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WEDNESDAY, DEC. 13, 2006, 11:47 A.M.

Pounder: Chill, Locals, We All Came From Somewhere

Pounder: Stopping briefly to pick up one's wife as she comes out of a store during the winter, how dare he! Contrary to the writer's conclusions, I think this reflects more poorly on Lesley than the Gozzer3 driver; turning an innocent act into a confrontation. How long does it take you to load 4 or 5 bags to your car, 30 seconds... a minute? I moved here for the slower pace of life, and frequently get behind slow drivers, or an elderly person crossing the street; and when it starts to irk me I remember where I am and why I came here and take a deep breath and appreciate the fact that I was forced to slow down for a moment. Idahoans also need to get off this "Anyone who came here after I did isn't welcome!" attitude. At some point in history all of our ancestors were new-comers to the area. Would you have wanted your father, grandfather, or great-grandfather to have been called a "damn Californian" just because they were new to the area? Those who do leave California or other states to come here probably do so because they are tired of the frenzied rat race, and want a less-populated beautiful place to live, the same as you do. Reflect on the values of the season ... Joy, Peace, Love, forgiveness, and if you took a moment to get to know them, you might actually find that you like some of the new residents and have more in common with them than you think. Prejudice in any form is just ignorant.

DFO: Pounder, many of the locals have been turned off by your random acts of road arrogance. Your habits behind the wheel of a boat or suburban send a load a clear message: "I'm in a hurry and I'm more important than you." You're reinforcing the negative view that many have of recent North Idaho immigrants. If you're not going to change your ways, I'd suggest that you change your vanity plates, so no one knows who's copping an out-of-state 'tude.

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