Alene earlier this year). Then, Dick and Mike informed me that I’d ID’d Mike as Mike Gridley in this morning’s Huckleberries column. Then, Dick nailed me for being a flipflopper re: Hagadone Gardens downtown here. I wrote the editorial endorsing the project in this morning’s paper here. Mike: “You know, the F in D.F. stands for Flipflop.” Goodness, I support a Hagadone project for one time in 20 years, and they never let you hear the end of it. Oh well, it’s time for your fix.

1. Political ‘Toon Fix: Paul Nowak and Kevin Tuma here and here.

2. Humor Fix: Jay D. Dyson serves up “Osama’s Misplaced Rant” for you Sacred Cow Burger fans here.

3. My Way Fix: This Day in History here, This Day in Music here, Today’s Birthdays here, and Positive Quote here.

4. Top of the News Fix: GOP expected to hold House, Senate at stake here, Cheney mocks Kerry polling on bin Laden here, Study finds journalists pro-Kerry here, Bush landing in 5 swing states today, Kerry 4 here, and Polls show Bush in front day before polls open here.

5. Terror Boogeyman Fix: Yigal Carmon/MEMRI analyzes Osama bin Laden’s threat to rein terror on states that support Dubya tomorrow here.

6. Opinion Fix: William J. Stuntz (Daschle’s race), Michael Barone (Final look at horse race), Stuart Taylor Jr. (Court, media aggravate polarization), William Kristol (Bin Laden vs. Bush), and Brendan Miniter (What’s at stake).

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