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Mailbag: Claude’s Legal System Reform

What I ponder while watching the $125-500 per hour attorneys whiling away time:

1. If the law of the land is decided by scotus, why can't juries be majority rule? Instead of 12 jurors, how about 5?
2. Attorneys operate out of tiny offices but the county provides their overhead for pennies ( the courthouse). Why not raise all the filing fees thru the roof? If the assessor can raise our taxes 30-50% a year, is this unreasonable?
3. Institute a loser pays system. This might stem the frivolous lawsuit mania.
4.In civil suits, have 10% of the monetary awards go to the county court/criminal law dept..Then pay jurors $75 per day out of those fees.
5. In criminal suits, if the defendant is offered a reduced sentence in a plea bargain and refuses and is subsequently found guilty, then he should automatically get the maximum sentence.
6. Mexico has a "habitual criminal" statute. Your second felony gets you 14 years of miserable jail time- in which your family has to pay for your food. Sounds good to me!
7.Contract with guatemala, mexico, el salvador or some other neighbor to house habitual prisoners.
8. televise court proceedings.
9. Carter made attorney advertising legal. Make it illegal again.
10. Make all court action/suits available on the internet.
11. Allow clients to sue their attorneys before city councils.
12. Allow pictures of defendants at the time of their alleged crime to be shown to juries. Or any other crime related picture requested by the jury.
13. Allow any juror to question the proceedings at any time. Remember, you are to be tried before a JURY OF YOUR PEERS.

Claude d'Waalz

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