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WEDNESDAY, DEC. 21, 2005

Poll No. 2

69% of Americans prefer 'Merry Christmas': Only 29% would rather be greeted with 'Happy holidays'/CNNQuestion: Agree/Disagree

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SR Edit: Bush Overstepped Secrecy Bounds

For reasons Bush hasn't adequately explained, the White House refused to comply with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which Congress passed after the abuses of the Nixon administration. FISA established secret courts as a check against executive power. Some check. Those courts have approved 99...

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Question of the Day -- 12/21/05

Issue: Military chaplains told to shy from Jesus: Muslim, Jewish and Roman Catholic chaplains are likewise told not to pray in the name of Allah, in Hebrew or in the name of the TrinityDFO: I'm glad this isn't just a Christian thing, so I can...

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Quick Fix 6 -- 12/21/05

1. APhoto Fix: In this video grab released today, by the Marseille Public Assistance Hospital, the medical team led by Gabriel Lena, in charge of the paediatric neurological department of the Marseille Timone hospital and Dominique Casanova, plastic surgeon of Marseille's North hospital, performs the...

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TUESDAY, DEC. 20, 2005

Best of the Local Blogs -- 12/20/05

Family Phil asks readers today why his son is so angry. And provides these choices: A. Christmas break starts tomorrow and all the snow is melting today, B. He has to wear a big pink bunny suit on Christmas morning, C. His daddy is singing...

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DaveT's Program for Eliminating Tobacco

Well I've got a bit of an idea how to make tobacco history. In theory it's rather simple, in practice, well who knows? The plan goes like this: Increase the age to legally purchase tobacco products by one year, every year. So, if this year...

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Another Huckleberry Friend ...

Put your hands together for Mike Clifford/Heartland Outdoorsman, of Illinois, another new "Friends of Huckleberries" who runs a swell outdoors forum here and an equally good blog here. You've seen MikeC crop up in the "comments" section lately. I'll let him explain his site:The Heartland...

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Few re: Zag performance: "Pathetic"

Gonzaga's Jeremy Pargo blocks Eastern Washington's Rodney Stuckey during during their basketball game at the Spokane Arena Monday. No. 8 Gonzaga beat Eastern 75-65 in a performance that Coach Mark Few called "pathetic" afterward here. (APhoto/Amanda Smith)Question: After seeing Gonzaga struggle against Virginia and Eastern...

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Sightem, on same bumper blue 7B plate bumper with 5 other stickers by Bre/To Blog Or Not To Blog:It will be a great day in the world when schools have all the money they need and the air force is forced to hold a bake...

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Question of the Day -- 12/20/05

Issue: Judge rules against 'intelligent design': Pennsylvania case among biggest since 1925 Scopes trial/Associated Press; And: Text of Intelligent Design statement.DFO: I view the notion that we descended from apes to be just as absurd as the evolutionists view my opinion that God spoke the...

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Local Question of the Day -- 12/20/05

Issue: Kootenai County tries without cooperation from the National Guard to provide property tax relief for returning troopsMore Info: Kootenai County Chairman Gus Johnson said that the National Guard hasn't provided the commissioners with a list of soldiers who would qualify, meaning North Idaho soldiers...

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Quick Fix 6 -- 12/20/05

1. APhoto Fix: With a transit strike shutting down public transportation, New Yorkers brave the cold to make their way across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan this morning in New York. After days of failed negotiations with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the Transport Workers Union...

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MONDAY, DEC. 19, 2005


Issue: Congressman Butch Otter sponsors legislation to allow the sale of public land, including Idaho's, to help pay for the relief effort from Hurricanes Katrina and RitaDFO: If my good friend Betsy Russell/Eye On Boise hadn't written about Otter doing this here and here. This...

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Headlines @ Closin' Time -- 12/19/05

Hundreds of thousands of dead menhaden, a small, silver-colored fish, lay dead on the northern sound-side of Wrightsville Beach, N.C., earlier today. The fish started appearing Sunday and litter the entire ocean-side of the beach/APhoto.1. Poll: Bush's Approval Ratings Climb: Iraqi Elections, Economic Gains Lift...

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Craig Isn't Backing Down from Patriot Act Stand

President Bush may have labeled his opposition to renewing portions of the Patriot Act “inexcusable,” but Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craig isn’t making excuses for joining a bipartisan filibuster of the anti-terrorism law. “We’ve been cautioned before by our leaders down through history that we...

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Wild Card/Monday -- 12/19/05

Looks like HBO may be approaching another a blog-letting with Bearable Bob up in arms today re: the 11:38 a.m. comment that the flames are getting outta hand again. That's too bad. As blogmeister, I've try to walk a line between the extreme positions held...

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Peanut Gallery -- Too Much Bob?

I'll continue to read your articles in the Spokesman Review online but I'm done with HBO. Bob's antics suck the oxygen out of the room and take much of the enjoyment out of it. Eagle Eye, Jane Q Citizen and others have complained in recent...

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