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Wild Card -- 6/30/05

The vacation continues with household chores and an evening with the "Guys And Dolls" at the Coeur d'Alene Summer Theater tonight. Thanks for checking in. Here's another Wild Card ...

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Local Question -- 6/30/05

Issue: By the numbers, Spokane's still No. 2: City tops Tacoma again in population, but Valley could lose eighth place spot to Kent/Richard Roesler, SR.DFO: I used to enjoy seeing growth in our area edging us closer to the population leaders, in Idaho and Washington...

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TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2005

Wild Card -- Wednesday 6/29/05

I took Cis' advice tonight re: walking with my Sweetie under the moonlight along the shore. Sometimes, I forget how beautiful the lake and the downtown lights are. Whatta wonderful place to live. The time off has been good. Already, my batteries are beginning to...

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MONDAY, JUNE 27, 2005

Dave? Dave's not here

Thought I'd drop in for a quick visit in Dave's absence. I've got movie tickets to give away for showings of "Land of the Dead" and "Madagascar" at the new Riverstone Stadium 14. I figure diehard Huckleberries fans ought to be first in line for...

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Best of Huckleberries Online -- 6/20-24/2005

Brad Duke, the winner of the $220.3 million Powerball lottery jackpot plans to invest the money and become a billionaire. But that won't help Brad Duke of St. Maries. See below.The tickets to the $50 Regal Cinemas Riverstone grand opening gala/fundraiser specified "semi-formal attire." And...

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I Walked ...

... Home from work Friday night because the two family cars were in use elsewhere -- about 2 1/2 miles. You see so much more on foot. I saw:*The pride of ownership in the modest homes and well-kept lawns between the SR and Forest Cemetery....

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FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2005


Issue: More people are asking house guests to remove their shoes before they come in their homes. What started as a largely Asian custom has become more mainstream, and piles of shoes by the front door commonplace/Seattle Times.Pro & Con: Molly Norris tells Seattle Times...

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Formal Dress -- North Idaho Style

Issue: $50 tickets for Regal Cinema's grand-opening on Wednesday specified "Semi-formal attire."DFO: Riverstone developer John Stone showed up in a tux. He declared himself out-dressed by Al Williams, NIC athletic director, who wore an impeccable linen suit and colorful silk tie. Other fashions ranged from...

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How Did Our Legislators Do?

Lon Woodbury is conducting a poll at his site in Boundary County re: how local legislators did during the 2005 session. Want to help him out? You can vote by going to his site here and checking the choices down the left hand side....

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Question No. 2 -- 6/24/05

Issue: Bush 'more to blame' for war than Saddam: Poll finds time changes perception as half now regard 'W' as provoker/WorldNetDaily.DFO: This one breaks along party lines: 78% of D's see Bush as responsible, 76% of R's see Hussein as responsible. Independents lean Bush responsible....

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Moose on the Loose -- Near UI/CDA Campus

Did you see the moose over here by the UIdaho CdA campus today? She attracted much attention as she wandered about trying to reassert her rights to the cherished waterfront. All the official interest was directed toward getting her out of here, but I think...

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Where Have All The Local Enviros Gone?

As the HBO blogmeister, I'm intensely aware that the community is nervous about growth. Yet, development seems to be pushing ahead unabated. The lack of cement seems to be the only thing slowing it down at all. How long before our beautiful area is destroyed?...

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Question of the Day -- 6/24/05

Issue: Idaho governor to seek input on forest use: New rules allow states to develop roadless federal land/Christopher Smith, SR.DFO: I'm a fan of a multiple-use approach for our national forests. It's past time that the state and feds prepare a plan for the 9.3...

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Peanut Gallery -- Repub "Lock Box"?

I see that many national R's, including our own Idaho delegation, are now talking about creating a "lock-box" system for social security. I'm confused. I remember just a few years ago when they ridiculed Al Gore mercilessly for talking about just this concept. Now it...

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Karl Rove Ap-hollow-gizes?

Nah, I'm just toying with the emotions of our Demo friends on this blog. I wanted to run this cool graphic provided by the IHillary blogger. The latest on Rove's comments below.A White House official said Friday the administration finds it "somewhat puzzling" that Democrats...

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Best of the Local Blogs -- 6/23/05

Above, terrific photo of a wood carving in CDA's City Park by Family Phil. And you can find more of the same by following his Tall Trees link here.*Everyone put your hands together for Kristin Hoppe/Not So Fast, who celebrated her second anniversary as a...

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Stop Me If This Sounds Familiar But ...

... Yahoo shut down all of its user-created chat-rooms in an effort to stop the sex-chat forums in which adults troll for children here. Big advertisers--such as Pepsi, Georgia Pacific, and State Farm--pulled their ads from the internet portal after reports surfaced on the extent...

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Court Expands Eminent Domain

This is a view of three of the homes that are to be taken through eminent domain in the Fort Trumbull section of New London, Conn. On Thursday the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that certain properties in the Fort Trumbull area could be seized...

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You Heard That Brad Duke of Boise ...

... won the $220M Powerball lottery, but you didn't hear that there's another Brad Duke who may wish he hadn't. Brad Duke of St. Maries is 11 years older and already is fed up with media calling for interviews and schemers bugging him about investments....

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Question No. 2 -- 6/23/05

Issue: NIC budget uses foregone taxes: Trustee, business group leader suggest finding alternate means/Taryn Brodwater, SR.DFO: Kelly Richards of Concerned Businesses is right here. By taking the foregone taxes and dropping $1 million more into the budget in salary increases, NIC has locked that chunk...

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Site of the Day -- Patty Duke's

Dunno if you had the chance to check out Patty Duke's new blog site, which focuses on bipolar disorders, but you should. According to nephew Mike Kennedy/The Idaho Kennedys, its been up for about 10 days and already getting inquiries despite the fact that it...

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Flame Wars

I've been busy over the last 24 hours refereeing fiery comments on the Huckleberries Online blog because things seem to have gotten personal again. This is the part of this avocation I dislike most. Honestly, I value people who take the time to read the...

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