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Wild Card/Sunday — 11/30/08

We’ve made it through November with relatively good weather. So it’s hard to continue to complain about the winter without end from 2007-08. I can’t remember the last time that I experienced decent weather for my birthday. A decade or so ago, ice storm hit on the evening of my birthday. I opened presents by candlelight. It was sorta fun. But I’m glad I wasn’t out in the hinterlands where some people experienced weeks without power. Anyway, I’ll play this Wild Card now …

Dogwalk: Yeah, We’ll Put Up A Tree, But …

To me the reality of “Christmas” has been reduced to frenzied shopping, parades, lights, presents and more presents and the cheaper the better. No thanks. When December 25th actually rolls around store decorations will have been up for over three months, the music will have gotten tiresome and the “spirit”, if it isn’t hot buttered rum or spiced wine, will be cranky. Actually attending a church service may be more obligatory then heartfelt. No thanks. We’ll have our tree. Yes. Tradition, memories of family and times long gone. Our peace and good will will be toward one another and those of our friends who make no demands on our views in the name of a book or a being that isn’t being well served in the first place/Dogwalk Musings. More here.

Question: Is Christmas a special time of the year for you? A simply a time to endure?

Atheists Combat Xmas w/Anti-Christianity Sign

Item: Atheists will post own display: Sign joins Nativity scene as Capitol fray goes on/

More Info: On Monday in the Washington state Capitol, Christians on one side of the rotunda will erect a Nativity scene, with a 3 1/2-foot-tall Joseph and Mary and a baby Jesus in a manger. On the other side of the echoing dome, members of an atheist group will post their own display: a 4 1/2-foot-tall sign declaring that there is no God and that “religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.” Welcome to the latest chapter in the annual tussle to stake out a piece of holiday real estate in what lawmakers like to call “the people’s house.”

Question: What do you think of the move by atheists to protest religion and Christmas?

Wild Card/Saturday — 11/29/08

In the news this morning as I hit the sack, the Indian government claims the Mumbai siege is over, with all terrorists captured or killed here. President-elect Barack Obama plans to name his Defense secretary Monday here. Research shows that women who smoke lose 14.5 years off their lives here. And now for your Wild Card …

Online Poll: Black Friday Shopping

Did you change your holiday shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving?/Idaho Statesman.

*No. I never shop on that day and never will.
*Yes. I was more choosy about what I bought.
*No. I bought all the bargains I could find.

Wal*Mart Worker Dies In Shopper Stampede

Item: Surging shoppers kill New York Wal-Mart worker/

More Info: A man working for discount retailer Wal-Mart was killed on Friday in a stampede by frenzied shoppers who broke down doors and surged into a Long Island, New York store, a police spokesman said. The 34-year-old man was at the entrance of the Valley Stream Wal-Mart store just after it opened at 5 a.m. and was knocked to the ground, the police report said. The exact cause of death was still to be determined by a medical examiner. Four shoppers, including a 28-year-old pregnant woman, were also taken to local hospitals for injuries sustained in the incident, police said.

Question (asked by Vox Box): Is this further proof that people are losing their minds when money is involved?

TUBOB: I Am A Sammichite

As I drove cross the state yesterday listening to my coolest travel tunes, I play the cool jazzy snaking and honking sax infused and piano banging 70s classic by Traffic “The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys” and reminisce of my first rock concert in 1974 at the Spokane Coliseum (Aerosmith and Styx) and standing on the floor with friends near the stage and the blue marijuanic haze was rising and on the PA system I hear The Low Spark and think what a cool song, man, and think who is that fox with the long hair standing over there? I digress. But here’s the thing, I’ve come to realize that that song may have the dumbest question ever posed in a rock song (feel free to one up or one down me on this): “If you had just a minute to breathe/And they granted you one final wish/Would you ask for something like another chance/Or something similar as this”/TUBOB. More here.

Question: What’s the dumbest question you’ve ever heard posed in a song?

Black Friday Wild Card — 11/28/08

I’m taking Black Friday off to enjoy a visit from Amy Dearest — and to prepare for tonight’s parade on Sherman Avenue, Hagadone Corp’s tree-lighting ceremony, the fireworks, and the Festival of the Trees. Mebbe I’ll see you there. I have a coupla things for you below. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy tonight’s festivities — and mebbe the basketball game between Gonzaga and Maryland this afternoon — as the four-day weekend continues …

Parker: Most Americans Flunk Simple Civics Test

So much for the wisdom of The People. A new report from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute on the nation’s civic literacy finds that most Americans are too ignorant to vote. Out of 2,500 American quiz-takers, including college students, elected officials and other randomly selected citizens, nearly 1,800 flunked a 33-question test on basic civics. In fact, elected officials scored slightly lower than the general public with an average score of 44 percent compared to 49 percent. Only 0.8 percent of all test-takers scored an “A”/Kathleen Parker, Orlando Sentinel. More here.

Question: Are most Americans too dumb to vote?

Black Friday: Early Birds Get More Than Worms

Item: Early bird gets the deal: Stores opening earlier in effort to woo holiday shoppers/Rick Thomas, CDA Press

More Info: Bleary-eyed shoppers will need to get up even earlier than in years past to get a head start on holiday shopping Friday. In its second Black Friday since opening in North Idaho, Kohl’s department store will once again open its doors at 4 a.m. to welcome shoppers eager for bargains, and getting a jump on other large retailers by at least an hour. “It’s a clever little marketing ploy,” said Hal Hunter, operations manager for the store. “Hopefully people will come here first.”

Question: If you shopped this morning, what was your best bargain purchase?

Online Poll: Debt-Free Living

Question: Eagle family makes jump to debt-free living: Faced with a financial crisis, the Enzmingers createdtheir own emergency bailout plan. You can do it, too/Idaho Statesman.

Question: How important do you think it is to live free from debt?

*Extremely important.
*Important, except for major purchases like a house or car.
*The only debt I worry about is credit card debt.
*Not important, as long as you can pay your bills.

One Missing In Bayview Boat Fire

A Rathdrum man is missing after a portable heater ignited a boat fire Thursday morning on Lake Pend Oreille in Bayview, Idaho. Two other men on the boat – Daniel J. Daffern and Clinton V. Creamer, both 55 – were rescued, fire officials said. Creamer was taken to Kootenai County Medical Center to be treated for hypothermia. Divers searched for more than an hour for 41-year-old Scott A. Wright, said Kootenai County Sheriff’s Sgt. Matt Street/KXLY. Jody Lawrence-Turner SR story here.

Hat Tip: HMoffsuite

APhoto of Thanksgiving Day — 11/27/08

Thomas Ondrey/Plain Dealer, AP
Kindergartner Brooke Clark prepares for her turn at St. Mary of the Falls School’s frozen-chicken bowling event on Tuesday in Olmsted Falls, Ohio. The 186 children in kindergarten through 12th grade contributed $1 for each frame bowled. After the bowling event, the chickens were to be used to make soup. You write the cutline.

MamaJD: Getting A Jump On Xmas Shopping

The cell phone is probably the key tool to carry with you (besides your wallet) on Black Friday. Between emails, texting, and phone calls, my girlfriend and I can update each other and compare prices between stores. We work as a team and we are fluid. Depending on product availability and waiting times, we are able to help each other avoid the black holes that suck shoppers in never to be seen again. We change direction on the fly when necessary because the good deals always go fast. So is it worth it? Yes. There are deals to be found on Black Friday. All too often those DoorBuster deals can make or break a Christmas/MamaJD. More here.

Question: MamaJD, of course, is discussing her strategery for getting the best jump on Black Friday shopping. What is your strategery for buying Christmas gifts?

Butterfly Moment: Blogiversaries Fly By

Jen/A Butterfly Moment: Well, I missed it. Again. My two year blogiversary was November 4th. I always think it’s later in the month. For two years I’ve written about my life. Two of the hardest years of my life. Here’s hoping the next two are easier. And that I don’t miss my 3rd blogiversary.

Question: How many years have you blogged and/or commented here at HBO Central. Has it had an effect on your life?

Huckleberries: Love Tops World’s Splendors

I want to talk about beauty to kick off this Thanksgiving Huckleberries. Or rather I want to introduce you to Berry Picker Toadman, who wrote a beautiful post to beauty in his Synaptic Disunion blog. He began by telling of the beauty he has seen: “I’ve stood at the edge of the Rift Valley in East Africa, and taken in the vastness of the plane below. I’ve stood on Kilimanjaro and watched the sun rise in the east over the Indian Ocean. … I’ve seen the terrifying beauty of an erupting volcano on the big island of Hawaii and walked on frozen lava flows.” He goes on to say that he’s seen the beauty of women, too: “I was stricken by the beauty of a girl in Kenya in 1990, an Ethiopian with small features and skin so dark and smooth that it was magnificent to behold.” But for Toadman nothing compares to a love that is true, real and dedicated. He closed his post by dedicating these wonderful lines to his wife: “For 15 years, I’ve been an imperfect lover to the love of my life. I’ve made mistakes, taken advantage, and taken for granted, what it is I have, right in my own home … a help mate … a beauty more wonderful than anything I’ve seen in all the world around me … a mother to my children and a wife to me. A woman who accepts me, faults, failures, mistakes, and all, for who I am … and more importantly, who I can be. I love her. … I always will.” Now, what – or make that who – are you thankful for?/DFO, Prairie Voice Huckleberries. More here.

Hump Day Wild Card — 11/26/08

In the news this evening, as I head for home and a four-day mini-vacation, brazen gunmen killed 80 and injured 250 more in coordinated attacks today in Mumbai, India, here. A suburban woman was cleared of felonies in a MySpace suicide case here. President-elect Obama and his family handed out food at a church here. And it’s now time to replay today’s Wild Card and usher in HBO After Hours …

Frum Helen Back Challenges You To Take …

… the Tom Turkey test here.

DFO: I flunked (w/only 7 right)

TUBOB: Through Rocking The Goat

It was to the middle of my back. I was 43 or something last time I had it cut. That beautifully sun bleached blonde hair (my current shortened hair is much darker now) left in an inglorious heap on the Supercuts floor had been through a lot with me, relationships, vacations, injuries (two hospitalizations), moves, ocean spray, arguments, conversations, assignments, endless hours driving, etc, and probably deserved a prouder more Viking burial befitting its furiously adventuresome spirit – perhaps I should have kept the hair and braided it into a Viking/Outlaw Motorcycle Club hank and set it upon a wooden raft soaked in, let’s say for the sake of argument a flammable liquid like unleaded gasoline, and set adrift and afire on a vast and lonesome North Idaho lake/TUBOB. More here.

Question: Have you ever worn your hair long?

Scanner Traffic — 11/26/08

5:16 p.m. Hysterical female reports male is hitting her in the 9100 block of Hayden View Driver.
4:19 p.m. Possible wild land fire @ Bunco & Hatch.
4:01 p.m. Possible Hazmat situation next to Pita Pit @ 4th & Sherman. A man is washing paint into the Sherman Avenue drain.
3:50 p.m. A father is taking his son to the KMC ER after crashing into a tree on Greensferry Road/Post Falls.

52,000 Gallons Of Sewage Spill In CDA

About 52,000 gallons of raw sewage spilled from a manhole as a result of a plugged outlet pipe near a private gravel pit, north of Kathleen Avenue, today. The cause of the plug was a large plastic traffic cone lodged in the outlet, probably placed there by a vandal. Powdered lime has been spread on the spill as a disinfectant. The nearest drinking water well is the city’s Hanley well, about 1.25 miles away. The spill hasn’t caused an immediate threat to the city’s drinking water. The city of Coeur d’Alene has hired an independent hydrologist to evaluate the impact of the spill.

Related: Santa sewage spill reaches St. Maries River

Finish This Line …

With Thanksgiving approaching, I’d like to tell other Merry Hucksters that …

Idaho’s U.S. Senators Bond — To A Point

Senators often think of themselves as belonging to a chummy club. In that vein, Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) was seen ushering his new GOP home-state colleague, Sen.-elect Jim Risch, around the Capitol last week. Risch leaned toward his new mentor as the two walked the tiled hallways and seemed on the verge of becoming fast friends. But as Risch found out, friendship has its limits in Washington/The Hill. More here (scroll to 6th item).

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 11/26/08

In this image rendered from video and provided by KOMO-TV, Brenden Foster, 11, reacts while being interviewed in his Bothell, Wash., home. Three years ago, doctors diagnosed Brenden with leukemia and Brenden’s dying wish was to help the homeless. Foster died Friday. Story here.

*Gun sculpture riles Blaine County officials/Idaho Mountain Express
*Duncan: ‘What I was doing was insane’/KBCI
*Idaho Capitol Tree lighting set Monday/Idaho Statesman
*Hailey loosens liquor laws/Idaho Mountain Express
*Convicted Idaho soldier’s fate rests w/Bush/Rexburg Standard Journal
*Texting Montana teen charged with endangerment/Billings Gazette
*Culdesac man crushed in Lewiston industrial accident/Lewiston Tribune
*Montana elk seasons extended due to poor harvest/Billings Gazette
*Ranchers frustrated as wolves run wild/Missoulian
*Feds may have busted sale of Hitler’s bookmark/PI

Orbusmax Special: Ex-WSU coach Sampson receives NCAA’s harshest penalty here.

Regular Gas Hits $1.69.9 …

… @ Appleway Exxons. (My wife just cell-phoned to say that she couldn’t believe the new prices. “How low is it going to go?” she wondered. Costco must be 2 or 3 cents lower.) Fill ‘er up?

Question: How much will gas sell at Thanksgiving next year?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 11/26/08

Douglas C. Pizac/AP
Connecticut guard Tiffany Hayes (3) sends BYU forward Kristen Riley flying to the court during the second half of the NCAA college basketball game Tuesday in Provo, Utah. Connecticut defeated BYU 96-47. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

1. Practicing for Black Friday, Tiffany demonstrates the proper technique for grabbing the last $49 Blu-Ray DVD player on the shelf at Wal-Mart — Family Phil.
2. Michelle Obama practices with Kristen “La Macarena” steps for performing in “Dancing with the Stars” — Pecky.
3. (tie) On the guard while looking forward, Kristen flies into a Tiff, who instantly fears for the life of Riley — John Austin; and: Kristen and Tiffany role play in their class at the Benny Hinn School for Miraculous Healing and False Prophesy — Phaedrus.

HM: Digger & Nic

Eddie Ray Hall Caught Again

Eddie Ray Hall is back in jail. This time, authorities say, the charges are serious enough he could be facing serious prison time, perhaps close to 20 years given his criminal history. Hall will make an appearance in court today on numerous charges. Because he had methamphetamine in his backpack when he was arrested from inside a vehicle at the Cheney-Spokane Road/Highway 195 Zip Trip about 6 p.m. Tuesday, he’ll face a fresh charge of drug possession, according to the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office/SR. More here.

Related: Doug Clark column here; and newest song parody “On the Lam Again” here.

Question: Is it time to throw the book at Eddie Ray Hall and rid the community of this pest for as long as possible? Or has he become an endearing criminal figure that deserves on 84th chance?

Closing Arguments In Racing Case Today

Two drivers involved in a fatal accident denied in district court Tuesday they were racing before one of them crashed into another car, killing a 14-year-old boy and injuring his mother. Dominick F. Salois, 21, (left) and Daniel W. Cutting, 20, are facing vehicular manslaughter charges in the Oct. 13, 2006, accident that killed Isaac Norris and severely injured Glenda Norris. They said they were merely heading eastbound with the flow of traffic on Kathleen Avenue before the collision. “I wasn’t racing anyone,” Salois said. “I was driving right down the road”/Tom Hasslinger, CDA Press.

Burke-Hough Win ‘Dancing’ Contest

Kelsey McNeal/ABC, AP
In this image provided by ABC-TV Brooke Burke dances with her partner Derek Hough Monday. Burke waltzed away with the mirror ball trophy on the ” Dancing with the Stars” finale Tuesday. The 37-year-old TV personality and mother of four dominated the seventh season of the popular ABC dancing competition and bested former NFL player Warren Sapp and former ‘NSync member Lance Bass during the Tuesday night finale, in which she reprised an emotional Viennese waltz routine that earned her a perfect score from the show’s panel of judges.

DFO: For those keeping score at home, Derek Hough is the grandson of long-time KVNI host “Bubblehead Bob” Hough.

Question: Did the right couple win the “Dancing with the Stars” competition?

Idaho Doesn’t Do Enough To Fight DUIs

Item: Feds say Idaho is one of 25 states doing too little to curb DUI: The Gem State has adopted only 3 of 11 measures the NTSB has recommended/Idaho Statesman.

More Info: A federal agency that investigates transportation accidents says Idaho could significantly reduce hard-core drunken driving if it adopted more of the 11 best practices outlined in its model program. The National Transportation Safety Board said Idaho has implemented only three of the 11 recommendations.

Question: How much more should Idaho do to crack down on DUIs, given these tight economic times?

Danger: Oxycontin Robberies Scary

RE: Update: Medicine Man robbers get away
Danger: These oxycontin pharmacy robberies are becoming more frequent and it’s just a matter of time before something terrible happens. Maybe the drug stores need to install bullet proof glass in front of their counters to keep employees safe. If I worked in a pharmacy in the Coeur d’Alene area I’d be very very concerned.

Question: I agree w/Danger. It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt or killed in one of these area robberies. What steps should be taken to protect pharmacies from armed Oxycontin-addled robbers?

Wild Card/Tuesday — 11/25/08

I was asked this afternoon how I go about compiling my local-blog roundup each day. One blogger noted that I’d missed a coupla recent posts of his. Since there are so many bloggers on the rolls now, I compile the roundup using blogs from A through M on MWF and N through Z on T-Th. Obviously, I miss things. If I have time, I check the blogs of those who post regularly on the off days, for possible front page play. On the other hand, if you have something hot on your blog don’t hesistate to let me know via e-mail no matter what the day is. Now, for your Wild Card …

Update: Medicine Man Robbers Get Away

At 6 o’clock this evening, two men wearing black clothing and dark ski masks, brandished handguns and demanded Oxycontin from employees at the Medicine Man pharmacy, 8093 Cornerstone, Hayden. They appeared to be in their early 20s with dark hair. One male was described as approximately 6’04 and 180 pounds. The second male was described as about 6 feet tall and 210 pounds. They escaped on foot. None of the seven people in the store at the time were hurt. Officers told individuals in the store to lock the doors. Officers from the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department, Coeur d’Alene City Police and Idaho State Patrol saturated the area and used a KCSD K-9 unit to search for the suspects. But couldn’t find them. Persons with information about this robbery are asked to contact Secret Witness at (208) 667-2111 or by call the sheriff’s office at (208) 446-1300.

Bob’s Taunt Ignites MamaJD’s Karma

re: MamaJD SOS: ‘Electronic gadgets’ for men
When I got dressed, I found $25 in the pocket of some pants I haven’t worn in a while. With the extra money, I bought myself some hot tea. Feeling generous, I tipped the barista a dollar - more than half the cost of my drink. I also made a point to fold up a dollar bill. I put the dollar in my pocket so I could easily and smoothly slip it into the Salvation Army pail. … I was soooo smoooooth when donating my money that I didn’t realize the ding dong maneuver I was pulling. And the guy seemed so warm and genuine with heartfelt thanks when he saw my folded bill go into his pail. And no wonder: Instead of the $1, I accidentally donated the $20 bill that was in my other pocket.

Question: How has your karma been of late?

Headlines @ Closin’ Time — 11/25/08

Robert Bower/Post Register, AP
Mae Farrow of Idaho Falls , is photographed in Idaho Falls last week. Farrow, 56, has been fighting cancer on two fronts, dealing with her own disease issues and helping counsel children at Camp Magic Moments in Swan Valley. In recognition of her volunteer efforts the camp has established an honor scholarship in her name. Story here.

*Odd confessional affidavit from Duncan/SR Eye On Boise
*Bonner County joblessness skyrockets past 7%/Bonner County Bee
*Valley View fire report recommends citation/SR
*Order maintains status quo in Sand Creek dock dispute/Bonner County Bee
*Wakamatsu shakes up coaching staff/Seattle Times
*Willingham points to poor execution in Apple Cup lost/Seattle Times
*Arizonan gets 36 years in crash that killed WSU student/Seattle Times
*Eastern Idahoan sentenced for raping, impregnating 10YO/AP
*Lightning strike survivor to give thanks on ‘Today Show’/KTVB
*Woman gets six-month retainer for swindling employer/Bonner County Bee
*Demotion of regional F&G supervisor under review/Twin Falls Times-News

Scanner Traffic — 11/25/08

4:48 p.m. R/P @ Coho & Kokanee, near Spokane River, Post Falls, reports her neighbor is flipping off her son and threatening to kill her.
4:39 p.m. A van is on fire @ Seltice & Cedar after a T-bone or head-on accident. A male in the car is either refusing to get out or unable to get out.
3:32 p.m. R/P reports a fall at A Place for Kids/Post Falls that requires medical attention.

Rowe: Aryans Gone But Hate Remains In Idaho

The kind of hatred, racism and bigotry in southeastern Idaho is not simply a problem because it exists, it is a problem because the people who represent it are otherwise upstanding members of the community who are listened to and revered. Instead of reporting simply on the investigated and most egregious events throughout the state as the editorial board of the Idaho Statesman suggests, we should not be standing idly by, we should be yelling from every rooftop that hate exists here and we must do something about it. Hate in this state has long been associated with groups that no longer exist here or no longer have much of a presence; this doesn’t mean hate no longer lives here/Tara Rowe, Red State Rebels. More here.

*Jack Daniels by the barrel/Unequivocal Notion
*Court: ‘Get married, stay married’/IVA
*Rural Idaho v. Urban Idaho: Let’s make a deal/Kevin Richert
*Economic Katrina/IdaBlue
*Reviews: ‘Quantum of Solace’ & ‘Twilight’/Bubblehead
*Good side of economic problems/Clayton Cramer
*DUIs & addictions for someone else?/Dennis Mansfield
*Time to feed ourselves w/sunshine/ICL
*Idaho Falls: 3rd best city to find a job/Right Mind
*Boise & Micron/Randy Stapilus

JeanieSpokane: Forgettable Christmas

When my boys were growing up, we always had a real tree. I didn’t have any extra money, so I would wait until Christmas Eve and find a tree lot with a scattering of Charlie Brown trees. I am not ashamed to admit I had a madness to my method. I usually got the tree for free or for little money, like five bucks. It helped that the three of us looked like orphans, Mama orphan and her two little orphans, huge eyes, hollow cheeks (but rosy just the same), worn coats that looked like they needed to go out in the garbage behind Goodwill, not in Goodwill. The decorations were handmade. I also used old Christmas cards and cut out balls, bells, angels, and Santa’s and strung them on the tree. Very frugal and creative/JeanieSpokane, Nuts & Nonsense. More here.

Question: Which Christmas do you consider your most forgettable one?

Odd: Urine Recycler Cheers Astronauts

After several days without luck, astronauts finally ran a successful test on equipment that turns urine into drinking water - a necessity for supporting the international space station’s crew, which will soon double. “Not to spoil anything, but I think up here the appropriate words are ‘Yippee!’” space station commander Mike Fincke told Mission Control early Tuesday morning, shortly before bedtime/AP. More here.

Question: Would you volunteer to drink recycled urine?

Ski Group Rate Local Slopes As 2nd Rate

Item: Group gives two area ski resorts failing grades/Kevin Graman, SR

More Info: A group that rates the environmental friendliness of ski areas in the West gave failing grades two Spokane-area resorts based to large extent on the resorts’ development plans. The Ski Area Citizens Coalition rated Mt. Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park and 49 Degrees North Mountain Resort among the 10 worst ski resorts for environmental friendliness because plans to expand “outside the existing area footprint.” In North Idaho, Schweitzer Mountain Resort received a C and Silver Mountain Ski Resort was given a D by the environmental coalition.

Question: How would you rate the INorthwest ski areas as places to ski and snowboard, from best to worst?

HBO @ Noon: Florida College Boots Christmas

Christmas is just 30 days away, but Santa Claus won’t be stopping by Florida Gulf Coast University this holiday. He’s not allowed on campus. FGCU administration has banned all holiday decorations from common spaces on campus and canceled a popular greeting card design contest, which is being replaced by an ugly sweater competition. In Griffin Hall, the university’s giving tree for needy preschoolers has been transformed into a “giving garden.” The moves boil down to political correctness/ More here.

Question: Should colleges, which pride themselves in open and diverse discussion, crack down on Christmas observance on campus?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 11/25/08

Lawrence Jackson/AP
Wearing a traditional Peruvian poncho, President George W. Bush gestures as Japan’s Prime Minister Taro Aso stands below before the official group photo of the 16th summit of the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation, APEC, in Lima Sunday. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

1. “Boy Howdy, that Sushi gas is about as potent as a cowboy passing Pinto beans!” — Oracle.
2. I pledge $7.4 trillion and all I got was this stinkin’ pancho — Sisyphus.
3. “I’m a shoe-in to win Florida Gulf Coast University’s ugly sweater contest!” — Shannon.

HM: KeithinCDA & Scott

Fisher: Idaho Should Buckle Down On Seatbelts

First, the Gem State does not permit law enforcement officers to stop and cite people solely for not wearing belts, as states where non-use is a primary offense do. Under Idaho’s secondary-offense law, people may be cited only if stopped for another violation. Second, the state imposes the lowest fines for not using a seat belt in the nation. For adults, it is $10. For those younger than 18, it is $51.50. The main reason Idaho’s law is so weak is the libertarian streak in many state legislators, as exemplified by Rep. Scott Bedke, R-Oakley. Bedke, the House’s assistant majority leader as well as a member of the Transportation Committee, says whether to use seat belts should be a personal choice/Jim Fisher, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Question: Should Idaho follow Washington state and make seatbelt use a primary offense with penalties over $100 for failure to buckle up?

HBO’s AM Headlines — 11/25/08

Courtesy: OnLocation North Idaho
“Hundreds of starlings swoop and soar into the fields off of Poleline Avenue in the winter sun,” posts Kerri Thoreson, OnLocation North Idaho.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR
*Rain tonight, sunny skies to follow/Jody Lawrence-Turner, SR
*Post Falls Food Bank get record turkey donations/Brian Walker, CDA Press
*Officials monitoring Hayden sewage spill/Alison Boggs, SR
*NIC volleyballers 3rd in nation/CDA Press
*Residents protest Athol subdivision, golf course/Alecia Warren, CDA Press
*Officials: Pregnancy handled correctly/Alecia Warren, CDA Press

Online Poll: Higher Jobless Payments?

Should Idaho pay more money to people on unemployment? (Dan Popkey/Idaho Statesman story here.)


Jordan: Clark, Leave Eddie Ray Hall Alone

I dont know who gave you permission to use not only his full name but also the names of his family and loved ones. I have one word for you there Mr. Clark SLANDER. You obvously have nothing better to do in your spare time then obsessivley thinking and writing about someone you supposedly cant stand. Its pretty pathetic. You must of been that kid that got picked on alot in school. So you flip the script instead of being bullied your the bully, how does that one feel. I can only imagine/Jordan.

Question: Anyone else have sympathy for a career criminal who has been arrested 82 times and cost Spokane County more than $1 million to capture and try him over the years?

Anderson: Bailouts For Everyone

Nick Anderson/Houston Chronicle

Parting Shot — 11/24/08

Ivan Sekretarev/AP
Zhang Dan and Zhang Hao, of China, perform during the gala exhibition after the Cup of Russia figure skating ISU Grand Prix event in Moscow, Russia, Sunday. You write the cutline.

SR Photo Department’s World in Pictures

Bishops Want Killer’s Execution Stopped

Item: Bishops ask Gregoire to stop execution/AP

More Info: The state’s Catholic bishops, including Spokane Bishop William Skylstad, are asking Gov. Chris Gregoire to commute the death sentence of Darold Ray Stenson. The bishops are asking that Stenson instead receive life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Stenson, 55, is set to be executed Dec. 3. He was convicted of aggravated murder for the 1993 shooting deaths of his wife and a business partner while his three young children slept nearby in his Clallam County farmhouse.

Question: Should Gov. Gregoire heed the plea of the Catholic bishops and commute murderer Stenson’s sentence?

Scanner Traffic — 11/24/08

5:18 p.m. A silver VW Jetta has hit a moose @ Highway 41, M/P 13. The moose is still alive in the roadway.
3:29 p.m. R/P reports seeing a chip truck with extensive damage to trailer pulling onto Highway 95 from Kidd Island Bay — and wonders if the truck has been in an accident.
2:46 p.m. Injury accident b/tn gold Envoy and maroon passenger car @ Government Way & Miles. Woman is holding her head.
2:42 p.m. Resident @ 607 S. 14th reports that carbon monoxide detectors are going off in her home. But she feels no ill effects of possible poisoning.

Hayden Mishap Causes Sewage Spill

A hydro geologist is evaluating damage caused today when damage to a sewer pipe caused less than 2,000 gallons of raw sewage to spill in a residential area at Prairie Avenue and Rude Street. A private contractor caused the spill when he accidentally cut the Hayden Woodland Meadows lift station discharge piple. the city of Hayden hired the hydro geologist to gauge the impace of the release on ground water and near-by wells.

Delaware Guv Appoints Biden Replacement

Suchat Pederson/News Journal, AP
Ted Kaufman speaks after being appointed by Gov. Ruth Ann Minner to fill the Senate seat Joe Biden is leaving for the vice presidency, in Wilmington, Del., Monday. Kaufman, a former aide to Sen. Joe Biden, is president of a political and management consulting firm based in Wilmington.

Spirit Lake Cop Claims Discrimination In Firing

RE: letter sent by attorney Jay Q. Sturgell on behalf of former Spirit Lake officer Christopher Love to city of Spirit Lake, alleging discrimination in firing:

“Officer Love’s termination was discriminatory and in violation of his rights under the policy and procedures manual. The City of Spirit Lake has engaged in discriminatory behavior by terminating Officer Love after learning that his Hairy Cell Leukemia had come out of remission. Officer Love had contracted Hairy Cell Leukemia while in the service of his country and the City of Spirit Lake’s actions are in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a complain has been filed with the Idaho Human Rights Commission.

Review: Disney Skaters Great, Props So-So

JohnA: The (“Disney On Ice: High School Musical”) skaters were great, as always, but the props were basic at best. Now, there’s not much you can do to make an ice rink look like a basketball court, but I’m thinking a portable hoop on each side is on the low end of the scale. Past productions have been lavish, including the Lion King and Pirates sets of recent years, so maybe we’ve come to expect too much. This is Spokane, after all. But, when you’re used to getting Disneyland and you end up with the Sixth Street Melodrama, it is a letdown. More here.

Question: Anyone else see the Disney on Ice production last week in Spokane?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 11/24/08

Courtesy: Timberlake Fire District
Here’s another view of that mountain goat that butted his way into an Athol home on Thursday. You can read the text from the Timberlake Fire Protection District and see more photos here.

*Judge dismisses Joseph Duncan appeal/Eye On Boise
*Bogus Basin gets an A, Tamarack, Sun Valley F’s in enviro friendliness/AP; Top 10; Worst 10.
*Montana’s ‘Joe the Plumber’ tells all/Helena Independent-Record
*Boise State likely out of BCS mix/AP
*Joy riders put damper on Sun Valley Festival of Trees/Twin Falls Times-News
*Idaho nurse demand to stay strong until 2016/AP
*Glacier’s Going-to-the-Sun Highway in funding limbo/Missoulian
*Average gas price in Washington $2.06/KREM2
*Zag women beat ‘Pokes, off to best start ever/KHQ

Orbusmax Special: Cheerleaders’ parents sue in nude photos incident here.

HBO @ Noon: National Xmas Tree In Place

Susan Walsh/AP
Workers bring the Capitol Christmas Tree to its spot on the West Front of the Capitol in Washington, Monday. The tree is from the Bitterroot National Forest in Montana.

Question: Do you erect an artifical tree or a real one? When?

Idaho Quarter Rated Worst In Nation

Troy Maben/AP File Photo
In this July 24, 2006, AP file photo, Idaho Gov. Jim Risch shows off the new Idaho state quarter design that features the image of a peregrine falcon to children at the World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise at an official unveiling of the design.

I told you it was lousy the first time I saw it. Now, Idaho’s quarter has been rated the worst of the 50-state series by voters at the Wallet Pop blog. With more than 65,000 votes cast nationwide, Idaho’s quarter, which features a large peregrine falcon overlooking an outline of the state, was approved by only 38%. Pennsylvania and Michigan were second worst with 45% approval, followed by New Hampshire 48%, and New Mexico 51%. Alaska (pictured left) was the most liked quarter with 94% approval. Washington’s quarter had 84% approval. Click here.

Question: Were the nation’s voters too harsh on former Gov. Dirk Kempthorne’s quarter?

Hat Tip: Nic Casey

Pastor Urges 7 Days Of Married Sex

Item: Texas Pastor: Let’s talk about sex: Rev. Ed Young wants married congregants to have sex daily for the next seven days/ABC News

More Info: Thou shalt have sex and lots of it — That’s the message one Texas reverend spread to his megachurch congregation today, as he challenged his married congregants to have sex daily for the next seven days as part of a “sexperiment.” A reverend encourages his married congregants to make love daily for a week. “We want to bring the bed back in church and put God back in the bed and talk in a very open and direct and loving way about something that God was not shy to create,” said Rev. Ed Young, founder of the nondenominational Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas.

Question: This is a story from last week. The “sexperiment” should be complete. What would you say to your pastor if he issued a directive like this from the pulpit?

Ex-ShoshoneCo Sheriff Crnkovich, 75, RIP

Item: Former Shoshone County sheriff Crnkovich dies at 75/Nick Rotunno, Shoshone News-Press

More Info: When Franklin Dean Crnkovich passed away Wednesday at the age of 75, the Silver Valley lost one of its own. A longtime North Idaho law enforcement officer, he was a man who dedicated his life to serving local communities. As Kellogg police chief from 1969-77, and later as Shoshone County sheriff for 16 years, Crnkovich earned a reputation as a first-rate cop and, perhaps more importantly, as a first-rate friend.

DFO: I can’t believe there’s no mention in the obituary that linked above of the infamous 1991 FBI raid in Shoshone County that led to corruption charges against Crnkovich, which he ultimately beat. The raid and the charges against Crnkovich led to his re-election defeat at the man of turned FBI informant, Undersheriff Dan Schierman — and affected Shoshone County law enforcement throughout the 1990s.

APhoto of theDay w/Top Cutlines — 11/24/08

Chris Pizzello/AP
Pink is helped with her wardrobe as she arrives at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines:

1. “What’s this? A note? ‘Paid for by McCain Palin…?” — OfCoffee.
2. “OK, if I just loosen up a little here, and you turn just so, you’ll have a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ and sell a lot of records, too” — Brent Andrews.
3. (Tie) I said DONT BREATHE!! the pin hit my eye! — Pecky; and: Hold still, I’ll get more Duct tape — Charlie.

HM: JeanieSpokane

Black Friday: Great Bargains? Crass Spending?

Item: Black Friday stirs up passions on both sides/Shawn Vestal, SR

More Info: Black Friday, the post-Thanksgiving orgy of early-morning discounts, is as divisive as it is crowded. For the devoted, it’s a chance to get great deals on some things and to get a lot of names crossed off that Christmas list. For others, it’s a borderline offensive example of the crass commercialization of the holiday.

Question: What’s your approach to Black Friday?

Clark: ‘On The Lam Again’ w/Eddie Ray Hall

Listen to Doug Clark’s ‘On the Lam Again’

You could argue, I suppose, that Eddie Ray and I are linked like two miscreants in the Chain Gang of Life. But what to do? Reader Marshall Smith supplied the answer: a brand new Eddie Ray ballad. He wasn’t alone. Several other readers wanted me to record another musical tribute for the poster boy for repeat offenders. (Repeat offender is putting it mildly. This is the 83rd time Eddie Ray has been wanted by the law, as a reporter for KREM television noted.) Smith, however, came up with the perfect tune: the Willie Nelson classic “On the Road Again”/Doug Clark, SR. More here.

Question: What do you think career criminal Eddie Ray Hall thinks of the two parodies Doug Clark has written about him?

Wild Card/Sunday — 11/23/08

In the news this morning, there was another mall shooting, this time near Seattle, here. The father of the college student who committed suicide on the Web is appalled by the virtual audience who egged him on here. New research suggests that autumn babies are more prone to asthma here. And it’s time to play the Wild Card …

Online Poll: Does Your Politics Reflect Your ‘Hood’s?

Did you vote the same way as your neighbors in the presidential election?/Idaho Statesman

*I’m blue in red precinct
*I’m red in blue precinct
*Didn’t vote

Hawaii 49, Idaho 17

Ronen Zilberman/AP
Hawaii’s Ryan Mouton (2) runs past Idaho’s Peter Bjorvik (89) and Malcolm Lane during the first quarter of an NCAA college football game at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, on Saturday. Idaho ended the season with a 2-10 record. ESPN boxscore here.

Men’s BB: Idaho 78, North Dakota St 69

Question: Does Coach Robb Akey have the Vandals on the right track?

TUBOB: Don’t Stone Girl Just Yet

RE: Girl lied about Ferris coach assault

Wow, nobody’s suggesting a public stoning or a witch’s drowning? I know many of you cro magnons would prefer to believe mental illness is simply brattiness, willful snotty behavior, but if this kid, who did this at 15, has mental health problems I’m quite uncertain how public humiliation and banning her from everything is going to teach her a thing except perhaps drive her to suicidal or other self destructive behavior. Maybe she is just an attention seeking brat, I really don’t know, except the world is full of attention seeking teenage brats and they don’t do things like this. Maybe she has a history of sexual victimization herself and maybe she doesn’t. But the spectacle of you pseudonymous raging villagers with your pitchforks and your torches is abhorrent/TUBOB. More here.

SLC: Not Surprised By Obama Hate In My Town

I am nothing like the majority of them that live in (Rexburg). Like I said I did not grow up here. My dad is a very active Mormon and is also the most Christ-like person that I know as well as the most non-judgemental person that I know. He always gave me the chance to make my choices but always told me there would be consequences to pay if they were not good choices. I found him to be very wise. It is difficult to live here—I just don’t fit in. I am divorced which shuns me from the rest of the community. If I had a dead husband I would be welcomed with open arms. Working with teenagers, I hear catty girls talk about other girls in a very mean way on a daily basis. I think Mean Girls was based on this community. Before the election, I constantly heard horrible, negative remarks about Obama. Things like babykiller, he is black, he is stupid, he doesn’t deserve to win, my parents will move out of the country if he wins, and worst of all, he is a democrat/SLC. More here.

Question: What would you like to say to SLC?

Wild Card/Saturday — 11/22/08

I have a fun tale for you that I heard second hand. Seems a staffer in the Spokane office was eating at a restaurant recently when she noticed a fellow at another table reading and constantly refreshing Huckleberries Online. She wondered why he kept refreshing the page. So she asked him on the way out. He told her that he so enjoyed the writing and comments here that he wanted to read the newest stuff as soon as it was posted out front or in the comments section. So, take a bow, Hucksters. And use this Wild Card for your fine wit — and to keep that guy refreshing this page on his computer …

CDA Man Killed In One-Car Rollover

At approximately 1:40 a.m. today, Sheriff’s Deputies and Emergency Medical personnel responded to the area of Beck Road and Prairie Avenue in western Kootenai County to an unknown injury accident. When emergency personnel arrived, they found a one vehicle roll over where the driver had been ejected and the passenger, who was wearing a seat belt, was still in the pick-up. The driver, Ronald Countryman, 37 of Coeur d’Alene was pronounced dead at the scene. The passenger was injured and transported to Kootenai Medical Center. Alcohol is believed to possibly be a factor in this incident. The investigation is on-going. Further information will be released when it becomes available/KCSD press release.

Ex-Galpal Sez Defendants Revved Engines, Raced

The ex-girlfriend of a man on trial for vehicular manslaughter testified Friday that he and another driver acknowledged one another and revved their engines before speeding down Kathleen Avenue. Seconds later, 14-year-old Isaac Norris was killed when one of the cars T-boned a brown 1987 Chevrolet Caprice driven by his mother, Glenda Norris, as it turned onto Kathleen Avenue from Howard Street/Tom Greene, CDA Press. More here.

Outta This World

In this image provided by NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough participates in the mission’s second scheduled session of extravehicular activity Thursday as construction and maintenance continue on the International Space Station.

Rosdahl: Farmer’s Market To Try Winter Version

Item: Local Market is farmers’ markets’ winter counterpart/Nils Rosdahl, SR.

More Info: Although its debut was earlier this month, the grand opening for The Local Market CdA will be next Saturday. Located in the hallways of The Coeur d’Alene Plaza Shops at 210 Sherman Ave., the market is an extension of the summertime Kootenai County and downtown farmers’ markets. Twenty to 25 vendors sell items, from meats and groceries to arts and crafts. The grand opening also will include live music, activities for children through Art on the Edge, and possibly Santa Claus.

Question: Why do you go to the Farmer’s Market in the summer? Do you plan to check out the winter version?

OTV: No Debit? One Less Customer For Morgio’s

A block north of Sherman on 4th Street is the new Morgio’s sandwich shop and I’ve already put a curse on the place. Last week, we walked downtown for a bite and decided to try out an $8.99 “high-end” sandwich only to be greeted a by a door sign chasing away potential customers with the slogan “Cash only, no credit or debit accepted.” Well kids, it’s the new millennium as the cliche goes and some of us debitheads don’t carry much cash. There are plenty of other places to get a sandwich between your front door and the ATM. Actually, I’ve yet to hear any feedback about their food, positive or negative. Anyone?/OrangeTV, Get Out! North Idaho.

Question: Would you frequent an eatery that didn’t take debit cards?

WSU Dumps Sac State 76-55 For 3rd Win

Dean Hare/AP
Washington State forward Caleb Forrest reacts after being called for a foul during the first half of an NCAA college men’s basketball game against Sacramento State Friday in Pullman. ESPN game story & boxscore here.

TGIF Wild Card — 11/21/08

In the news tonight, President-elect Barack Obama is set to pick Timothy Geithner as the next Treasury secretary here. Madonna and Guy Ritchie were granted a prelim “quickie divorce” here. Studies show many people disregard advice to get HIV tests here. And it’s time to play the Wild Card and usher in the weekend w/HBO After Hours …

Teen Kills Himself Before Live Web Audience

Item: Fla. teen commits suicide with live Web audience/USA Today

More Info: The message OMG popped up next to the live webcam broadcast of Abraham Biggs lying motionless on his bed, followed by LOL and “hahahah.” But Biggs wasn’t joking. The 19-year-old Broward College student really did commit suicide by taking a drug overdose in front of a live Internet audience, as some computer users egged him on and others tried to talk him out of it.

Question: Would you watch something like this?

Dead Man Found @ Nettleton Gulch …

The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the death of Phillip R. Cavinder, 57, whose body was found near Wyatt Road, off of Nettleton Gulch Road, just east of Coeur d’Alene. At approximately 12:50 p.m. today, emergency medical personnel and deputies responded to a call of a possible unconscious man lying in a dry creek bed on the north side of Best Mountain near the end of Wyatt Road. When emergency personnel arrived, they determined that the man was deceased. Initial investigation indicates that the man may have died from exposure/KCSD news release.

TUBOB: No One Grows A Hitler

A moustache is merely a hair smile turned upside down. It is a sad cry to the universe - “if everything wasn’t so topsy-turvy in the world I would be smiling above my mouth with this thick brush, I would have double smiles, that is how happy I would appear” but instead if you smile with a moustache you are simply neutralizing yourself, an ultimately non-ambiguous self defeating expression. And if you inhabit the dysphoria-despondency scale then a downcast mouth is quite amplified by the hair bug perched beneath your nose. It is, ultimately, an incongruent facial feature under most circumstances/TUBOB. More here.

Question: Are you for or against mustaches?

Local Blogs — 11/21/08

Courtesy: MamaJD
MamaJD snapped a picture of the moon last weekend through the lights in a tree in her yard by focusing on the branches and the moon. She’s not sure why the lights came out circlular but they did. Can anyone tell her what happened?

*I want to be more like Ma Ingalls/A Butterfly Moment
*Written word/A Family Runs Through It
*New music from Paul McCartney/Atmospheric Ruminations
*Country is too dang big/Bay Views
*Stonehenge: One of the great mysteries/Community Comment
*It’s not just about Hillary/Dogwalk Musings
*Welcome to Idaho/Simple Mind
*Counting My Blessings No. 20: The writing life/Gathering Around The Table
*It’s getting scary/Hauser Thoughts
*3BT: Nobel life, Zero Tribute, bootleg Dylan/Kellogg Bloggin’
*Much needed drive/Live, Love, Laugh, Hope
*Who flung poo is not an item on the chinky take-away menu/Marmitetoasty
*Glue & the kindergarten kid/Notes On A Napkin
*Collection obsession/Nuts & Nonsense

HBO by the Numbers (for Thursday, Nov. 20) 9868 page-views/5357 unique views.

Grant: D’s Should Run For Council, School Board

But between now and then, it is time to do what we always say we are going to do but never quite get it done, and that is recruit candidates for city elections and school boards. Many of these elections take place in 2009. If we are ever going to make real headway in Idaho, we need to start by fielding candidates in these local elections. Doing so provides us with people who learn how to campaign as well as govern. More importantly, these elections are non-partison, so our candidates are not hampered by having a D behind their name on the ballot/Larry Grant, Red State Rebels. More here.

Question: How hard will Kootenai County Repubs fight to knock off Mike Kennedy, the best known D on the CDA City Council, who’s up for re-election next year?

Aguilar: UI’s Silver Lining To BSU Loss

Scott Aguilar/UI Argonaut

Roark: Pendulum Swinging For Idaho Demos

While President-elect Obama took 36 percent of Idaho’s vote, that was far better than John Kerry’s 30 percent in 2004 and Al Gore’s 28 percent in 2000 and clearly demonstrates a growth trend for Idaho Democrats. Obama’s vote total in Idaho was 55,000 votes greater than John Kerry’s total in 2004 while John McCain gathered about 7000 fewer votes than George W. Bush just four years ago. Most significantly of all, 43 of 44 Idaho counties voted more Democratic in the 2008 presidential contest than in 2004/Keith Roark, Idaho Demo chairman. More here.

Question: Is the Idaho Democratic Party on the rebound?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 11/21/08

Jake Barber/UI Argonaut
From left to right, Greg Reince, Tom Norris and Joe Natter fire their trebuchet on the baseball field Wednesday. It was built for a Civil Engineering 115 class project, and the members of the class competed for distance and accuracy. The trebuchets had to be built on a budget of $20 or less.

*Survey fails to find grizzlies in North Idaho/Eric Barker, Lewiston Tribune
*Girl who lied about coach rape won’t face charges/KREM2
*Hoch’s salary challenges WSU/Joel Mills, Lewiston Tribune
*Endangered snail reappears behind dam/Idaho Statesman
*Judge: Nampa URA can issue bonds w/o voter OK/Kristin Rodine, Idaho Statesman
*Charges not likely in deaths of 16 cows/Twin Falls Times-News
*UMontana workers rally for better wages/Missoulian
*Atlanta grabs M’s lefthander O’Flaherty/Seattle Times
*Zorn: Holmgren will return to football/Seattle Times
*Boeing warns of 2009 layoffs/Seattle Times

Orbusmax Special: Oregon town wants to recall mayor w/felony record here.

HBO Embeds Another Huckster In High Places

North Idaho College Board of Trustees members Mic Armon and Judy Meyer, who were both reelected to four-year terms on the board in the November general election, were sworn in during the Nov. 19 board meeting. In addition, officers were selected for the coming year and are effective immediately. Christie Wood will serve as chair, Armon (an HBO blurker) will serve as vice chair, Meyer will serve as secretary and Ron Vieselmeyer will serve as treasurer. Armon will also continue to be the trustee’s liaison to the North Idaho College Foundation Board.

Fortier: Holidays Bring Out Annoying Family

Psychologists tell us that the holidays are some of the most stressful and depressing times of the year. And for good reason. Packed into a truncated 30-day time frame, we are exposed to some of the most annoying people on planet Earth — family. You know the old saying, “You can pick your friends, you can pick your seat, you can even pick your nose … but you can’t pick your family.” We would never socialize with these people by choice/Marty Fortier, CDA Press. More here.

Quesstion: Do you agree w/Marty Fortier that your family is comprised of the most annoying people on Earth?

Not Happy Day For This Turkey

This is the video everyone has been discussing. If you don’t want to see turkeys slaughtered then don’t click play — Digger.

Question: So is Sarah Palin an “SNL skit” waiting to happen at any moment, as some of my Merry Hucksters contend, or a tough woman who doesn’t get squeamish at the sight of blood?

Girl Lied About Ferris Coach Assault

Item: Ferris High coach cleared/Meghann M. Cuniff, SR

More Info: The Ferris High boys’ basketball coach accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl was cleared Thursday after the girl said she made the story up, her lawyers said. Don Van Lierop will return to the classroom and basketball court today after two weeks on paid administrative leave, said Terren Roloff, spokeswoman for Spokane Public Schools.

Question: What should be done with the girl who damaged Coach Van Lierop’s reputation w/her lie? How does a respected man like Coach Van Lierop totally regain his reputation after a false allegation like this?

HBO’s AM Headlines — 11/21/08

Shawn Gust/CDA Press, AP
A Kootenai County Fire and Rescue firefighter holds his position on hose Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2008 while on duty at a structure fire at a Mica Bay home on Lake Coeur d’Alene south of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The cause of the fire is under investigation. There were no injuries reported. Story here.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR
*Partly sunny day, partly cloudy night/Jody Lawrence-Turner, SR
*Slick roads blamed for morning collisions/Jody Lawrence-Turner
*Super shopper gets $2000 in groceries for $76/KREM2
*Sand Creek dock dispute far from over/Keith Kinnaird, Bonner County Bee
*Plea deal w/former Priest River pastor hits snag/Keith Kinnaird, Bonner County Bee
*Mall owners face debt problem/Rick Thomas, CDA Press
*Counties to receive full PILT funding/Brian Walker
*Parkside Fitness opens doors Monday/Patrick O’Brien, CDA Press

Secondhand Clothes Can Be Hip

Like most of us, Deena Moe-Caruso recycles paper and plastic in her curbside bin once a week. But on every other day, she also recycles fashion trends. At Finder’s Keepers Fashion Flashback, one of three retail shops she owns in downtown Spokane, Moe-Caruso sells top-quality vintage clothing, giving new life to clothes and accessories that might otherwise be headed for the landfill. She says shopping secondhand can be an affordable, green way to stay on top of the latest Hollywood trends/Meghan Cooley, SR. More here.

Question: Do you ever wear second-hand clothes?

Defense Seeks Mistrial In Street-Race Case

Item: Defense seeks mistrial in Kathleen Avenue street-race-fatality case: Judge allows trial to continue over objections/Tom Greene, CDA Press

More Info: An Iraq war veteran testified that as he rendered aid to Dominick F. Salois by holding his head in his 2006 yellow Mustang after the crash, Salois “was more worried about the car than the other people.” “He said his father had just bought him the car not too long ago as a present for graduation,” said Michael Johnston, who was framing a roof at a construction site near the collision. “I told him I thought two people were dead. After that he was more worried about his car than the two other people in the other car.”

Question: Did the judge make the right decision in allowing the trial to continue?

Wild Card/Thursday — 11/20/08

In the news this evening, Ferris High boys’ basketball coach Don Van Lierop has been cleared of sex abuse charges by Spokane police here. Congress has extended jobless benefits to laid-off workers here. The Dow shed another 445 points today here. And I’m going to re-play this Wild Card and head out on my birthday night …

JoeB: Sock It To Me, Hucksters

“If the current HBO crowd is the “Laugh In” cast, who is who?” asks JoeB. “Is Cindy or Kendra Goldie? Who’s the ‘very interesting’ Nazi observer? I can’t even remember all of their names, and I bet some of our younger fans can’t even remember the show …”

Question: Who would play whom, if we Hucksters were cast for the old “Laugh In” show?

EE: Don’t Just Toss Away Bank Statements

re: introducing Shawn Vestal’s terrific new blog, Everyday Economy:

This is no time to be skipping the fine print on any agreement you have with a bank. Credit card terms are changing. Checking account fees are going up. And the changes are very hard to detect in the “notifications” institutions send out. For example, credit-card companies are lowering people’s credit limits, changing minimum monthly payments and raising interest rates – but the notifications typically don’t provide clear, easy-to-understand explanation of the changes. They bury the new rate or fee under a mountain of language that must have some contractual or legal purpose, but which seems not to have a communicative one.

Scanner Traffic — 11/20/08

4:27 p.m. CDA woman wants to see an officer re: her teen son testing positive for drugs.
4:16 p.m. Officer reports that there’s still hunters in the forest, and it’s starting to snow on Fernan Saddle. However, the road into Fernan Saddle is still passable.
3:15 p.m. Disturbed man has left house in CDA with intent to walk to Spokane.
3:14 p.m. CPD Blue reports that an accident that reportedly occurred on Lakeside was actually in Coeur d’Alene rather than Bayview.

Toadman: You Are So Beautiful … To Me

I’ve seen many beautiful people, and beautiful . I’ve stood at the edge of the Rift Valley in East Africa, and taken in the vastness of the plane below. I’ve stood on Kilimanjaro and watched the sun rise in the east over the Indian Ocean. I’ve seen the grandeur of man made beauty in the form of Itaipu dam in South America. I marveled as massive building sized amounts of water flowed through it providing power to so much of Paraguay and Brazil. I’ve seen the terrifying beauty of an erupting volcano on the big island of Hawaii and walked on frozen lava flows. … Nothing, however, compares with the beauty of a love that is true/Toadman, Synaptic Disunion. More here.

Question: What is the most beautiful thing in your life?

Local Blogs — 11/20/08

Courtesy: Orangefrog76
At Orangefrog76, Granati provides this photograph and another of the graffiti vandalism that has hit the 40 BNSF railroad cars, parked between the old DeArmond Mill site and Riverstone.

*Golden Goose/Tumblewords
*Beauty/Synaptic Disunion
*‘Boston Legal’ episode made me think/Silver Valley Girl
*Bless your heart, Betty/Slight Detour
*An interesting Monday/Still A Newspaperman
*My neurostorm is rainbow/TUBOB
*Things that bump, hiss in the night/Mrs. Mac Energetic

HBO Numbers (for Wednesday): 8981 PVs/5067 UVs

Boise Soldier Duct Tapes Vehicle Together

Item: Idaho soldier claims duct tape title/AP

More Info: An Idaho soldier stationed in Iraq has won $5,000 and a year’s supply of duct tape after using the adhesive to fix the brake system on a military vehicle. Joshua Roach entered a contest the Henkel Corp. sponsors each year to find the most unique use of its Duck brand tape.

Question: What unique use have you found for duct tape?

Teen Graduates To Meet ‘Bucket List’ Goal

Item: Richland teen scratches off ‘graduation’ from ‘bucket list’/Laura Katy Zaichlin, Tri-City Herald

More Info: Liz Evett was met by nearly 650 cheering peers, relatives and teachers as she was wheeled into the auditorium wearing a purple cap and gown. “When we came in the auditorium and we saw all the people — whoa,” said Evett, who was diagnosed with leukemia three years ago and relapsed in April. “I am so thankful.” The West Richland 18-year-old stopped responding to chemotherapy in June and was given weeks to months to live. She immediately began checking things off her “bucket list” of things she wants to do before she dies.

Question: What would be on your ‘bucket list’?

HBO @ Noon: Golf, Anyone?

“Sure,” I replied. I mean, how hard could it be? You take the iron thingie and hit the white ball into a tiny hole. Not exactly like running a 40-yard touchdown while being chased by 300-pound linebacker. “Have you ever played before?” Gardner asked. He didn’t seem impressed by my Wii Golf statistics. Apparently, Nintendo has failed to lure true golf-lovers indoors. After a few pointers I felt ready to start. “Okay,” I said. “Where’s the hole?” “Watch out for the first hole,” a fellow in the pro shop had warned. “Just don’t look over the cliff”/Cindy Hval, SR Voices. More here.

Question: Are you a very good golfer?

Fisher: Is Sandpoint Repeating Seattle’s Error?

As heavy equipment moves into Sandpoint to build a highway bypass that will separate the resort community from its waterfront, here is a prediction whose value is probably limited to a point of future interest: Sandpoint will live to regret this move. This prediction does not stem from invention of a better alternative; this page doesn’t have one. And amid all the arguing and court battling over construction of the Sand Creek bypass that is now scheduled to begin, it hasn’t seen one/Jim Fisher. Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Question: Do you think Sandpoint will live to regret this project, as Seattle has? Or will the project be similar to the long-overdue I90 construction that now whisks traffic above Wallace than through it?

Great American Smokeout Today

The Great American Smokeout traditionally takes place on the third Thursday in November. The concept dates from the early ‘70s when Lynn Smith, publisher of the Monticello Times of Minnesota, announced the first observance and called it “D Day.” The idea caught on in state after state until in 1977, it went nationwide under the sponsorship of the American Cancer Society. If past Smokeouts are any indication, as many as one-third of the nation’s 46 million smokers could be taking the day off from smoking. More here.

Question: Are you a former smoker?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 11/20/08

Amy Sancetta/AP
Two dogs, happy to be wearing their own fur coats, wait for their owner while tied outside a fur store which is going out of business in Chagrin Falls, Ohio on Wednesday. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

1. When asked how the economy projections were looking, Fido simply replied, “Ruff” — Cabbage Boy.
2. Chagrin falls over the dogs as they ponder the store’s closure. “What for?” said the little one, to which the big dog said “Of course I got wet fur - look where they left us all tied up. We’re lucky we’re not ‘all dead in OHIO’” — John Austin.
*Fifi said to Fido with great chagrin, “This is soooo embarassing! Putting us up as collateral when our only crime is that we have original fur coats” — JeanieSpokane.

HM: Joan E. Harman

Clark: It’s Just Snow, People

Well, it looks like ol’ Jack Frost will soon be nipping at us like a pack of aggressive panhandlers in the downtown Spokane business core. Yes, winter is on the way. And just like each and every year, the entire region is likely to experience the occasional flurry, perhaps a blizzard or two, a run of pipe-bursting low temperatures and highways icy enough to host a Chiefs game. But before any of this happens, I’d like to once again make a heartfelt appeal to our TV weathercasters: Please — for the sake of our sanity — try to STAY ON YOUR MEDS! When the flakes starts falling, could you at least not foam at the mouth and act like the region has just experienced an end-of-the world cataclysm/Doug Clark, SR. More here.

Question: Do you think Spokane TV weathermen get carried away whenever it snows in the Inland Northwest? Or is Clark exaggerating?

Groene House To Come Down Soon

Lee McKenzie Wood’s son, Mark McKenzie, was murdered in the house at Wolf Lodge Bay in a 2005 attack that also killed his fiancĂ©e, Brenda Matthews Groene, and her 13-year-old son Slade. “I want the house torn down,” Wood said. “It’s just eating me alive that it’s still standing, and it’s going on four years.” She’s likely to get her wish. Attorneys say they no longer need the house for potential evidence in the case against convicted killer Joseph Duncan. It could come down “in the very near future,” a spokeswoman for the Idaho Transportation Department, which now owns the house, said Wednesday/Betsy Russell, SR. More here.

Question: Are you surprised the Groene-McKenzie murder house is still standing in Wolf Lodge Bay?

Witness: ‘What You Might See At A Drag Race’

Item: Witnesses describe 2006 Kathleen Avenue crash scene: Defendants face 15 years in prison if convicted/Tom Greene, CDA Press

More Info: Eric Harris, a wastewater management truck driver, was westbound on Kathleen Avenue at the time of the accident. Harris said he has been a truck driver for 26 years and has been taking the exact route Norris was driving from Howard Street to Kathleen Avenue twice a week for the last 11 years. He is also an avid stock car fan, he said, and has participated in out-of-state racing events. Harris said Salois and Cutting were “pretty close, side by side, at the same rate of speed.” Harris estimated the two cars were traveling between 60 to 65 mph.

Question: Are you following this trial?

Anderson: Clinton Drama

Nick Anderson/Houston Chronicle

Parting Shot — 11/19/08

Jerome A. Pollos/CDA Press
Kayakers paddle their way across the reflection of a shimmering sunset Tuesday on Lake Coeur d’Alene in Coeur d’Alene.

SR Photo Department World Snapshots

Butterfly: Family Dinners Are Special

For years, for as long as I can remember, my family has had at least one night a week where we all have dinner together. It started out as just the four of us. Mom, dad, my sister, and I. Then it turned into a once a week event. Over the years it has grown to be the ten, soon to be eleven, of us. But it is much more than just a meal. We tell stories and share our lives and laugh at and with each other. We watch our kids play and grow together. We talk about memories and make new ones. So, yes, it is family dinner because we do eat delicious food every week. But it’s really so much more/A Butterfly Moment. More here.

Question: Does your family gather together regularly for a family dinner?

Report: 48% Of Broncos Take Easy Classes

Report: NCAA student-athletes ‘beating the system,’ former Bronco calls system ‘a joke’/USA Today, Idaho Statesman

More Info: Forty-eight percent of players on the 2007 Boise State football team majored in communications, according to a USA Today investigation on how toughening academic requirements for athletes has helped create an environment in which they are more likely to graduate than other students — but also more likely to be clustered in programs without the academic demands most students face.

Related: BSU players, AD dispute USA Today report; and: Ex-Bronco responds to article/Kevin Richert

Question: Would you be surprised if a significant number of football players at major universities, like Boise State, took “basket-weaving classes” to muster good grades so they could play on Saturdays?

Duncan Doesn’t Want Death Sentence Appeal

Killer Joseph Duncan has filed a letter with the federal District Court in Boise addressed to Judge Edward Lodge, regarding the notice of appeal filed for him Monday by his standby attorneys. “Dear Sir,” Duncan wrote. “This is to inform the court that if any appeal is initiated on my behalf it is done contrary to my wishes. Thank you, Joseph E. Duncan III.” You can click here to see the signed letter/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

*‘Didn’t want that misinterpreted’
*Duncan: ‘I didn’t want to appeal’

How Much Do You Enjoy Chocolate?

Item: On a mission for ‘true chocolate’: Scientist says most of what we eat is far from real thing/Tom Paulson, Seattle PI

More Info: Andy McShea (pictured) is a Harvard-trained molecular biologist using his scientific talent in Seattle to promote “true chocolate” and steer consumers away from inadvertently ingesting all that other brown sweet stuff he says is often unhealthy, morally questionable and not the real thing.

Question: How much do you enjoy chocolate, whether it’s chemically altered or the real stuff?

Star: Local Boy National Burger Finalist

Here’s this little guy, seven-year-old Charlie Beckett, perched on the verge of national recognition for his Holy-Peno hamburger that just might be featured across the nation in all Red Robin restaurants. It seems Charlie’s culinary delight was selected from 14,000 offerings as one of 10 finalists in the nationwide competition, staged by the hamburger chain, in its third annual “The Next Gourmet Burger Kids” recipe contest. Red Robin as it has in the past, again asked children, six to 12 to share their culinary creativity against a horde of entries/Tom Burnett, The Star. More here (scroll down).

Question: Who barbecues the burgers at your house?

Scanner Traffic — 11/19/08

1:26 p.m. Suicide threat reported at Sherman Avenue motel.
1:13 p.m. R/P reports smoke on Potlatch hill above The Terraces condos.
12:36 p.m. Someone is suffering a seizure at the Flying J restaurant.
9:25 a.m. R/P reports that young men throw a CD out the window of a 2003 gold Olds on Highway 95 in front of Best Buy.
9:07 a.m. A CPD Blue patrol officer responding to a Locust Avenue call reports that his computer has frozen up.

Al-Qaida No. 2 Insults Obama w/Racist Epithet

Item: Al-Qaida No. 2 insults Obama in new message: Zawahiri uses derogatory term to imply president-elect does bidding of whites/Associated Press

More Info: Al-Zawahri also called Obama—along with secretaries of state Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice—”house negroes.” Speaking in Arabic, al-Zawahri uses the term “abeed al-beit,” which literally translates as “house slaves.” But al-Qaida supplied English subtitles of his speech that included the translation as “house negroes.”

Question: Should the U.S. respond in some way to this insult?

State Sides With Tribe On Rez Hunting

Non-tribal hunters on the Coeur d’Alene Reservation must purchase a tribal hunting license even if they hunt on private land. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s interpretation of a 1988 compact between the state and the tribe requires non-tribal hunters on the reservation to buy both a state hunting license and $10 tribal hunting permit, said Virgil Moore, deputy director of Idaho Fish and Game. “Our advice to hunters is they need to have a state license and they need to check Coeur d’Alene Tribe hunting and fishing rules,” said Moore. The rules mandate hunters carry the $10 permit/Ralph Bartholdt, St. Maries Gazette-Record. More here.

Idaho Blogs — 11/19/08

George W. Bush was no Conservative — not by a long shot, but Conservatives were awkwardly duped by their profit seeking leaders into thinking that he was, and they graciously awarded him two terms as one of the worst presidents this country has ever seen. What’s funny… and wrong about the GOP is that you don’t have to really be a Conservative to get votes, you just have say that you are. Conservatives are so eager to believe what their leaders say that they never look into them, they blindly follow/Unequivocal Notion. More here.

*Moscow (UI) ranks 5th in WAC home affordability/Right Mind
*It’s 1992 all over again/Adam’s Blog
*Lieberman lives to see another day/Red State Rebels
*Al-Qaida’s insulting Obama comment/Dennis Mansfield
*Ammo Day/Free In Idaho
*Alternative energy presents economic opportunity/Rocky Barker

Question: Do you consider Unequivocal Notion accurate when he describes George Bush as “one of the worst presidents this country has ever seen”?

Statesman: Won’t Cover All Racist Incidents

At the Statesman, we are exercising restraint in covering these racist incidents (Bonner County Hang-Obama sign, Rexburg kids chanting “assassinate Obama). We will report on legitimate threats and incidents as they are investigated by authorities. Covering all incidents, however, is akin to reporting on bomb threats, which is something from which newspapers generally refrain. The coverage gives the perpetrators the attention they crave. In the case of racism-fueled vandalism or threats, coverage carries the unintended effect of legitimizing their behavior, or at least giving it an undeserved place in the mainstream/Idaho Statesman Editorial Board. More here.

Question: How much coverage should the Idaho press give to racist incidents in the state?

Press: Leave Ex-Californians Alone

First, the invasion from the Golden State that you imagine isn’t quite as overwhelming as it seems. According to recent research from J.P. Stravens — some of the most reliable information on local demographics — about a third of our new arrivals come from Washington state, a third from other Idaho counties and Montana, and most of the final third “made right here,” Stravens said. “California is not one of the highest groups,” Stravens added/CDA Press Editorial Board. More here.

Question: Are you a basher of ex-California transplants?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 11/19/08

Anil Dayal/AP
Tibetan Buddhist monks play a game outside a Buddhist Monastery in Shimla, India, earlier today. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

1. Later, while playing poker, Singh sees his buddy is nearly out of chips, so he hands him one of his, saying “Here’s a chip, monk, aren’t you going Tibet?” — John Austin.
2. Buddhist do a mind exercise trying to float into outer space to recover tool box lost in space walk yesterday - “finders! keepers!” — Pecky.
3. Six young monks achieve Nirvanna and taunt their earth bound compatriots — ThomG.

HM: Charlie

‘08 Apple Cup Challenges For ‘Worst’ Title

Item: Apple Cup not alone in quest for ‘worst’ title/John Blanchette, SR

More Info: It can’t get any worse, can it? Oh, sure it can. It will. It has. What may seem in our corner of the college football world to be unprecedented suckage this season has in fact been sampled previously in all corners and crossroads of this great country of ours. And what makes it a great country? That two teams with a combined won-lost record of 1-20 can play for a trophy.

Question: Do you plan to watch the Apple Cup Saturday?

Reed: Idaho Doesn’t Make Nuts Like Used To

This election was already certain to boost the state’s reputation simply because Larry Craig was no longer on the ballot. Idaho also got a short-lived boost from voters in Alaska, where convicted incumbent Ted Stevens came close to taking Craig’s place as chairman of the Senate appeals caucus. After all, Idaho hasn’t nearly re-elected a convicted felon since prison-bound Rep. George Hansen fell 200 votes short in 1984. But for a state wholly unaccustomed to good election-year news, Idaho’s real breakthrough was the defeat of first-term congressman Bill Sali, who through sheer force of unpleasant personality persuaded a staunchly conservative district to swear off extremism. With a disastrous campaign, Sali finally lived up to his billing as the Republican whom Idaho Republicans most love to hate/Bruce Reed, Slate. More here.

Question: Are you going to be glad or sad to see half of the current Idaho congressional delegation go?

Wild Card/Tuesday — 11/18/08

I’m off to listen to the Gonzaga Bulldogs dismantle UIdaho at the McCarthey Center, beginning at 6 p.m. The Vandals seem somewhat better this year than in their miserable recent past in men’s basketball. So I don’t think the Zags are going to drop 100 points on them, as Michigan State did this weekend. But it should be settled fairly quickly. After the miserable football season that we’re all still enduring, it’s nice to know that one of my teams will win tonight in Spokane. I’ll see you back here Wednesday. Here’s your Wild Card …

Breaking! Stevens Loses Re-election Bid

The longest-serving Republican in the history of the U.S. Senate trailed his Democratic challenger Marc Begich by 3,742 votes after today’s vote count. The Associated Press has declared Begich’s lead insurmountable for the 85-year-old GOP senator/Seattle Times.

Simple Mind: Don’t Borrow Trouble

That is a thing I use to tell my kids. don’t borrow trouble. When ever. they were worried about something, that had not happen yet. Meaning don’t worry about something that hasn’t happened. It is a waste of time, also it may not even happen. If you worry about it, and it doesn’t happen, look at all the time you have wasted. Same thing with “if only’s”. Now there is a waste of time. Yet we have all spent our time there. If only, I had done this or that. If only I had said this or that. The trouble with that is…what is done is done. Can’t change it. So live with it/From A Simple Mind. More here.

Question: Are you a worry wart? Of someone who frets over mistakes made in life? In other words, to use Simple Mind’s phraseology, do you habitually “borrow trouble”?

Scanner Traffic — 11/18/08

5:49 p.m. City vehicle has been involved in a minor damage crash @ 4th & Neider.
4:49 p.m. R/P on Avondale Loop reports that two juveniles who are cutting across Hayden Lake County Club set the mail inside his mailbox on fire.
4:41 p.m. R/P reports that a pickup hit her car in front of Suzy’s Bar on Government Way/Hayden and kept going.
2:35 p.m. R/P wants to see an officer about a contained goat.
12:50 p.m. Gang graffiti reported on a retaining wall along Upper Hayden Lake Road.

Mayor Sorry For ‘Assassinate Obama’ Chant

The mayor of an eastern Idaho town where second- and third-grade students chanted “Assassinate Obama” after Barack Obama’s Nov. 4 election victory has publicly apologized, saying there’s no excuse for such comments/AP. More here.

KXLY Reporter Lost Father @ Jonestown

Thirty years ago Tuesday the world was beginning to hear about what is still the largest mass suicide in history. Among the dead in a remote Guyana jungle encampment called Jonestown was NBC correspondent Don Harris, whose son later joined the family business to honor his father. That son is KXLY4 Reporter Jeff Humphrey (pictured). More than 900 Americans living in Jonestown drank a toxic mix of Kool-Aid and cyanide on the orders of their leader Jim Jones. At a nearby airfield California Congressman Leo Ryan and three journalists were ambushed and killed as they attempted to leave Jonestown. NBC correspondent Don Harris was one of those killed/KXLY. More here.

J-Mac: No Jury Duty For Me Today

JimmyMAC: Just got relieved of my jury duties. Big case going down, sad for all of the families.

Question: Do you resent jury duty? Or do you see it as a civic duty, like voting, and are glad to take part in the process?

Crump: ‘Idaho’ Doesn’t Mean Anything

A friend and college roommate, Jeff, called the other day to report he was closing his medical practice in Southern California and retiring to Idaho Springs, Colo., an old mining town near Pike’s Peak … He wanted to know what the heck “Idaho” means … “You’re a lot closer to the answer than I am,” I explained … That’s because the word “Idaho” was coined by supporters of creating Colorado Territory in 1860 … The late Merle Wells, Idaho state historian, concluded the name didn’t mean anything, though to this day the Idaho Springs Chamber of Commerce says “Idaho” was the name of an Arapahoe chief who discovered “healing springs” in what’s now the north-central Colorado town of 2,000/Steve Crump, Twin Falls Times-News. More here.

Question: What would you like the name “Idaho” to mean?

HBO @ Noon — A Seasonal Rant

I would like to express how I feel about the semester so far and the upcoming break in two contrasting rants: football sucks, school is hard, papers are long and summer is short. Breaks are nice, turkey is delicious, snowboarding is fun and Christmas is soon. Thank you/Kevin, UI Argonaut. More Off The Cuffs.

Question: Please describe how the fall’s going for you in a rant of 25 words or less?

Fisher: We’ll Eat Horses Someday

According to the Government Accountability Office report, the Bureau of Land Management is struggling to finance the care of all the horses it has corralled across the American West, and has yet to devise a coherent plan for managing them. What might be the most coherent plan - selling the horses to the highest bidder even if they will end up in a slaughterhouse - is one the BLM resists. It does that, the report says, “due to concerns about public and congressional reaction to the large-scale slaughter of thousands of healthy horses.” And sure enough, in June, when BLM Deputy Director Henri Bisson suggested euthanizing 6,000 horses, the proposal was greeted with outrage from Trigger-huggers/Jim Fisher, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Question: Do you support thinning wild horse herds by selling the horses to the highest bidder for dog and human food?

MountainGoat: Gay People Live In Fear

Gay people in this state live in fear every day. They fear the loss of their employment. They fear losing their insurance (if they’re lucky enough to have it). They fear getting kicked out of their housing. They fear not being able to visit their loved ones in the hospital. They fear walking down the street in some places and going to school in some places. They fear looking like, acting like and saying anything that might “give them away” to their neighbors, co-workers or people on the street/MountainGoat Report. More here.

*My first racism charge of Obama regime/Adam’s Blog
*North Idaho gets breather from rapid growth/Idaho Conservation League
*Assault weapons ban again/Free In Idaho!
*Will Obama force Americans to pay for coerced abortions?/Idaho Chooses Life
*Fred Grant carries Owyhee initiative on his back/Rocky Barker
*Homosexual jihadists strike again/IVA

Question: Are you friends or good acquaintances with someone who is gay?

Slice: Thrower? Blower?

There are two kinds of people in the Spokane area. There are those who call the driveway-clearing machines “snow blowers.” And there are those who say “snow throwers.” But a shovel is a shovel. Unless it’s a scoop/Paul Turner, SR.

Question: How do you get rid of the snow on your sidewalk and driveway — w/a “snow blower”? A “snow thrower”? A shovel? Pay someone to do it? Or let it melt?

2 Murder Suspects Dead In Suicide Pact

Two women suspected in the 10-year-old killing of a Post Falls woman were found dead less than three hours after a national television show spotlighted their case. The bodies of Tina R. Loesch, 37, (left) and Skye M. Hanson, 41, were found in Arizona late Saturday. Authorities believe the women had a suicide pact, said Deputy Dawn Barkman, of the Pima County Sheriff’s Office. The women left a multiple-page suicide note, which authorities found with their bodies after a motorist reported seeing two bodies in a white Dodge Durango on a road northwest of Tucson about 11:30 p.m. Saturday/Meghann Cuniff, SR. More here.

Question: Do you think this odd murder-suicide by two lovers suspected of killing the mother of one will be made into a modern-day version of the old “Thelma & Louise” movie?

HBO’s AM Headlines — 11/18/08

Jerome A. Pollos/CDA Press
Post Falls High School students Adam Dituri, left, Casey Osborne and Chris Hotine turn their attention to machinery moving across a construction site for a Habitat for Humanity home Monday. They will take part in building for the next 16 weeks in Post Falls. Story here.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, Sr
*Post Falls murder suspects found dead in Arizona/Meghann Cuniff, SR
*UI music grad Lindenau dies in Iraq/Dara Barney, UI Argonaut
*UI students study tailgating trash/Reid Wright, UI Argonaut
*CDA unable to do anything w/vandalized RR cars parked near NIC/Tom Hasslinger, CDA Press
*Spirit Lake to decide on annexation/Tom Hasslinger, CDA Press
*Post Falls council to hear demographics report/Brian Walker, CDA Press
*Kellogg pool renovation taking shape/Jason Elliott, Shoshone News-Press

Study: Unhappy People Watch More TV

Study: Unhappy people watch more TV: those consider themselves happy spend more time reading and socializing/The Live Feed.

More Info: The University of Maryland analyzed 34 years of data collected from more than 45,000 participants and found that watching TV might make you feel good in the short term but is more likely to lead to overall unhappiness.

Question: How much TV do you watch?

Boisean Discusses Surviving Jonestown

Item: Boisean who survived Jonestown recalls the massacre: Clifford Gieg, who lost his brother at the cult’s Guyana compound, talks about it publicly for the first time/Idaho Statesman

More Info: Clifford Gieg last saw his brother alive just hours before the shootings. Clifford would live through the day. Stanley would not. Now, in a bid to honor his brother, the Boise cabinet-maker is talking publicly about his experiences for the first time. “He died. He was murdered,” Gieg said. “I know he was murdered. He was shot. And he was a victim. And I want him recognized as a victim and not as part of it.” Gieg calls himself a true believer who was duped by Jones until the end.

Question: Do you recall what you were doing when you heard the news about Jonestown? Or how you reacted?

Heller: Still Living Large


Parting Shot — 11/17/08

Candice Towell, Gazette-Journal, AP
Wild horses roam around the Bureau of Land Management National Wild Horse & Burro Adoption Center Monday in Palomino Valley, Nev. A government advisory board on Monday was to weigh the prospect of using euthanasia and unlimited sale of wild horses to control herd populations throughout the West and corral escalating costs of caring for the animals taken off the range.

Andrew Zahler’s world in pictures

Adam’s Blog: Which Candidate Would You …

Thinking about this, it seems there are some better tests than (which candidate would you rather have a bear with?):

1. Which candidate would you trust more to babysit young children or to look after your teenage daughter?
2. Which candidate would you trust more to sell you a used car?
3. Which candidate could you most easily imagine washing your car?
4. Which candidate would you rather be trapped in a building with if you were surrounded by an armed gang of criminals and you each had a shotgun?

Question: Can you offer a simple test in gauging the popularity of someone running for president?

Scanner Traffic — 11/17/08

5:54 p.m. R/P reports that her husband who was just released from custody is hiding under her trailer despite a no-contact order.
5:40 p.m. 13YO girl in the county threatens to commit suicide unless her mother allows her to access the computer.
5:33 p.m. NIC work training center at Riverbend/Post Falls reports smoke but no fire coming from computers.
5:17 p.m. R/P reports he saw a wanted sex offender wanted in Spokane, on a CityLink bus.

BXRanch: Down Syndrome Kids Are Best

I remember the day we talked to our adoption worker at Catholic Family Services, and told her that we were interested in starting another adoption. After a few questions to determine what we were interested in, she told us that she had a new Down syndrome baby that no one wanted. He was ours at that moment. A few weeks later, we were waiting in the Clinic at Children’s Hospital in Seattle to meet our new baby and bring him home. He was so little and frail … who woulda guessed he would grow up so soon and time would fly so fast. He’s our family clown, loves baseball and Barney, goes for walks with Stacy, and likes to push the cart around the grocery store. Down Syndrome kids. like Mac, are the best/Brand X Ranch. More here.

DFO: Put your hands together for the newest member of the HBO Blogosphere family — Jana Tritto & Jim Brand of the Brand X Ranch blog.

Question: Are you friends or family members w/any Down Syndrome kids or adults?

Remember When: No. 1 Songs

Cis/Simple Mind, in her never ending quest to provide relief from political posts, offers this wunnerful link to No. 1 songs from yesteryear on any given day here. Here’s some flashbacks to No. 1 songs on this date in …

1958: “Tom Dooley”/Kingston Trio
1968: “Hey Jude”/Beatles
1978: “MacArthur Park”/Donna Summer
1988: “Bad Medicine”/Bon Jovi
1998: “Doo Wop (That Thing)”/Lauryn Hill

Question: Which song was on the top of the charts on your birthday? (Me? “Mule Train”/Frankie Laine, Nov. 20, 1949)

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 11/17/08

Frank Varga/Skagit Valley Herald, AP
Mark Ryan, of Kingfisher, Okla,. makes his way north on HW 530, south of Conway, Wash., Thursday, Nov. 13, 2008. Ryan, his horse and a packmule, started out from Oklahoma for Ferndale, WA, on June 2nd to visit a friend. Ryan said he always asks permission to camp on private property every night and usually gets it. Ryan’s horse is on its sixth set of horseshoes and his mule on its third. Story here.

*Idaho officials solve mystery of floating beets/Twin Falls Times-News
*Idaho State dean ‘grossly erred’ w/layoff warning/Idaho Statesman
*Alleged UI student killer deemed competent/KTVB
*Seattle could name new manager Tuesday/Seattle PI
*UW, WSU presidents among US highest paid/Seattle PI
*20-ounce Idaho infant struggles for survival/KTVB
*Horses suffer as economy falters/Billings Gazette
*Wyoming to disband wolf team/Billings Gazette

Orbusmax Special: Portland population stuck at 568,380 here.

Red County: Suck It Up, Conservatives

we eat our presidents. The last president to serve two relatively undisturbed terms was Eisenhower. Kennedy was shot. Johnson refused to run. Nixon resigned. Ford couldn’t win his own term. We threw out the feckless Carter after one term. Reagan endured, but barely, given Iran-contra, and most Americans subscribed to the notion that he was stupid. We expelled the elder Bush after one term after he had a 90 percent approval rating earlier on. We impeached Clinton. Bush provided a steady diet for the piranhas/Speech Writer, Red County. More here.

*Marching/Left Side of the Moon
*Which way will the dominos fall in Idaho/From The Editors
*Gay rights protest in Idaho Falls/Angry Young Woman
*A big, fat ‘I told you so’/Fort Boise
*Turkey & pie/Free In Idaho
*Speculating on Otter’s Lt. Gov. choice/Unequivocal Notion
*Kempthorne faces quandary in gas leasing park dispute/Rocky Barker
*Murdoch to media: You dug yourself a huge hole/Right Mind
*NW Reads: Looking ahead/Randy Stapilus
*Bigots can’t handle democracy/F-Words

Question: Why are we so tough on our presidents?

Mansfield: H8 Is Such A Strong Expression

In fact, cleverly woven into the signs were various uses of the term “H8”. Pretty good use of symbols, I thought - though I disagreed with them - still, creativity should always be given its due….even when it might be disingenuous. Hate? Because the public has decided over and over again that same sex marriage is inappropriate for the United States? The President-elect is not in favor of it. Neither is Joe Biden, nor Teddy Kennedy. Even Elton John doesn’t want same sex “marriage”. They all prefer civil unions…but not marriage. Do they hate same sex couples? So, why the use of the word “hate”? Is there ever a time when this word can be rightly used?/Dennis Mansfield. More here.

Question: Is the word “hate” overused in ideological policy debates about social issues?

Men Face Trial In 2006 Kathleen Fatality

Item: Vehicular manslaughter trial to start in CdA: Teen killed in 2006 accident on Kathleen Avenue/Meghann M. Cuniff, SR

More Info: While Jim Siebe now represents Cutting, the motions filed in Kootenai County outline a defense that has persisted through the case and could resurface in this week’s trial: Norris pulled out in front of Salois and Cutting and the most the state can prove is excessive speed. It cannot prove that Cutting and Salois caused the boy’s death when Salois’ 2006 Mustang struck Norris’ 1987 Chevy Caprice, the lawyers said.

Question: If found guilty, should the two young defendants be imprisoned or given a lighter sentence, as a result of their age?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 11/17/08

Miguel Tovar/AP
Sweden’s golf player Annika Sorenstam’s right hand is seen taking a ball with a butterfly perched on it at the 3th hole during the final round of the LPGA Lorena Ochoa Invitational golf tournament in Guadalajara, Mexico, Sunday You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

1. Looks like this butterfly wants to be a birdie — Larrabee.
2. Time flies like an arrow. Butterflies like a golf ball — John Austin.
3. Annika thought she had a Viceroy in her grasp, but the bitter taste following the missed putt proved it was a Monarch — Cabbage Boy.

HM: Pecky

TVA: One Nation, Many Faiths, w/Liberty …

Tom von Alten: For some time, I’ve thought that the most recent change to the Pledge was a mistake and should be removed. Recently, I heard an alternate amendment that I prefer: Replace the utterly inappropriate religious specification of “under God” with “many faiths” set off by commas: “…one nation, many faiths, with liberty and justice for all.” It honors the religious freedom which was so important to our founders, and which remains an important factor in our greatness.

Question: Should “under God” be altered or removed from our Pledge of Allegiance?

CDA Press: Bigger Issues For NIC, Students

Critics of the college, in our view, should focus on matters of greater urgency and more merit. Without question, terrorists wanting to hurt a lot of people could play havoc with the nearby Coeur d’Alene wastewater treatment plant if they were intent on doing so, but this clamoring for action and waves of accusations are improving nothing. Let’s ensure that consumers and taxpayers are getting the best quality of education they can from NIC, including practical academic alignments and strong alliances on the workforce front. Let’s stop wasting time talking about the college’s “inadequate” evacuation plan in the event lethal quantities of chlorine are released from the treatment plant/Coeur d’Alene Press. More here.

Question: In recent months, community naysayers have quit attack the Education Corridor idea directly and started fretting about the threat the sewer plant poses. Now, the Press has picked up the mantra. Are you concerned about a potential threat posed by chlorine from the plant?

Ramirez: Scarier Than A Terrorist

Michael Ramirez/Investor’s Business Daily

More CDA Residents Running, Biking

Jerome A. Pollos/CDA Press, AP
Jack Lambert jogs Friday on the Centennial Trail bordering the shoreline of Lake Coeur d’Alene in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. The trail system in Kootenai County attracts a number of walkers, joggers and cyclists.

Item: City on the go: More Coeur d’Alene residents running, biking/Alecia Warren, CDA Press

More Info: Charlie Miller dubs himself one of the lazier cyclists around Coeur d’Alene. The 28-year-old only grinds the 8-mile round trip to work about 10 days a month in the winter, he laments. And though he has been racing since he was 12, he stands out in his circle of Lake City friends as the only one not to have toed the starting line at Ironman. “I would definitely say there are much more dedicated folks out there,” he sighed.

Question: Do you exercise more today than you did 5 years ago?

JanTri: Media Love NI Stories Like Hate-Obama Sign

re: Hate-Obama sign maker surprised by fuss
We have a reputation here in North Idaho that paints us all as either Rednecks, Cowboys, or Skinheads. Much of this is the fault of the National media jumping on stories like this one, and making a big deal over nothing to sell news. At least, it gets North Idaho in the public eye, for good or bad, and folks who don’t know where we are might look at a map and find out!! An old friend from Buffalo, NY, once said to me, “Oh, yeah, you live in one of thoes “I” states now.” Maybe he will see Germana’s sign on the Today Show.

Question: How would you define a redneck?

Arpie: A Pledge Of Allegiance Do-Over

Arpie: Every year in my class I combine a lesson in dictionary and thesaurus use with a lesson on the meaning of the pledge. We rewrite the pledge together as a class and usually come up with something like this: I promise to be loyal to the Flag of the United States of America and our country that the flag makes us think of. We are a country where God watches over us. We can’t be split up. There is freedom and fairness for everyone. Not as lyrical as the pledge and quite a few more words, but hopefully it helps kids understand the meaning of their daily recitation a bit more.

Question: How would you rewrite our Pledge of Allegiance, if you could?

Kendramama: Ox Puts All Delis To Shame

Aptly named, because the Ox is unique in that they serve a sandwich in a tubular hollowed-out loaf of bread… it almost looks like it’s been baked in some sort of large can- you can see the ridges and the seam along the base and everything.
Once they hollow out the loaf, they stuff the tube with whatever fixin’s you desire, then serve it with a small tub of sauce/dressing on the side, to trickle on bite by bite. They will, upon request, prepare it with condiments inside with the meat and veggies, but they recommend putting it on yourself, as the loaf may get soggy otherwise. And part of the greatness of their idea is how well-contained the sandwich stays while eating it- no drips, no junk oozing out the side, just a handy cylinder of bread, meat, cheese and veggies that, together, give one’s mouth an experience bordering on carnal. And I’ve watched the other customer’s faces on the few occasions we’ve dined in rather than getting it to go- and from the “oohs” “aahhs” and rapturous half-lidded expressions of ecstasy, I think we’re not the only one being transported to oral heaven/Kendramama. More here. And: Caruso’s review here.

Question: Any other deli reviews out there?

Boise State 45, Idaho 10

Dean Hare/AP
Idaho defensive back Kenneth Patten (23) deflects a pass from the hands of Boise State wide receiver Jeremy Childs (9) during the first quarter of an NCAA college football game this afternoon at the Kibbie Dome in Moscow. ESPN story & boxscore.

Gonzaga 83, Montana State Billings 52

Rajah Bose/AP
Montana State Billings’ Mario Burns, center, gets pressured by Gonzaga’s Josh Heytvelt, left, and Austin Day (5) in the first half of their NCAA college basketball game at the McCarthey Athletic Center in Spokane today. ESPN story & boxscore

Vermont School Divided Over Pledge Debate

Alden Pellett/AP
Students recite the Pledge of Allegiance in the lobby at Woodbury Grade School Friday in Woodbury, Vt. A number of town residents residents who want the Pledge of Allegiance restored to their children’s school classroom routine have petitioned school officials, demanding that the daily recitation start again.

Question: Should grade school children in America be required to recite the Pledge of Allegiance each school day?

Spam: Hard Times Good For Hormel

Item: Hard times usually good for the makers of Spam/Andrew Martin, New York Times

More Info: The economy is in tatters and, for millions of people, the future is uncertain. But for some employees at the Hormel Foods plant in Austin, times have never been better. They are working at a furious pace and piling up all the overtime they want. The workers make Spam, perhaps the iconic hard-times food in the U.S. pantry.

Question: Which way is your favorite to prepare Spam?

OTV Review: Schlotzsky’s

Regular readers know I don’t like to spend a lot of ink on chain-style eateries, but I’ve yet to find any delis in town that keep me coming back the way Schlotzsky’s does, and the owners of the local franchise of the Texas-based deli are North Idahoan all the way. I’ve been frequenting the place since it was christened in 1997, and even through the fog of cold medication, I can’t recall having had anything but fine food and outstanding customer service. The smiling, hospitable crew that runs the show here are younger, hipper, and way better looking than you and I. Cool, modish fashion trends hide underneath work aprons and edgy haircuts are tucked into black Schlotzsky’s visors. The hipness factor is so thick they’ve even named their current “limited engagement” promotion after the phenomenon. “Hip Chick” describes a trio of chicken sandwiches, and is also the phrase worn quite descriptively on the t-shirt of the counter girl, the perfect choice to go with her tan corduroy hip-huggers/OrangeTV, Get Out! North Idaho. More here.

Question: Which restaurant makes your favorite deli sandwich?

HBO Poll: Best Bond Girl?

AP File Photo
Actresses who have appeared in James Bond movies, from left, Luciana Paluzzi (Fiona Volpe in “Thunderball,” 1965), Jane Seymour (Solitaire in “Live and Let Die,” 1984), Maud Adams (Andrea Anders in “The Man with the Golden Gun,” 1974) and Honor Blackman (Pussy Galore in “Goldfinger,” 1964) gather at the Playboy Mansion, Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2002, in Los Angeles.

Question: Who was the best Bond girl?

*Barbara Bach (Anya Amasova, “The Spy Who Loved Me”)
*Britt Ekland (Mary Goodnight, “The Man With the Golden Gun”)
*Carey Lowell (Pam Bouvier, “License To Kill?)
*Deborah Kerr (Lady Fiona McTarry, 1967 “Casino Royale”)
*Denise Richards (Dr. Christmas Jones, “The World Is Not Enough”)
*Diana Rigg (Teresa di Vincenzo, “On Her Majesty’s Service”)
*Famke Janssen (Xenia Onatopp, “GoldenEye”)
*Grace Jones (May Day, “A View To A Kill”)
*Halle Berry (Giacinta Johnson, “Die Another Day”)

TGIF Wild Card — 11/14/08

The stock market fell back into the crapper this afternoon, falling almost 340 points here. “Quantum of Solace” is expected to make a $70M debut this weekend here. Ann E. Dunwoody becomes the first woman to be elevated to four-star general here. And HBO After Hours begins for the weekend with this re-play of the Wild Card …

Hate-Obama Sign Make Surprised By Fuss

A Bonner County man has attracted national media attention for a sign which advocated a “free public hanging” of President-elect Barack Obama and other high-profile Democrats. “I think it’s a big to-do over nothing,” Ken Germana said after greeting a throng of television reporters and even agents from the U.S. Secret Service at his property in Vay on Thursday. Since the story was originally published in The Daily Bee on Wednesday, more than 100 newspapers throughout the country and Canada have picked it up, much to Germana’s amazement. “The media has made it into a three-ring circus,” he said/Keith Kinnaird, Bonner County Bee. More here.

Question: Are you suprised that Germana’s makeshift sign in rural Bonner County received national attention?

HBO’s Headlines @ Closin’ Time — 11/14/08

Courtesy: Spokane Police Department
Photo taken by a security camera of a robbery at Zip Trip @ Monroe & Wellesley/Spokane that happened Wednesday. Jody Lawrence-Turner story here.

David Horsey ‘toon

*Court overturns North Idaho parents drug tests/AP
*North Idaho retailers unsure of holiday prospects/CDA Press
*Coroner IDs man who died in paper bale/Idaho Statesman
*Boise bus driver suspended after girl hurt/KTVB
*Sandpoint Bypass work to begin this month/Bonner County Bee
*Dover post office closes doors/Bonner County Bee

Jury Convicts Lytle Of Summer Phelps Murder

Christopher Anderson
Elizabeth Phelps, the biological mother of Summer Phelps, is helped away from Superior Court after Jonathan Lytle was found guilty of her daughters murder Friday. Karen Dorn Steele’s story here.

Thoughts On Pigeons No. 7

AP Photo

From sea to sea across this nation
our pigeons have no education;
they know less math than you or I,
and yet how well they multiply.

The Bard of Sherman Avenue

Finish This Sentence …

If DFO wears to Blogfest ‘09 that Sarah Palin T-shirt that his wife bought him today as a joke, I’ll …

Community Comment: Who Is Bill Ayers?

Yesterday morning, in an ABC news interview with Chris Cuomo on Good Morning America, Bill Ayers (pictured) attempted to set the record straight –about his relationship to Barack Obama, about his involvement with the violent Weather Underground of the 60’s, about his relationship to Bernadine Dohrn and to defend his intellectual and philosophical position. Then, tossing gasoline on an already incendiary situation before the world press, he regained his sense of stupidity and repeated a statement that has infuriated his critics: “I don’t think we did enough”/David Laird, Community Comment. More here.

Question: Is Bill Ayers a dangerous terrorist or someone who was snagged in the middle of a political campaign, like Joe the Plumber?

Star: The House That Jack Built

Jack, so tells it, onto his little bit of Heaven some eight years ago and has been building his home ever since. The rather rustic structure started as a two-room cabin and since has grown to three stories and no less than 10 rooms. His building materials have been gathered, donated and from a general appearance, collected from hither and yon. It didn’t appear two pieces were of similar length, the same species or even remotely
the same color. Up until an accident some six years ago, Jack did all the work himself – that is, he and his chain saw and a handful of tools, bent nails and a portable generator for tools that required power/Tom Burnett, The Star. More here (scroll to bottom of page).

Question: What do you think of Jack and the house he built at the end of Cabin Ridge Road (north of Spirit Lake)?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 11/14/08

Joe Barrentine/SR File Photo
He’s not the biggest guy on the team. He’s not the fastest or the most intimidating, but Idaho defensive end Taylor Rust (#57 above in a 2007 game against WSU) knows more about Vandal football than most people have forgotten. He also knows a thing or two about the intensity of the BSU-Idaho game/Sandra Kelly, Moscow-Pullman Daily News. More here.

Video: Nampa High fight that hurt coach

*Hallucinogenic plants hospitalizes Idaho teens/Idaho Press-Tribune
*Montanan produces sexy calendar for overseas troops/Missoulian
*Idaho AG investigating ex-Nez Perce sheriff/Lewiston Tribune
*Pullman cops: Kidnap attempt was only a prank/Lewiston Tribune
*Judge rejects new attempt to stall Sandpoint bypass/AP
*Idaho cattlemen fear new ‘war on West’ from Obama/Idaho Statesman
*Boise State plans no layoffs, hiring freezes/Idaho Statesman
*Injured Spokane firefighter headed to Iraq/KHQ
*Lawyer who didn’t pay taxes resigns from Montana schools suit/Missoulian

CDA Lawyer Odegaard Sent To Prison

A Coeur d’Alene attorney who paid cash for a new Corvette shortly after declaring bankruptcy has been sentenced to 15 months in federal prison. Craig Odegaard, 49, has repaid his creditors; he pleaded guilty to one count of bankruptcy fraud in July for concealing assets in his 2004 bankruptcy in what he said was a misunderstanding. U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill imposed two years of supervised release after the 15-month prison term and ordered $2,600 in fines/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Johnson: People We Know

K. Ray Johnson/UI Argonaut

Idaho Blogs — 11/14/08

Nationwide protests are scheduled tomorrow in 175 cities around the nation, including four in Idaho, to protest the decision by California voters to put protection for natural marriage in their state constitution. This is further evidence that many on the far left hate actually democracy, because it keeps getting in the way of their radical agenda. When the democratic process does not yield politically correct outcomes, they immediately resort to intimidation or activist judges in an effort to overrule the unambiguous will of the people. Rallies will be held in Idaho tomorrow at the city halls in Boise, Moscow, Idaho Falls and Sandpoint/Bryan Fischer, IVA. More here.

*Hate is a family value/Fort Boise
*Idaho R’s face 2 distinct future choices/Scott Picken
*The Sali areas/Randy Stapilus
*Kempthorne’s Klamath deal offers model for Obama administration/Rocky Barker
*Obama’s going to kill us all!/Unequivocal Notion
*Obama’s lapdogs/Adam’s Blog

Question: Do you support or oppose the gay-rights protests that will take place nationwide Saturday, including at Spokane and four locations in Idaho?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 11/14/08

Jeffrey M. Boan/AP
Victoria’s Secret models arrive by yacht to the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach, Fla., earlier today You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

1. Frenchman to crew: “Bonjour, mi ami ‘beaches’” — John Austin.
2. The girls salute smartly as they are about to jump into the drink one by one to test out their surgically installed dual flotation devices — The Oracle.
3. “Why does the captain want to know how much my ankles weigh?” “Yeah, and why did he say to look to Starbucks? I don’t see a Starbucks!” — Family Phil.

HM: Poolman & Pecky

Shuler: Idaho Will Remain Red For Awhile

New York Times columnist Tim Egan told a City Club of Boise forum this summer about changes in political behavior in the Intermountain West. Eight years ago, all of the region’s governors were Republican. Today Montana, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico have Democratic chief executives. On Nov. 4, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado went for Obama while Montana gave McCain a slim plurality. The victory of self-described conservative Blue Dog Democrat Walt Minnick gives Idaho its first Democrat in Congress in 16 years. I don’t know why Idaho remains so red, but I have some theories/ex-Idaho Human Rights Commission director Marilyn Shuler, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: Why do you think Idaho has bucked the trend of the Intermountain West and stayed so Red?

HBO’s AM Headlines — 11/14/08

Barry Kough/Lewiston Tribune, AP
Idaho State Sens. Joe Stegner of Lewiston, left, and Brad Little of Emmett, center, participate in a North Idaho legislative tour in Lewiston this week, during a stop at the Port of Lewiston. Story here.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR
*Shoshone County jobless rate rises to 11%/Shoshone News-Press
*Sunshine, cool weather in forecast/Jody Lawrence-Turner, SR
*UI interim prez anticipates cuts/Lianna Shepherd, UI Argonaut
*UFO group to meet Saturday/Tom Hasslinger, CDA Press
*Hayden Lake resident appeals condo plan/Alecia Warren, CDA Press
*High school girls tip off hoop season tonight/Mark Nelke, CDA Press
*UI to enforce campus bike laws/Greg Connolly, UI Argonaut

In The News: Hillary For Secretary of State?

Jason DeCrow/AP
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., speaks after being honored at the Glamour Women of the Year awards Monday in New York.

Question: Hillary Clinton is rumored to be one of the leading candidates to be Secretary of State in Barack Obama’s cabinet. Would you like to see her hold that position?

Idaho Govt. Way Less Open Than Washington’s

Item: Washington, Idaho rank far apart on openness/Betsy Z. Russell, SR

More Info: A new national survey ranks Washington fourth in the nation for governmental integrity, openness and accountability – and Idaho 44th. The survey, conducted by the Chicago-based Better Government Association, compared open records laws, open meeting laws, whistleblower laws, campaign finance requirements and conflict-of-interest laws, to create a government “integrity index.” Idaho scored particularly poorly for its open meeting and conflict of interest laws.

Question: Are you surprised that Idaho ranks so far behind Washington in government openness?

WND Poll: Obama’s Civilian Security Force

How does Obama’s Civilian National Security Force grab you?/WorldNetDaily

1. We’ve asked our young people to serve the cause of war - now we’re asking them to serve the cause of peace
2. With the many hurdles the nation faces, it’s the only solution to addressing many of our problems
3. It’s an admirable plan for instilling a sense of duty in young people
4. A great idea! It’s about time young people give back to their country
5. As JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you …”

Wild Card/Thursday — 11/13/08

Everyone tied in any way to the stock market knows the Dow Jones shot up 553 points today here. Former SNL funny man Al Franken is still trying to become a U.S. senator here. Crooked Alaska US senator Ted Stevens now trails in the ballot counting here. Barack Obama is giving up his Senate seat here. Oregon’s pregnant man is still pregnant again (sorry, CindyH) here. And it’s time to play the Wild Card again as HBO After Hours begins …

CindyH: Do I Need Facebook, Myspace?

Am I the only one who doesn’t subscribe to a social networking site? I can barely keep on top of my e-mail, my phone goes straight to voice mail, and I’m doing good if I can stay current with HBO, and hang out with my “real” friends and family. Am I missing something?

Related: MySpace brings father, daughter together/Cindy Hval, SR Voices

Question (from CindyH): Do I need Facebook or MySpace?

HBO’s Headlines @ Closin’ Time — 11/13/08

Don Sausser/Special to Huckleberries Online
Cougar Bay’s controversial pilings are silhouetted in the water below a recent sunset in this photo by Don Sausser. For years various wood mills used the lake’s surface for log storage, paying annual leases to the State Lands Commission. The pilings, no longer needed for log storage, are being considered for removal to facilitate boating safety. But a local group is promoting a plan to leave them in place to support their long time use supporting osprey nests. An additional benefit is to limit noise from water activity along the Nature Conservancy’s project on the west shore.

*US Attorney investigates release of Sali SS numbers/Idaho Statesman
*Union seeks removal of Spokane VA official/SR
*EWU prof: Modest growth best bet for Kootenai, Spokane counties/SR
*March trial set for Priest Lake slaying/Bonner County Bee
*Kellogg author to release 3rd book/Shoshone News-Press
*Crapo applauds changes in financial rescue plan/Idaho Statesman
*ACLU threatens legal action over crowded jail/KTVB
*Micron orders workers to take time off/AP
*Ed board to consider ISU medical school plan/AP

Moscow GLBT To Protest Anti-Gay Laws

A group of gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) will join a nationwide protest of successful anti-gay ballot measures at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at the Moscow City Hall. The organization is demonstrating against California’s Proposition 8, California’s anti-gay marriage amendment, as well as other anti-gay ballot initiatives in Arkansas, Arizona and Florida. A protest is also scheduled for Spokane.

Rathdrum Man’s Organs Save Oregonian

The story goes back to early July and the tragic motorcycle accident that claimed the life of James Palumbo. The young outdoor enthusiast was riding parallel the railroad tracks at Pleasantview and Highway 53 when he struck a mile marker. The crash resulted in his suffering from a shearing brain injury. He never regained consciousness and died on July 3. Before his death, Palumbo had agreed to donate surviving organs. His heart went to a recipient in Utah, a second kidney to a 13-year-old Washington man and his liver to another Washington recipient/Tom Burnett, The Star. More here.

Question: Are you an organ donor?

Minnick Sorry Re: Sali SS Number Snafu

Idaho Congressman-elect Walt Minnick, asked about the Idaho Democratic Party anti-Bill Sali flier that included an illustration that revealed the Social Security numbers of Congressman Sali and his wife, said he’s talked to the party about the incident. “It was an unfortunate oversight – it shouldn’t have happened,” Minnick said. “I am very sorry it happened. It was inadvertent”/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Montana 20YO Upsets NH County Treasurer

Jennifer Argote/The Dartmouth, AP
County Treasurer-elect Vanessa Sievers, 20, a Dartmouth College junior from Big Sky, Mont., poses in front of one her campaign signs on campus Oct. 22 in Hanover, N.H. Sievers beat out Grafton County (N.H.) Treasurer Carol Elliott, 66, a Republican, who called Sievers a “teenybopper” and blamed the loss on “brainwashed college kids.” AP story here.

Transplanted Texan’s reaction

Question: Would you vote for a 20-year-old political candidate?

1 in 10 Spokane Homes Sell For Loss

Item: 1 in 10 Spokane-area homes sold for loss/Shawn Vestal, SR

More Info: A tenth of the people who sold homes in Spokane County in the past year sold them for less than they paid originally, according to a new national report. And home values in the county dropped by 9 percent in the past 12 months, with an estimated 85 percent of all homes declining in value, according to a report prepared by, an online site that compiles and analyzes real estate information. Other real estate reports, however, indicate the decline in value is less than 9 percent. Either way, the picture in Spokane County is much better than in the rest of the country, the Zillow report says.

Question: How much value has your home lost in the last 12 months?

HBO @ Noon: Student Newspapers

Item: High school students sue over article on sex lives/Paul Shukovsky, Seattle PI

More Info: Four Puyallup high school students whose sex lives were detailed in a student newspaper sued the school district Wednesday, saying the publication invaded their privacy and exposed them to severe sexual harassment, humiliation and embarrassment.

Question: How much control should high school administrators have over student newspapers?

BonnerCo Hang-Obama Sign Draws Feds

Keith Kinnaird/Bonner County Bee
Ken Germana defends the sign he put up on his property in Vay, Idaho, in southwestern Bonner County, about 24 miles from Sandpoint, Wednesday.Bonner County Bee story here

More Info: The U.S. Secret Service is being asked to review a sign a Bonner County landowner put up which suggests a “free public hanging” of President-elect Barack Obama and several other political figures. The handmade cardboard sign also features a noose fashioned from a length of nylon rope. “That’s a political statement. They can call it whatever they want, a threat or whatever,” said Ken Germana, who installed the sign on his property off Golden Gate Road in southwestern Bonner County.

Question: Should this “political sign” be considered free speech or a crime?

IVA: Focus On State Policy, Not National

We can strengthen marriage by reforming divorce law to move away from unilateral divorce and toward mutual consent divorce when children are involved. We can protect the right of conscience for pharmacists when it comes to prescribing abortifacients. We can ban human cloning and embryonic stem cell research in Idaho. We can increase parental choice in education through tax credit legislation and lifting the cap on charter schools. We can protect the ability of parents to be the educators of choice for their pre-K children. We can strengthen the abstinence education message in our public schools/Bryan Fischer, IVA. More here.

*Zeb, marriage & the Bible/MountainGoat Report
*More on upside-down flag case/Unequivocal Notion
*Palin update: Polls, propaganda, programs/Adam’s Blog
*Comments on guns/Morialekafa
*Cal Thomas & his abject flag of surrender/IVA
*Obama wants America to serve him/Red County

Tom: How Long, O Lord, Will Obamamania Last?

Tom: When will this Obama feel-good crapola end! He’s won already, we don’t need such claptrap. He’s not the Messiah, people, and he, and his minions, is trying everything he can to pull your emotional strings to make himself look warm and generous. When will the media love affair end?

DFO: I’ve heard predictions that the Obama honeymoon period could last months or even more than a year. I’d say it depends on his ability to deal with the current economic crisis.

Question: Anyone have a guess re: the length of Barack Obama’s honeymoon period will last after he’s sworn into office?

‘Guernica’: Ex-SR, Press Staffer Pens Hot Book

The book sold almost as quickly, to both American and European publishers, and has been made one of a dozen 2008 Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers picks. The most gratifying stamp of approval came in September when Boling’s publisher sent him to Spain on a book tour. He was approached by a man who said his mother and aunt had been in Guernica during the bombing. “And he was holding the book like it was a Bible or something, holding it to his chest, saying, ‘This is a tribute to them, and this is a story that they would have loved.’ And he told me how much he appreciated it. “It was one of those moments,” Boling says. “He was tearing up, and I was, too. And right then, I pretty much didn’t care what the reviews would be”/Dan Webster, SR. More here.

Question: If you wrote a book, what would it be about?

HBO’s AM Headlines — 11/13/08

Jerome A. Pollos/CDA Press, AP
A young deer forages for food in a backyard Monday, near Nettleton Gulch in Coeur d’Alene.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR
*Sunshine today, fog tomorrow/SR
*Vandals get commitment from NIC standout/KXLY
*Idaho Boy Scout counselor sentenced to 15 years/AP
*Lake Pend Oreille visitor saves Canadian from drowing/Adams (Ritzville) County Journal
*CDA seeking company to clean, re-coat sewage treatment plant/Tom Hasslinger, CDA Press
*New Post Falls park in final plan phase/Carolyn Lamberson, SR Prairie Voice
*Nonprofits fight economic slowdown/Alecia Warren, CDA Press
*Crews extinquish CDA house fire/KHQ
*Post Falls hires new urban renewal exec/CDA Press
*US Silver appoints 3 new directors/Ty Hampton, Shoshone News-Press

HBO Poll: Gonzaga’s Josh Heytvelt

Are you glad to see Gonzaga forward Josh Heytvelt back on the court healthy and happy, after his brush with the law early in his college career and injuries that dog him?

*Yes, it’d be nice to see him play a full year without incident.
*Yes, the Zags need a healthy Heytvelt to do well in the NCAA tournament.
*No, he should have been kicked off the team permanently after his drug scrape.
*No, college athletes are too pampered
*Who’s Josh Heytvelt?

Bond: Wallace, Not CDA, Is Home

D.P. Bond: Moved here from Seattle first in 1978 to work at the CdA Press. Never felt home in the Lake City or at the Press and lived out of cardboard boxes for two years, resumes a-flying. Then in 1980 I discovered Wallace and felt immediately at home, plus I worked for a great employer, Harry Magnuson, who owned the North Idaho Press. I’ve left to work in other places but have always returned to Wallace. Next time I leave Wallace will be in a pine box.

Question: Where do you consider to be home?

Huckleberries: Obama Post Goes National

On Oct. 9, Rathdrum’s Dogwalk Musings explained on her home computer “Why I’m for Obama.” Seems she was impressed by something Michelle Obama said in an interview with Larry King re: that presidential debate question fielded by her hubby: “What don’t you know?” Quoth Dogwalk: “She turned serious after a few quick quips and said, basically, Barack knows what he doesn’t know and surrounds himself with those who can educate him. In other words he doesn’t surround himself with ‘yes’ men. That is important to me.” So why do a few cyber paragraphs typed a month ago or so amount to much here?

Hump Day Wild Card — 11/12/08

I did a little house-cleaning along the right rail today, adding Community Comment to the HBO Blogosphere and deleting buddy Taryn Hecker’s blog, The Skinny On North Idaho, after Taryn decided to quit the local blogosphere. I pruned some blogs from the Idaho Blogs & Friends blogroll, too, including the poorly maintained or defunct ones belonging to politicians Jim Risch, Bill Sali and Walt Minnick. Mebbe a coupla others, too. Now for your Hump Day Wild Card and the start of HBO After Hours …

JeanieSpokane: Must Get Organized

To be organized is to be “prepared, planned, ordered, controlled, well thought-out, structured.” All things I am not. I have many bosses and I get their baggage too (their specialized assistants). I find files, search for files, file files, pull files, close files (in your dreams). They ALL keep their files that they are working on in order received – which is NOT alphabetical or numerical! They also have mysterious piles of files in stacks on chairs, tables, couches, floor and any space in their office that is big enough for a new pile. I blitz through each office daily and try to memorize the various locations of a myriad of files that are in no sensible order. My biggest hurdle though is being organized/JeanieSpokane, Nuts & Nonsense. More here.

Question: Are you organized?

HBO’s Headlines @ Closin’ Time — 11/12/08

Jerome A. Pollos/CDA Press
Russ DeVerniero, with the Pappy Boyington Detachment of the Marine Corps League, fires a round during a gun-salute during a Veterans Day event Tuesday at Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Coeur d’Alene.

*Lytle’s attorneys offer no defense in Summer Phelps case/Karen Dorn Steele, SR
*Students sue high school paper re: story about their sex lives/Seattle PI
*Coeur d’Alene High senior name MVP volleyballer/Sportslink
*Bonners Ferry won’t get high-speed Internet soon/
*Ex-priest apologizes for abusing 24 boys/SR
*Canyon County releases 17 to relieve overcrowding/Idaho Statesman
*Autopsy: No foul play involved in man crushed in paper bale/Idaho Statesman
*Gun sales surge in Idaho amid fears about Obama/KTVB
*Vandals hit Sandpoint Healing Garden/Bonner County Bee
*Court upholds sentence in 2005 Sandpoint murder/Bonner County Bee

Trolls School Brand X Moderator

At Brand X Blog Central, moderator “Chris” is having a hard time keeping the inmates from taking over the prison. He interjects in a thread re: Mary Souza’s latest column:

“Okay … Corralling content for topic relevance is not our purpose. We do track individuals who seem to troll up threads with inane comments. But generally we look to keep personal conflicts between posters to a minimum and to remove offensive posts that contain a wide and creative variety of profanity. Even staying within such simple guidelines we’re routinely accused of bias, etc. … My suggestion would be to ignore the foolish content and respond to the pertinent material.”

He posted this after an anonymous commenter responding to “Ugh” wrote: “You OBVIOUSLY have not worked for a woman on the rag! If you cannot keep your emotions or hormones out of business decisions then DONT BE IN BUSINESS!” The Berry Picker who alerted me to the thread commented: “I guess referencing women ‘on the rag’ is considered relevant and/or not offensive to Souza’s column.”

Quotable Quote — UIdaho RB Jackson

“It’s not something I’m trying to worry about or have as a distraction,” Jackson said of the (misdemeanor battery) charge. “I’m going to focus on the things I’ve been focusing on for the last five or so months, which is still going to school, getting it done on Saturday and making sure my homework is done by its due date/Deonte Jackson, UIdaho running back. Lewiston Tribune story here.

HBO IDs Palin Lookalike In YouTube Video

Huckleberries Online (w/the help of Huckster TommyT) has identified the Sarah Palin lookalike, in the YouTube video making the rounds locally — Lisa Aitken (who works at Pita Pit HQ on Sherman). The two men in the video above were introducted to you Tuesday — Century 21 agents John “Brock Mockery” Williams and Bill “Joe The Plumber” Graves.

Letter Writer: Old But Not Obsolete

I can still ride my bike, swim in the lake, and am also capable of making informed decisions, despite my advanced age of 65. I am what Tyler Wilson would call an “old white woman.” Racism, sexism, homophobia and ageism all amount to the same thing and it’s not pretty; it’s called prejudice. Fortunately, I know many young people who do not subscribe to Mr. Wilson’s narrow view of the world. They don’t view the over-50 group as obsolete, uncaring and irrelevant. Our esteemed entertainment critic has clearly been raised on the fast food diet of youth worshipping junk that Hollywood spews forth, by the ton, on a daily basis/Karen Lawson, CDA Press. More here.

Question (for AARP Baby Boomers & older): Do you fit the stereotype that youngers gens have of Seasoned Citizens?

Coldwell-Schneidmiller Consolidates

Coldwell Banker Schneidmiller Realty announced today a plan to consolidate the company’s North Idaho real estate operations at two Coeur d’Alene locations including 1924 and 2000, Northwest Boulevard. Associates from the current Post Falls office and the Hanley residential Previews location will be relocating to the 1924 office joining the company’s residential sales center. The free standing Hanley commercial operation’s agents will occupy the second floor of the 2000 Northwest Boulevard building. The “right-sizing” actually works perfectly and repositions the firm to address the changing North Idaho real estate market with a more appropriate business model and staff size/Gary Schneidmiller, news release to MSL members today. More here.

HBO @ Noon — Stocking Stuffers

Jesse Tinsley/SR
SR photog Jesse Tinsley saw this at Figpickel’s Toy Emporium/Sherman Avenue and thought it would be a fun gift for the computer geek in your family, a mouse with a large arachnid in it.

Question: What do you usually buy for stocking stuffers for Christmas morning?

Hagadone Selling Pleasure Boat Lola

Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho
“If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who has everything,’ posts Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho, “how about a 70’ yacht? Duane Hagadone, owner of the Coeur d’Alene Resort, has put this three-story luxury yacht on the market. The Lola III is the largest vessel ever to grace the waters of Lake Coeur d’Alene. When construction began on Duane and Lola’s 22,000 sq. ft. Casco Bay lake home earlier this year, they commissioned the construction of the yacht to be used as their summer living quarters. More here. And: KXLY story here.

Question: Do you an extra $3 million this holiday season to buy a big boat for pleasure cruising on Lake Coeur d’Alene next summer?

HBO Poll: Done In By Doughnuts

Stupid doughnut. Nobody said I had to eat it, but given the coffee was fresh and the doughnuts were fresh, how could you expect me to pass them up? I know better, but as I’ve said before, when it comes to maple bars and their mapley goodness I have no willpower and it shows. It’s a constant battle, one that I have a hard time winning. So, I was only slightly surprises when I recently gained 12 pounds one weekend. It wasn’t because of that maple bar and his friend the apple fritter. No, I gained 12 pounds when we bought a new bathroom scale/Kaisie Brede, St. Maries Gazette-Record. More here.

Question: How often do you weigh yourself? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Never?

Airport Unveils New Car Rental Facility

Item: Airport unveils convenient rental car facility/Mike Prager, SR

More Info: A $14.1 million facility opened earlier this month with covered breezeways and waiting areas, customer service kiosks and added parking for 231 vehicles coming and going from the airport. Rental employees are there to speed passengers to boarding gates. Unlike many airports, where passengers take shuttle buses to off-site lots to rent a car, the new rental-car facility at Spokane International is within walking distance of the main terminal.

Question: What would you like to see changed at the Spokane Airport?

‘Leave It To Beaver’ Star Targets Diabetes

Jose Leiva/Lewiston Sun Journal, AP
Jerry Mathers, the star of the late 50’s television show “Leave it to Beaver”, holds a photo of his character the Beaver during a stop at Simones’ Hot Dogs in Lewiston, Maine, on Tuesday. Mathers was on a promotional tour raising awareness for diabetes.

Question: What were your favorite television shows of your formative years?

Letter: We Damn Californians Are Staying

In response to Scott Kelly’s letter; the first thing I heard when we came here was “You won’t make it here. You will go back to California in a year and leave all your money here.” Well, guess what? We’re still here 20 years later. It seems to me that, for every piece of property sold to a Californian, there was an Idahoan who knew that the Californians had a little more money than most Idahoans and would pay just a little bit more for the same piece of land, so the battle cry for years was wait until tourist season and sell it then (no matter what it was) to some dumb Californian/Craig Copeland, CDA Press letter to the editor. More here.

Question: When did you move to North Idaho? From where? Did you ever think of going back?

Heller: Left Out In The Cold

Joe Heller/Hellertoons

Parting Shot — 11/11/08

Jesse Tinsley/SR
Milton Schauble, center, stands in the rain and listens to the speaker at the Veterans Day rememberance at Veterans Park in Coeur d’Alene Tuesday. Schauble served in the Philippines in WWII. Dan Hansen’s SR story here.

Who Balances Your Checkbook?

Recently, a friend and I discussed how our families balance our checkbook. Her husband handles the checkbook duties for her family. Her daughter never balances her checkbook. But simply looks online to see if there’s money in the account. I know of individuals who balance their checkbook by rounding down to the nearest dollar — so there’s always extra money in the account. Me? I balance my family’s checkbook to the penny each weekend. How about you?

Question: Which approach do you take toward balancing the checkbook?

HBO’s Headlines @ Closin’ Time — 11/11/08

Jerome A. Pollos/CDA Press
Eli Putren, 9, left, contemplates his next move against Bailey Youngman, 10, while brushing up on his chess skills after school Monday at Winton Elementary in Coeur d’Alene.

*Property rights group debates Minnick’s Owyhees bill/Idaho Statesman
*New statue at BSU honors veterans/KTVB
*Nampan who tried to torch wife gets 10 years/KTVB
*Minnick looks to Utah Dem congressman for guidance/KCBI
*Minor league footballer bites finger off jail worker/AP
*Waterfront setbacks in Bonner County hailed, jeered/Bonner County Bee
*Kellogg computer tech gets probation for sex w/minor/Shoshone County News-Press
*St. Vinny’s hands out breakfast for homeless/KXLY

Moscow Captain Sad, Excited Re: Deployment

Item: Moscow man to be deployed to Afghanistan today/Tara Roberts, Moscow-Pullman Daily News

More Info: Tami Storm cooked her husband Rick a farewell dinner of beef burgundy with tender potatoes and pearl onions last week. Tami’s cooking tops the list of things Army Capt. Rick Storm will miss over the next year. He’ll also miss spending time with his 16-year-old daughter, guiding his son through his senior year of high school, enjoying fellowship with his friends at All Souls Christian Church and finishing his backyard landscaping project. Storm, 37, said he is sad to leave his Moscow home but excited about the mission that’s taking him away.

Question: Do you have a loved one or a good friend now deployed in either Iraq or Afghanistan?

Dogwalk: Tunnel Vision & Sexism

It’s easy to say race triumphed over gender (as Mary Souza did in her Coeur d’Alene Press column Sunday) and to blame the media but neither is true. Hillary may well have persevered had she had not had that baggage and had she had control of her campaign. Sarah Palin too could have persevered had she known her geography, known what periodicals she supposedly read and hadn’t tried to be too cute by half. Listen to the interviews where she was overly familiar especially with “Charlie” Gibson and “Joe” Biden in the debate. Not to mention the lack of substance in all her interviews/Dogwalk Musings. More here.

Question: Do you agree w/Dogwalk Musings that sexism wasn’t to blame for the losses by Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin? Or do you agree w/Mary Souza that it was?

Local Blogs — 11/11/08

OrangeFrog76 Photo
Granati has posted a bunch of new photos at OrangeFrog76, including this one which he calls simply, “Car full of dogs.”

*Keeping My Eyes On Kellogg/Silver Valley Girl
*On overthinking kind of everything/TUBOB
*Tuesday Haiku/Tumblewords
*A letter from WWII and grandpa/Mrs. Mac Energetic
*Hail to our veterans/Slight Detour
*Newspaper-radio collaboration/Still A Newspaperman
*The sky moved sideways/Synaptic Disunion
*On assignment in Istanbul/Notes from the ‘Kan EWA
*Jesus & puppies/Wayward Episcopalians

HBO Numbers (for Monday, Nov. 10): 10,080 page-views/5561 unique views.

Akey Suspends 3 Players, Not RB Jackson

University of Idaho sophomore running back Deonte Jackson (pictured running ball) will not be suspended from the Vandals’ football team for his involvement in a Nov. 2 fight. Moscow police cited Jackson on Friday evening for misdemeanor battery in relation to the fight. Police allege Jackson hit a man during the house party on North Polk Street Extension. The man owned the home where the party took place and was trying to get Jackson and others to leave after an argument. three other football players — freshman strong safety Shelton Miles, senior cornerback Breyon Williams and sophomore wide receiver Dewey Hale — were cited Nov. 3 for misdemeanor battery in connection to the fight. They were suspended indefinitely from the team last week/Moscow-Pullman Daily News. More here.

Question: Should Jackson have been suspended, too?

CDA Mom: Quit Being So Sexist, Hucksters

CDA Mom: I am just amazed by the flagrant sexism that you all are engaged in. It is one thing to state that someone needs a make over — but quite another to judge someone based upon their looks. All I see in the above comments are judgments made based upon the gender of these women. It wasn’t bad enough that our society was innudated with gender basis through out the election (and I do not support Sarah Pahlin), but now we have to see it on these blogs. I do not know when the last time someone dissected President Bush, VP Cheney or McCain’s physical appearance, but I am tired of the constant barrage of gender bias of anything female. When will society ever learn.

Question: Is it flagrantly sexual or understandable to notice the appearance of political candidates and their spouses?

HBO @ Noon: Memorizing Passwords

Item: Idaho prof: Picture is worth a 1,000 passwords/Tom Vogt, The Columbian

More Info: A picture is worth a thousand passwords and a lot easier to remember. That’s the theory behind a project at the University of Idaho, where scientists are trying to create computer passwords that are easier to remember while providing better security. “Humans are good at remembering meaningful things, but bad at remembering arbitrary sequences of digits,” said Steffen Werner, a psychology professor at the University of Idaho.

Question: Do you have trouble remembering your various computer passwords?

F-Words: Beware Of Facebook Strangers

I’ve been getting an inordinate amount of friend requests on Facebook from middle-aged men I’ve never heard of lately. I’m usually a somewhat promiscuous with my befriending habits on Facebook, but when a strange guy who graduated from college the year I was born wants to be my “friend,” I’m pretty turned off. I have only ever gotten a handful of these, because I think my relationshp status of “married” is actually a pretty good filter. But as it turns out a bad profile picture isn’t - I just changed mine from the one at right to a more recent one that is out of focus and depicts me and my now crazy hair absent-mindedly nomming on a cocktail straw/Sara Anderson, F-Words. More here.

Recommended: Randy Stapilus, ex-Idaho political reporter extraordinaire, has begun a new posting series highlighting the top “reads” in the Northwest each day. Click here.

*Armistice Day/Fort Boise
*Bill Sali’s excuses/Unequivocal Notion
*Election sets stage for salmon, dams forum/Rocky Barker
*Who elected Obama?/Clayton Cramer
*The GOP & un-Magnificent 7 franchise/Dennis Mansfield

Question: Has your Facebook account attracted any creepy strangers wanting to be friends?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 11/11/08

Bebeto Matthews/AP Photos
Stuart Claxton, right, head U.S. adjudicator for Guiness World Records, make a confirmation measurement of the legs of Svetlana Pankratova, the woman with the world’s longest legs from Russia, during a news conference in New York’s Times Square Monday. Standing 6’ 5” tall with legs measuring 51.9 inches, Pankratova’s first U.S. appearance kicks off a week long national celebration of record-breaking events for Guiness World Records. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

a. Here’s the long and short of it, Svetlana borrowed my full length pink dress for her lofty debut in New York, thus the resulting mini-skirt look — JeanieSpokane.
2. Svetlana’s next feat is to skate on water — Charlie.
3. The world is getting a lot of mileage out of Svetlana’s 51.9-inch legs. “If you look at it that way, they actually stretch around the world,” she commented — Tn_Top_Hat.

HM: Pecky

Minnick Charts Conservative Course

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter, a Republican, says when he served three terms in Congress, he often found common ground with the Blue Dog Caucus, a group of fiscally conservative Democrats. Now, Idaho’s newest congressman-elect, Democrat Walt Minnick, is a member of that group. Said Otter, “We could do a lot worse than have the Blue Dogs get a majority of the Democrat party.” He added, “Interestingly enough, I would tell you, and so would Mike Simpson, there were many times Mike Simpson and I voted for the Blue Dog budget and only accepted the Republican budget after the Blue Dog budget lost. Oh yeah – it was much more conservative”/Betsy Russell, SR Eye On Boise. More here.

Question: The Idaho delegation was one of the lowest ranked ones in Congress this year (although Congressman Mike Simpson was rated among the 10 best by Esquire). How effective do you see Idaho’s delegation, now that Jim Risch and Walt Minnick have replaced Larry Craig and Bill Sali?

HBO’s AM Headlines — 11/11/08

Jerome A. Pollos, CDA Press
Bob Shamberg, principal of Borah Elementary, juggles while wearing a ballerina outfit Monday, during lunch in Coeur d’Alene. Students voted for Shamber to either kiss a pig or wear a ballerina outfit at school, during an election day event. The ballerina option won over a pig kiss 203-156 in the student polls.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR
*Silverton man admits double murder/Ty Hampton, Shoshone News-Press
*Council subcommittee opposes wine license for downtown bakery/Tom Hasslinger, CDA Press
*Prosecutor: No charges in Craigslist snake case/Tom Greene, CDA Press
*UI, BSU rivalry moves beyond sports/Greg Connolly, UI Argonaut
*Hayden Lake Road subdivision ready for second try/Alecia Warren, CDA Press
*Ex-WSU provost moved to Tri-City campus/SR

Question: If you had a chance to vote on something like the Borah School kids in the photo above, would you rather see your boss kiss a pig or wear a ballerina outfit to work?

Bleary-Eyed: Need Tips On Being Frugal

Yesterday, a woman pseudonymed Bleary-Eyed commented here that her husband had been laid off Monday morning. Last evening, she e-mailed me to post a question here asking that I open a thread re: being frugal. Writes she: “We are not big spenders. Eat out once a week (usually fast food $$), rarely go to movies or rent them, don’t buy lots of clothes or electronics and our kids are involved in minimal activities.”

Question (from Bleary-Eyed): How can we cut back on our spending to live through this unemployment?

Clark: Worrying About My Legacy

Your legacy is how the world will think of you when you’re gone, and getting the one you want is a lot tougher than you’d think. For example, for the last eight years George Bush has been working overtime on being remembered as the worst president in American history. As of last January, despite starting wars, not finding bin Laden and speaking as if English were a fourth or fifth language, President Bush still found himself in a three-way heat with Richard Nixon and heavily boozing Ulysses S. Grant. … I’ll be honest with you. I’m a bit worried about my own legacy/Doug Clark, SR. More here.

Question: How will you be remembered when you cash it in?

Wild Card/Monday — 11/10/08

In the news as I head home this evening, President Bush and President-elect Barack Obama met at the White House today here. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin looks to God for future guidance here. DNC Chairman Howard Dean says he won’t seek a second term here. And the Wild Card is played again here …

Minnick Names MikeK To Transition Team

Huckleberries Online has learned that Mike Kennedy, the CDA councilman and longtime blog supporter, has been named as one of four individuals to Democrat Walt Minnick’s transition team. Mike Mitchell of Lewiston is one of the others. I’m trying to get a copy of a release sent out by the Minnick campaign that names all four.

Scanner Traffic — 11/10/08

5:09 p.m. Woman hit moose @ 54 & Ramsey.
5:07 p.m. R/P in pickup reports he hit a 50-gallon barrel that was in the roadway on Hollister Drive/Post Falls.
4:23 p.m. Several cars are parked on a sharp curve near Tobler’s Marina on Hayden lake, creating a driving hazard.

Mansfield: Is Religious Right Dead In Idaho?

A conversation that religious rightist Dennis Mansfield had with his daughter follows:

Dennis: Here’s a better question: Should the remnant of the religious right in Idaho wake up soon and see its obituary in the Idaho Statesman?
Meg: I found in my own life that being compassionate, loving and mellow creates an environment that I want. If the focus of the religious right remnant in Idaho changed to loving and embracing even those who are different than themselves, then they might have greater success. Full conversation here.

Question: Do you know Evangelicals whom you’d describe as “loving and embracing”?

Roxy: Remembering Glorious Lady Wilma

OrangeTV/Remember The Roxy
At Remember The Roxy, OrangeTV remembers the glorious Wilma Theater, which is now only a patch of grass being advertised for sale by Hagadone Corp at the northeast corner of Sherman Avenue and 2nd Street. I saw the movie “Secret of NIMH” at the Wilma, while visiting friends when I was living in Lewiston. It was closed, I believe, when I moved here in 1984.

Question: Did you see movies regularly at the old Wilma?

Local Blogs — 11/10/08

Family Phil/A Family Runs Through It
Family Phil provides his formula for coaxing 100 Girl Scouts into helping Senior Citizens in the community rake leaves from their lawns here.

*‘Brave New World’: The book versus reality/Dogwalk Musings
*Crossing the threshold, at long last/Arch Druid
*Time Out/Bay Views
*Don’t touch that dial/Simple Mind
*Animal Beer/Gathering Around The Table
*Monday Music: Black Happy/Get Out! North Idaho
*Lots on my mind/Kellogg Bloggin’
*Giving/Live, Love, Laugh, Hope
*Things kids say/Notes On A Napkin

HBO Nos (for week of Nov. 2-6) 76,358 page-views/39,675 unique views

UI Running Back Jackson Cited, Too

Another University of Idaho football player has been cited in relation to a Nov. 2 fight at a house party. Assistant Moscow Police Chief David Duke said sophomore running back Deonte Jackson (shown running against Idaho State in photo taken by Steve Hanks/Lewiston Tribune earlier this year) was cited for misdemeanor battery late Friday evening. Duke said police allege Jackson hit a man during the house party on North Polk Street Extension. The man owned the home where the party took place and was trying to get Jackson and others to leave after an argument/Moscow-Pullman Daily News. More here.

Question: Go, Vandals?

HBO @ Noon: Ugliest Dog, 9, RIP

Crista Jeremiason/Press Democrat, AP File Photo
In June, Gus, a pedigree Chinese Crested from St. Petersburg, Fla, competes in the 2008 World’s Ugliest Dog Contest at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, Calif. The one-eyed, three-legged dog that won the title of world’s ugliest pooch this summer has died, the St. Petersburg Times in Florida reported Monday Nov. 10, 2008. He was 9.

Question: When was the last time a pet of yours died?

Political Game: What Now For Minnick?

Will Walt Minnick “pull a Stallings”? His success as a congressman will have a lot to do with the early successes or failures of the Obama administration, as unequivocal notion recently pointed out, but more than the circumstances in the nation’s capital, Minnick’s success as well as hope for re-election will come down to what kind of constituent service base he builds/Tara Rowe, Political Game. More here.

*Obama helps Idaho Demo position in 43 of 44 counties/Red State Rebels
*Lessons for the Republican Party/Clayton Cramer
*With Bush gone, Idaho lawmakers will face climatic change/Rocky Barker
*Obamaland/Right Mind
*An Evangelical map/Randy Stapilus
*Stocking up/Free In Idaho
*RIP for religious right?/Dennis Mansfield
*Bill Sali Fan hangs ‘em up/Bubblehead

Question: What does Congressman-elect Walt Minnick have to do to put himself in a good position to be re-elected in 2010?

Barack Becomes Popular Baby Name

Item: Barack a hot name for new babies/International Herald Tribune

More Info: In the last week, Barack, Obama, Michelle, Malia and Sasha have become inspirations for first and middle names across the United States, according to news reports. But the Obama baby boom has been even more pronounced in Kenya, particularly in Kisumu, an area in the western part of the country where relatives of Obama live.

Question: Would you name a kid Barack?

Fisher: Tighter Controls On Voting? Or Voters?

How many times do some Idaho Republicans have to poke voters in the eye before the voters start responding in kind? When members of the Bill Sali wing of the party aren’t trying to close their primary elections to all but those who register publicly as Republicans, legislators like Tom Loertscher are killing legislation permitting Idahoans to vote by mail they way their neighbors in Oregon and Washington do. And now that it has become apparent many Idahoans vote by mail anyway, through the absentee process, some Republicans want it curtailed/Jim Fisher, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Question: Did you vote absentee or at the polls this year? Would you like to see Idaho go to a vote-by-mail system?

Neo-Nazis March On Missouri State Capitol

Kelley McCall/Jefferson City News-Tribune, AP
Law enforcement officers guard members of the National Socialist Movement as they march around the Missouri State Capitol Saturday in Jefferson City, Mo. The group of about 60 people later held a sparsely-attended “rally” on the Capitol’s south lawn.

Question: Do you think the neo-Nazis and KKK remnants will ever gain a significant following in this country?

Nappi: Living In A New Financial Reality

This changing financial reality could result in some good. It could narrow the gap between the haves and have-nots. It could turn the focus away from acquiring goods to acquiring connections with neighbors, friends and extended family. It could also help us grow up a bit more. A decade ago, I stumbled across a photo of men and women in a crowd during the Depression. They were in their 20s and 30s but looked decades older. About the same time, I attended a wedding where a baby-boomer mom looked nearly identical to her Gen-Y daughter. Both wore tight sundresses, spike heels and the same trendy hairdo. Something seemed wrong with that picture. Hard times age people, but it also makes them more mature/Rebecca Nappi, SR. More here.

Question: Do you see a silver lining to the financial crisis that this country is going through?

Aldous Huxley’s Vision Arrives In CDA

Granted, we live in violent times, and the protection of our children should be first consideration for the educational community. But imagine the plight of the school board if, next month, it approves officers bringing high-powered rifles into schools each day, while classic literature must be checked at the door. The school board is currently deadlocked, 2-2, on whether or not Huxley’s novel passes muster for impressionable young minds. The deadlock certainly impressed newspaper editors across the West; The Press story on that school board meeting was picked up in Portland, Olympia and elsewhere/CDA Press. More here.

Question: How would you encourage the fifth trustee for the Coeur d’Alene School Board to vote to break the tie?

Wild Card/Sunday — 11/9/08

As Sunday arrives at HBO Central, 3 of the monsters involved in the 2002 Bali bombing that killed 202 met their maker w/the help of a firing squad here. The ban on gay marriage appears to have passed — even with 2.7 million ballots left to be counted here. Stunned Repubs are looking for a way forward here. And you’re encouraged to start your own thread with this Wild Card …

Online Poll: Favorite TV Reality Show?

What’s your favorite reality TV show?/Idaho Statesman

*”The Amazing Race”
*”Project Runway”
*”Top Chef”
*”American Idol”
*”Jon & Kate Plus 8”
*”Little People, Big World”
*”The Next Food Network Star”
*”The Next Design Star”
*”Extreme Home Makeover”

Truly: Don’t Local Drivers Know What A Pedestrian Is?

Truly: What is up with people in this town that are driving and absolutely ignoring pedestrians? My God I thought I was going to be killed about 10 minutes ago while trying to walk my son’s puppy. It’s not like you couldn’t see me as I was wearing a very bright blue coat. I was off of the flippin road as far as I could get and that didn’t matter. These crap for brain drivers all had to drive down 15th as if it were I90. Then in a split millisecond they’d see me and kinda sorta move over a fraction of an inch making sure to spray me with as much mud puddle water as they could find. Folks wonder why they get flipped off and honked at, etc. on the roads. Well let’s see-hm you are driving with crap for brains, not paying attention to the road or others on or beside it!

DFO: Are North Idaho drivers careful around pedestrians and bicyclists? Are is your experience as a pedestrian similary to Truly’s?

KootCo Jobless Rate Worse Than State, Nation

Item: Kootenai County unemployment soars: First time in 46 months that rate is higher than state, national numbers/Tom Greene, CDA Press

More Info: Think the national jobless rate is bad at 6.5 percent? For the first time since 2004, Kootenai County has edged out both the national and state jobless rate with 6.6 percent. “There were 46 months where Kootenai County’s rate was below the national and this is the first month it’s higher,” said Kathryn Tacke, regional economist with the Idaho Department of Labor. “In itself it’s not really horrible. It just depends on if this keeps up.”

Question: Do you know someone who has lost his or her job as a result of the bad national economy?

Wild Card/Saturday — 11/8/08

In the news this morning, Sarah Palin, the Alaska governor and former North Idaho resident, fires back at jerks she met on the McCain campaign trail here. Debate over the ‘first dog’ dominates Barack Obama’s Web site here. And Al Gore sees the transformative power of the Web in politics here. With that, I’ll play your Wild Card …

I’ll See Your Elk, Dad, And Raise You A Bigger One

Amanda Johnson/Havre Daily News, AP
Joe Cartwright of Havre, Mont., harvested his biggest ever bull elk in his hunting career. His 16-year-old daughter Holly Cartwright harvested her first ever bull elk.

OrangeTV: Connie’s Needs To Clean Up Restrooms

I’d felt a need to visit the “boy’s lounge” since leaving Coeur d’Alene 45 minutes earlier, and on my way through the back hallway to the restroom, I paused for a moment to peer through a grated door and check out the goings-on in the attached bar. I could hear drunken voices and the dull clank of pool balls but could see only vague smoky movements in the dark. Suddenly, the door swooshed open and a beer-breath guy in a white cowboy hat nearly knocked me sideways. “Coming in?” he grimaced, leering at me through one good eye. “Um, no. Wrong door.” I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt compelled to discuss a restaurant’s bathroom before, but I have to mention that Connie’s was so scary, so unclean, and so utterly unappetizing that I nearly told Q. we were out of there. The restaurant does share its facilities with sloppy drunk lounge-goers, but that left a bad first impression that’s easy to fix. Clean it, kids!/OrangeTV, Get Out! North Idaho.

Question: OTV’s mini-review of the restrooms at Connie’s Restaurant is worth a separate post. So what do you think? Which restaurants or other public businesses in the region keeps the best and/or worst restrooms? Have you avoided restaurants because the restrooms were nasty?

Richert: 2/3s Of Statesman Endorsements Won

• In the partisan races on the November ballot, the Statesman endorsed 16 Republican candidates and 16 Democratic candidates.
• Counting the non-partisan elections (for College of Western Idaho trustee and Ada County Highway District commissioner) the Statesman endorsed 38 candidates, and 25 of them won. We also endorsed the ACHD vehicle registration fee increase, which passed, bringing our “scorecard” to 26-13. A two-thirds supermajority, if you will/Kevin Richert, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Question: You also made endorsements this year, if you voted. Each vote endorsed a candidate. So how did you do in terms of wins and losses for your election scorecard? (I was 10-4)

WND Poll: Why Did McCain Lose Election?

Question: What primary mistake did John McCain make that denied him the election?/WorldNetDaily

1. His attacks against Obama’s associates were too negative and turned off the voters
2. He aligned himself too closely with the right-wing fundamentalists of his party
3. He picked the wrong running mate
4. Simple - he was wrong on the issues and Obama was right on the issues
5. Barack Obama simply ran a brilliant and almost flawless campaign

Parting Shot — 11/7/08

Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald, AP
An ice-covered fence frames three beef cows on a pasture, Friday, near Niagara, N.D., Friday, after the first storm of the season moved through.

Andrew Zahler’s Snapshots from Around the World

DOTC: 8,543 Registered On Election Day

In addition to voting all those folks who were already registered on election day, our poll workers processed 8,543 election day registrations. One precinct alone had over 400 and the average was 120 per precinct. Of that total, 5,539 were new registrations and the other 3,004 were people who had moved within the county but hadn’t re-registered. Three cheers for Idaho’s same day registration code. Our new registered voter count in Kootenai County is 78,909!/Dan of the County.

Scanner Traffic — 11/7/08

5:02 p.m. R/P sez he saw a female climb out the window of a 5th-wheel he’s watching on West Highway 53 and leave in a red pickup. The woman’s not suppose to be in the 5th-wheel.
4:10 p.m. A vehicle has hit a deer @ Strahorn & Hayden. No damage to vehicle. Deer is still alive. Update: Deer has been “dispatched.”
3:20 p.m. A woman wants to see an officer about her stolen cat that has been offered for sale on MySpace.
2:56 p.m. R/P reports that two vehicles have been burglarized along Forest Road.

Hawaii Rolls Out Last In Quarter Series

Jeff Chiu/AP
Quarters commemorating the state of Hawaii are shown on Friday in Honolulu. The Hawaii quarter is the last of the 50 state quarters to be released during the decade-old program because Hawaii was the final state to join the union. As with all quarters, the face of the Hawaii quarters will feature a profile of George Washington. But the rear displays King Kamehameha I and the eight Hawaiian Islands.

Question: Have you collected the entire state quarter series offered by the U.S. Mint?

Aguilar: Consequences Of Defeat

Scott Aguilar/UI Argonaut

2 CDA Teens Charged w/ October Rape

Two Coeur d’Alene teens were jailed Thursday and charged as adults in the Oct. 8 rape of a 15-year-old girl. Alexander Thomas Donnolo, 16, (left, above) and Chad Vincent Gardner, 15, were arrested for rape and lewd conduct with a minor. The incident remains under investigation. No further details will be released/Christie Wood, CPD Blue spokeswoman. Full press release.

Leaf Quits In Texas, Cites ‘Personal Issues’

Michael Lemmons/Amarillo Globe-News, AP
In this March 27, 2006 photo, West Texas A&M University quarterback coach Ryan Leaf looks over the quarterback squad at Kimbrough Memorial Stadium, Canyon, Texas. Leaf has resigned as quarterbacks coach at West Texas A&M on Thursday. Athletic director Michael McBroom said in a statement that Leaf resigned because of “personal issues.” Story here.

DFO: It’s easy to pile on Ryan Leaf for the way he unraveled after his professional career unraveled quickly. But I will always credit him for some of the finer moments he provided WSU fans during his Rose Bowl year.

Tater Hierarchy

I was just telling my dear friend Sydney that tater tots are my second favorite form of potato. Here is my list: mashed, tater tots, baked, hash browns, french fries and jojos. Are there any more?/Lulu, UI Argonaut. More Off The Cuff.

Question: Which form of potato do you like the best?

Photo Red Tickets Are In The Mail

Item: Photo Red tickets are in the mail/Jody Lawrence-Turner, SR

More Info: The first car to be photographed for a Photo Red violation will likely be contested. The registered owner listed on the citation says the Toyota Matrix was traded in at a dealership a month ago. Charles D. Spencer plans to take the steps to fight the infraction. Since Nov. 1, about 60 official tickets have been issued.The fine is $124, but the infraction will not be reported to their insurance.

Question: Would contest the citation if you received a Photo Red ticket for running a Spokane stoplight?

Obama Calls For Swift Action

Item: Obama calls for swift action: Jobless rate bolts to 14-year high of 6.5 percent/AP

More Info: President-elect Obama said today that the country is facing the greatest economic challenge of our lifetime and “we’re going to have to act swiftly to resolve it.” However in his first news conference since winning the presidency Tuesday, Obama deferred to President Bush and his economic team, noting that the country has only one government and one president at a time. He said the Congress needs to pass an economic stimulus measure either before or just after he takes office in January.

Question: Any reaction to the first press conference today by President-elect Barack Obama?

Mansfield: Idaho Needs To Back Minnick

Idahoans should give Walt Minnick their full support as he enters into Congress. He’s a good man and he has a great wife and family. Is he Bill Sali? Nope. And Idaho voters knew that going in. Congressman-elect Minnick and President-elect Obama should be honored and supported as they go to Washington. In many, many ways they are DC outsiders, together. How interesting for Idaho to have a Dem Congressman at such a time like today. Let’s band together and help Walt take Idaho back to DC. Our greatest hope should be that Walt Minnick will be a voice for Idaho in this new Obama Administration. And that’s from a progressive conservative!/Dennis Mansfield. More here.

DFO: I approve of this message.

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines— 11/7/08

Hasan Jamali/AP
Bahraini statue presenters react as winners pose with their awards Thursday, during the IFBB Men’s World Bodybuilding Championship in Manama, Bahrain. Iran’s Ali Tabrizi Nouri, competing in the 90Kg category, won top honors overall. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

1. Sunflower Moon in Stars (second from left) pouts as she hears her sister inform her that Golden Boy (second from right) is actually a eunuch — JeanieSpokane.
2. Northwest Bloggers pose with their awards for “Best Cutlines of the Year” — Pecky.
3. Look at all 0f that meat, and we have to wear these stuffy robes! — Jaguar.

HM: Shannon

Fortier: Old School Tactics Bring Down GOP

For instance: Tried and true, McCain sought the Evangelical community. Definitely “old school.” While Obama locked-up the avant-garde “American-hating” preacher constituency. McCain tried to rally the people around important domestic issues. Meanwhile Obama wrapped-up the support of unrepentant domestic terrorists. McCain got the Wall Street vote. Obama got the street thug vote. McCain thought he’d win with the help of the Silver Foxes. Obama won with the help of the Black Panthers. Learning nothing from the Clinton campaign, McCain went after the not so glamorous, freedom-loving military personnel. Not Obama. He went with the “vogue” Jew-hating militant professors. McCain played by the established rules and went to senior citizen communities in Florida to court the “almost dead” vote. Obama, on the other hand, used his new friends in the Chicago Mob to raise the “already dead” vote/Marty Fortier, CDA Press. More here.

Question: What do you think of Marty Fortier’s analysis of Barack Obama’s presidential victory?

In The News: New Gecko Species Found

Francois Mori/AP Photo
French scientist Ivan Ineich displays a never-before-seen species of gecko, baptized with the latin name Lepidodactylus buleli, at France’s Natural History Museum in Paris Friday. This gecko was born in Paris from an egg that was plucked from the canopy of forest on the west coast of Espiritu Santo, one of the larger South Pacific islands of the archipellago of Vanuatu, east of Australia.

Bakery May Sell Wine Near Library, Park

Item: Alcohol sales may move closer to library, park/Tom Hasslinger, CDA Press

More Info: The extension of a downtown boundary that would allow a bakery to sell wine could open the door for a bar to open near the Coeur d’Alene Public Library. “That’s the possibility,” said City Clerk Susan Weathers. “Putting (a nightclub) in the Parkside right across from library or McEuen Field.”

Question: Should alcohol sales be allowed this close to the CDA library & McEuen Field?

WND Poll: In The Tank For Obama?

To what do you attribute the post-election market plunge?/WorldNetDaily

1. This plunge, like the others before it, is the result of eight years of failed Bush policies
2. You can’t blame Obama - he hasn’t taken power yet
3. It’s the result of rich Republicans reacting in fear
4. The bailout has not yet taken effect - be patient
5. The market has been volatile for months - the recent drop can’t be linked to any single event

Wild Card/Thursday — 11/6/08

How well did Demo poohbah ThomG and the little D’s do in promoting congressman-elect Walt Minnick in Kootenai County? Consider: The McCain-Palin ticket clobbered Obama-Biden by more than 16,000 votes in Kootenai County. Risch dumped LaRocco by almost 16,000 votes in the Senate race. And Bill Sali beat Minnick by less than 750 votes here. Going in, ThomG told me that Minnick needed to win in Ada and Kootenai counties to pull off an upset. ThomG wasn’t quite right. But he and other county Dems should hold their heads up that this county played a huge role in Minnick’s win by remaining relatively neutral. Now, for a re-shuffled Wild Card …

Applebaum: Race Was Obama’s Ace In Hole

Way back in January, soon after Barack Obama won an improbable victory in the Iowa caucuses, I wrote an article arguing that—despite the conventional wisdom and the snide “white Americans will never vote for a black man” comments from my European friends—it was not a disadvantage to be a black presidential candidate. On the contrary, it was an enormous advantage/Anne Applebaum, Slate. More here.

Question: Has the election of Barack Obama put to rest the claim by some that America is a racist country?

Snow Hits Cis’ Yard

Cis/From A Simple Mind
Cis of From A Simple Mind (and the grand dame of North Idaho bloggers, shot this photo of her wiener dog Mitzy in her snow-covered yard in Kootenai (Bonner County) about 5 minutes ago.

Question: Are you ready for snow?

Obama Election Triggers Record Firearm Buys

LM Otero/AP
A customer examines a firearm at a gun shop in Fort Worth, Texas, Thursday, Nov. 6, 2008. The Cheaper Than Dirt gun store recorded a record day of gun sales the day after the election of President-elect Barack Obama and is having trouble keeping up with the demand for assault riffles.

Question: What do you make of this phenomenon? Why are we arming ourselves?

Local Blogs — 11/6/08

Courtesy: OnLocation North Idaho
If you want to know which one of the young men above met Barack Obama when he visited Boise, you can find out by checking Kerri Thoreson’s OnLocation North Idaho site here.

*Midnight Shift/Tumblewords
*Ballad of the Plangineer/Otis G Experience
*Why this pro-life voter voted for pro-choice Obama/Rants, Raves & Random Thoughts
*The Frost Spirits comes/Silver Valley Stories
*Thursday twitter shots/Slight Detour
*The election and newspapers/Still A Newspaperman
*Where I live/Notes from the ‘Kan EWA
*Cuttin’ Bush/TUBOB
*Dartmouth celebrates Obama win/Wayward Episcopalian

HBO Numbers (for Wednesday, Nov. 5): 14,966 page-views, 7722 unique views

Idaho Turns Over 36% Of Sheriffs

Item: New sheriffs in town: Statewide, county sheriff turnover registers at 36 percent/Andrea Jackson, Twin Falls Times-News

More Info: This year’s sheriff turnover - 36 percent among the 44 county races - is slightly up from previous trends, according to the Idaho Sheriffs’ Association. New sheriffs are usually elected 30 to 35 percent of the time, said Vaughn Killeen, ISA director since October. Four of the 16 new sheriffs elected in Idaho beat incumbents. At least 30 percent of the state’s sheriffs’ races were not contested.

Related: Shoshone write-in wins sheriff’s race/Alison Boggs, SR; and: Bonner County has new sheriff, commissioner, prosecutor/Keith Kinnaird, Bonner County Bee; and: Boundary County re-elects Sheriff Sprungl/R.J. Cohn,

Question: Why are Idaho sheriffs such an endangered species?

HBO @ Noon: Another Era Of Camelot?

AP File Photo
This April 14, 1963, file photo shows President John F. Kennedy and family as they pose outside the Palm Beach, Fla. home of the president’s father after a private Easter Service. From left are first lady Jacqueline Kennedy, John Jr., 3, President Kennedy, and Caroline, 5.

Question: Many Baby Boomers remember the election of John F. Kennedy and the hope it inspired as a golden age of American politics. Kennedy and his young family were refreshing after 8 years of Eisenhower. So here’s the question: Will the Obamas usher in a return to the Camelot days of JFK?

Bubblehead: I Got My First Tattoo Today

For over 21 years on active duty in the Navy, I was able to avoid the temptation to get a tattoo. Today, though, I got my first one (or three, depending on how you look at it). They’re small — just one needlepoke worth of black ink — and spaced around my abdomen, one on each side and one just below the bottom of my sternum. They’re alignment marks for the radiation therapy I’ll almost certainly start in the next couple of weeks. This will hopefully help cure the stomach cancer I have that was discovered 15 days ago/Bubblehead, TSSBP. More info.

*Secret ballots/Clayton Cramer
*New day in Idaho: D’s rejoice/Red State Rebels
*A very dark day for nation’s forgotten citizens/Idaho Chooses Life
*Slightly bluer/Unequivocal Notion
*Bill Sali’s gain is our loss/Dennis Mansfield
*Evangelicals responsible for Obama victory/IVA
*Tough times in the PR trade/Kevin Richert

Avista Promotes Natural Gas Conversion

Item: Avista promoting natural gas/Becky Kramer

More Info: Avista launched the rebate program for new multifamily construction this spring. With the encouragement of rebates, developers have switched nearly 500 new apartments, condos and townhouses from electric heat to natural gas. The program has been so successful that Avista plans to continue it next year, Though it may sound counterintuitive, the utility has a vested interest in getting customers to use less energy. Energy savings is the least expensive new resource that the utility can acquire, Simock said. It’s far less costly than building new power plants, she said.

Question: What do you think of Avista promoting this program to switch users to natural gas?

Local Health Providers Won’t Assist In Suicides

Item: Medical providers say they won’t assist with suicides/John Stucke, SR

More Info: While Washington voters made it legal for doctors to help terminally ill residents end their lives, opponents of the assisted suicide measure indicated Wednesday they will continue to resist the practice. Initiative 1000 won with strong support Tuesday, but doctors don’t have to help their patients make that final act, says the Washington State Medical Association. Furthermore, Eastern Washington’s largest hospital system, Providence Health and Services, will forbid physicians from helping patients die at its hospitals, nursing homes and assisted care centers.

Question: Should doctors and physicians be forced to provide medication that allows someone to kill himself?

In The News: 5 Holes In One In One Week

Jim Benson/The Pantagraph, AP
Amateur golfer Curt Hocker, 22, holds up three golf balls he used on holes-in- one recently while playing at El Paso Golf Club, in El Paso, Ill., on Tuesday. Hocker has recorded five holes-in- one in the last week at the course, including two on Saturday and another on Tuesday.

Question: Are you a good golfer?

CDA Trustees Split On ‘Brave New World’

Item: School board members split on ‘Brave New World’/Maureen Dolan, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: A classic science fiction novel could be the first casualty of the Coeur d’Alene School District’s efforts to assure all books on required reading lists have been approved by the school board before teachers use them in district classrooms. Trustees could not agree whether to accept a book review committee’s recommendation to add Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” to the list of approved reading materials at their meeting Monday. With four out of five board members present, the vote was split 2-2 resulting in a decision to consider the book again at the December board meeting when they anticipate full attendance.

Question: Should ‘Brave New World’ be added to the list of approved reading materials for the Coeur d’Alene School District?

WND Poll: Unmarried Women Boosted Obama

What’s your response to revelation Obama won because of overwhelming support of unmarried women?/WorldNetDaily

1. Unmarried women … and ‘gays’ … and people of color … and the majority of U.S. voters. Your point?
2. They voted for Obama because they didn’t have domineering, conservative husbands telling them what to do
3. These women are the ones with the highest stake in preserving Roe v. Wade
4. You can’t get inside people’s heads — just because a woman’s unmarried doesn’t mean she voted for Obama
5. It’s a statistical fluke — the larger turnout of the black community, with its greater percentage of single mothers, has skewed the data and created a false “trend”

Hump Day Wild Card — 11/5/08

I’m thrilled that top-notch NIC Trustee tromped stealth candidate Richard Phenneger, who parroted the CAVEr line against the Education Corridor. By whuppin’ Penneger 2-to-1, Meyer proved that this community supports the expansion of higher education. Souza, Gookin & Co. have failed in their attempts to place themselves or kindred spirits on the City Council or NIC board over the last year. They’ll be back again in 2009 trying to unseat Mayor Sandi Bloem, Councilman Mike Kennedy and/or two others up for election. They’ll cause a fuss, if the CDA Press continues to bed down with them. But it should be apparent to all but those who hang out at Hagadone HQ that these individuals represent only a small minority of the community naysayers. Now, for your Wild Card …

What Now @ HBO Central?

As Bob enjoys pointing out, Huckleberries Online (aka No Holds Barred and Hot Potatoes) was launched on Feb. 16, 2004 as a conservative blog to support George W. Bush’s second term. I, your Blogmeister, have retreated from that position during the long, drawn-out Iraq war years. But Bob and others have remained the loyal opposition here. Some would say that they have tilted the comments section here toward the Demos. As of now, however, Bush is a lame duck. Demo Barack Obama is putting together his transition team as well as the individuals who will join him as part of the next administration. So what do we do here — swap horses (with the Fellowship of the Bob becoming the defenders of all things Obama and Cabbage Boy, Bjorn & Co. the loyal opposition)?

Question: Where do we go from here at HBO Central, now that Bush is about to exit stage right — and the Obamanator ascends to the Oval Office?

Expert: Sali Ran Against Minnick, Himself

BSU political scientist Gary Moncrief, who studies elections, had this to say when asked why GOP Congressman Bill Sali lost in Tuesday’s election: “I think it’s largely a referendum on Sali. You know that district – there’s no way a Republican should lose that district. If you look at the county returns, he was running behind Risch and McCain by anywhere between 5 and 15 percent in every county. There’s a roll-off between McCain and Risch, down to Sali, in every county that I looked at, and I looked at 10 or 15 of them. It says that this election was about Sali, rather than about Minnick.” He added, “It was never a fair fight – Sali had to run against two people, himself and Walt Minnick”/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

*A look at the Sali-Minnick vote pattern
*Crapo welcomes Risch, Minnick
*Minnick, Simpson talk

What Will Dirk Do?

In recent months, there’s been speculation that Secretary of Interior Dirk Kempthorne will return to Idaho to become UIdaho president. Obviously, the former Idaho Republican govenor won’t be working in a Barack Obama administration. Do you think Kempthorne will return to politics? Or will he follow the path so many others have taken and become a lobbyist, remaining in Washington, D.C.?

Question: What will Dirk do when he’s handed his walking papers by Barack Obama?

DOTC: Kootenai County Sets Ballot Record

Here are some election stats for KC. For the ‘08 General there were a total of 63,034 ballots cast vs. 55,704 in the last ‘04 Presidential Election. That’s an increase of over 7,300 votes or about 13%. I wonder how that compares with the rate of population growth in the last four years? In ‘04 Bush got 66.4% of the vote in KC vs. 32.3% for Kerry. In‘08 it was 61.4% for McCain and 35.4% for Obama. Our rate of absentee voting in ‘04 was about 29%, a record at the time. This year it was an astounding 35.4% or over 22,000 absentee ballots/Dan of the County.

DFO: Yo, Merry Hucksters, please join me in giving Dan of the County and his amazing staff a monster hat tip for processing a record amount of ballots in smooth fashion. HBO Central didn’t field a single complaint re: the way precincts were handled. And we had all the election results around midnight. Now, if DOTC could only send a staffer or two to Bonner County …

HBO In Briefs: Strange Powder Is Corn Starch

The Region 1 Hazardous Material’s Team has made the preliminary conclusions of the substance found at the Louisiana Pacific Corporation offices today. It determined that the substance was corn-starched based and was of no further hazard. The substance has been sent to a laboratory in Spokane for further testing to determine the exact composition. Once that information is available, it will be released. The matter continues to be under investigation by the Sheriff’s Department./Ben Wolfinger, KCSD. Earlier news release here.

*Safe-Routes-To-School summit coming to area/Kootenai MPO
*Jaegers to emcee festival gala/Chris Wagar, KMC
*Festival of Trees Senior Social tickets on sale/Chris Wagar, Kootenai MPO

IEG: Goodbye, Spokesman-Review (11/5/08)

Granati calls this one: “One voice, one vote,” adding: “I was No. 215.”

I was shocked and saddened when I opened a letter last night from the Spokesman-Review newspaper. As of December 1st I will no long have a paper delivered to my home. This is another of the cuts the paper has made recently. Since the first week I moved back to the Inland Empire in 1994 I have received a SR each and every day in my yellow newspaper box. I read Huckleberries online numerous times in a day. I also read lots of other news sources online, but I am a traditionalist. I like the print copy/Gathering Around The Table. More here.

*Second wind/Tumblewords
*Once upon a time/A Butterfly Moment
*History is made/A Family Runs Through It
*Election observations in real time/Atmospheric Ruminations
*Some thoughts re: why McCain-Palin lost/Dogwalk Musings
*Dear Mr. Obama/JeanC’s Cat House
*Tough times/Live, Love, Laugh, Hope
*Look, Daddy! I voted!/Notes on a Napkin
*President Obama!/Nuts & Nonsense
*A brand new American chapter/Slight Detour
*We said it!/TUBOB

HBO Numbers (for Tuesday, Nov. 4): 15,313 page-views/7632 unique views.

Scanner Traffic — 11/5/08

2:02 p.m. Stray Rottweiler puppy contained at a construction site @ N. Hauser Lake Road & Waterford Loop.
12:53 p.m. One-car rollover by Dave Smith Motors on 4th @ Locust.
12:39 p.m. Honeybucket outhouse tipped over at local boat launch.
12:00 p.m. 4-car chain-reaction accident at Highway 41 & Prairie. Two people appear to be injured.

Missing Post Falls Man Found Dead

The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department has located the missing Post Falls man, Robert Duane Harkness, 77. Harkness was found a short distance from his home early this morning, deceased, after apparently taking his own life/KCSD news release here.

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 11/5/08

Elaine Thompson/AP
Republican gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi speaks at a news conference with his wife, Terry, at his campaign headquarters Wednesday in Redmond, Wash. Rossi conceded Tuesday’s closely-contested election to incumbent Gov. Chris Gregoire.

*Ex-WSU QB Leaf on administrative leave/AP
*Idaho bull rider arrested for domestic battery/Idaho Statesman
*Fraudulent text messages tell voters in Montana, other states to wait/Missoulian
*Washington OKs assisted suicide/SR
*Jury sees items used in Summer Phelps’ torture/SR
*Potlatch to lay off 600 workers/Lewiston Tribune
*Cell phone helps cops nab Moscow robbery suspect/Lewiston Tribune
*1st Idaho ‘wet’ Election Day since ‘38 no big deal/Idaho Statesman
*Sali won’t concede until all vote counted/Idaho Statesman
*1st Native American woman wins statewide office/Missoulian
*WSU student loses 142 pounds in 9 months/Billings Gazette
*MPC lays off another 210 workers/Idaho Statesman
*Repub Lummis wins sole Wyoming US House seat/Billings Gazette

Orbusmax Special: Final results in Alaska US Senate race could take 10 days here.

Finally! Bonner County Results In

County Commissioer - District 1
8747 Todd J. Crossett Democrat
9643 Cornel Rasor Republican
5 Terry Williams (write-in) Republican

County Commissioner - District 2
7951 Brian E. Orr Democrat
10311 Joe Young Republican

5361 Larry Hanna Democrat
12972 Daryl Wheeler Republican

More below

‘Jurassic Park’ Author Crichton, 66, RIP

Item: “Jurassic Park” author Michael Crichton dies/Reuters

More Info: U.S. best-selling author Michael Crichton, who wrote such novels as “The Andromeda Strain” and “Jurassic Park,” and created the popular TV drama “ER,” has died at 66, his family said on Wednesday. Crichton, a medical doctor turned novelist whose books have sold more than 150 million copies worldwide, died “unexpectedly” on Tuesday in Los Angeles after a private battle with cancer, his family said.

Question: Which Michael Crichton book is your favorite?

Damp Ballots Hamper BonnerCo Count

31 of 33 precincts count here
Although the ballots from the county’s 33 precincts were sealed in ballot boxes, rain throughout the day on Tuesday managed to dampen the paper ballots, causing them to stick together as they were fed into the machine. Creases folded into the thousands of absentee ballots were also causing hang-ups, according to elections officials/Bonner County Bee. More here.

IVA: Little For Conservatives To Celebrate

In Idaho, staunch fiscal and social conservative Bill Sali went down to defeat at the hands of Walt Minnick, who received large campaign contributions from the two largest pro-abortion organizations in the country (Planned Parenthood and NARAL), and who showed his support for the radical homosexual agenda by opposing Idaho’s marriage amendment in 2006. We can expect Minnick to be an enthusiastic supporter of Pres. Obama’s socialist-leaning agenda, which will include growing threats to religious liberty through hate speech laws and to freedom of speech through revival of the grossly misnamed Fairness Doctrine/Bryan Fischer, IVA. More here.

*Minnick-Sali race analysis/Unequivocal Notion
*Election Day & beyond live blog/Kevin Richert
*Oh, what a night/Fort Boise
*Minnick runs ahead/Randy Stapilus
*Obama’s tax policies/Clayton Cramer
*Is anyone wondering what Dirk’s going to do?/Dennis Mansfield

Question: What does Walt Minnick have to do to be in a position to retain his hard-won congressional seat from a decent Repub challenger in two years?

Sisyphus: Sali’s Done

Sisyphus: What do you bet that Congressman-de-elect Sali is calling Governor Otter and telling him he’s going to stretch this out embarrassingly unless Otter names him to the soon-to-be vacant Lt. Governor spot?”—he can call till the cows come home. You didn’t see Otter stick his neck out for him. Sali’s done and its payback for Sullivan.

Question: Who will be the next Idaho lieutenant governor?

HBO’s AM Headlines — 11/5/08

Paul Hosefros/AP
Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress in 1st Congressional District Walt Minnick at campaign headquarters in Boise, Idaho, Tuesday night, while awaiting results. Minnick appears to have won his race with Republican U.S. Rep. Bill Sali, leading by slightly less than 4,000 votes with only four precincts to be counted.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR
*Gregoire defeats Rossi to remain governor/Amy Cannata, SR
*Potlatch to close mills temporarily/SR
*Assisted suicide, caregiver measures pass/Rich Roesler & Alison Boggs, SR
*Ex-Hagadone exec Kline dies/CDA Press
*McMorris-Rodgers take landslide win/KREM2
*District 4 incumbents stay same/CDA Press
*Alexander, Hanson, Siegal hold Shoshone County leads/Shoshone News-Press

‘08 Idaho, Local Election Results

*Final Kootenai County results here
*State and legislative results here
*Bonner County election results here
*Idaho county-by-county tabulations here

HBO Poll: Favorite Local Race Result

Which local-state race result excited you most?

*Minnick beats Sali
*All 3 Kootenai County ballot measures fail
*Kootenai County commissioner incumbents keep their seats
*Meyer thumps Phenneger for NIC seat
*Risch dispatches LaRocco
*Rasor bests Crossett for Bonner County seat
*Repubs maintain statehouse stranglehold

WND Poll: Barack Obama’s Election

What’s your reaction to the election of Barack Obama?/WorldNetDaily

1. Hallelujah! America is saved
2. Fantastic. I trust he’ll put the country back on track
3. I’m pleased, and have hope Obama can improve things
4. This proves once and for all America approves of the left’s agenda
5. The Democrats can no longer blame Republicans for the nation’s problems

Minnick Wins By Under 4000 Votes

Matt Cilley/AP
U.S. Rep. Bill Sali, R-Idaho, along with his wife Terry, addresses the Republican party on Tuesday in Boise.

Overall (952 of 956):
DEM Walt Minnick 173,316 51%
REP Bill Sali 169,697 49%

Kootenai County (75 of 75):
Bill Sali (REP) 30,661 50.61
Walt Minnick (DEM) 29,917 49.39

Question: In Kootenai Count, Sali beat Minnick by less than 1000 votes while McCain-Palin tromped Obama-Biden by 16,000. How do you interpret those numbers?

Bonner County — 29 of 33 Precincts

6789 Todd J. Crossett Democrat
7767 Cornel Rasor Republican
0 Terry Williams (write-in) Republican

6220 Brian E. Orr Democrat
8297 Joe Young Republican

4188 Larry Hanna Democrat
10369 Daryl Wheeler Republican

Bonner County election results

Tondee, Currie, Watson Win Easily

Jesse Tinsley/SR
Incumbent Kootenai County commissioner Rick Currie watches as returns start coming in Tuesday night at the Coeur d’Alene Inn, where Republicans gathered to watch returns. He was opposed by Democrat Steve Caires and Independent Bob MacDonald.

Commissioner District 1 (73 of 75 precincts)
Todd Tondee (REP) 32,532 57.01
Bruce Noble (DEM) 19,059 33.40
Greg Wells (IND) 5,476 9.60

Commissioner District 2
Elmer “Rick” Currie (REP) 30,615 53.50
Stephen J. Caires (DEM) 17,766 31.05
Bob Macdonald (IND) 8,841 15.45

Rocky Watson (REP) 42,705 75.05
Arthur “Skip” Ingle (IND) 14,194 24.95

Question: Are you surprised that Rick Currie is coasting to re-election so easily, after squeezing out a primary victory over 2 challengers?

Districts 1 & 2

No. of Precincts Unknown
REP Eric Anderson 4,042 58%
DEM Steve Elgar 2,975 42%
REP George E. Eskridge 4,473 64%
DEM Tom Hollingsworth 2,492 36%
REP Joyce M Broadsword 3,832 71%
DEM Rand C. Lewis 1,560 29%
REP R. J. “Dick” Harwood 3,783 68%
DEM C. J. Rose 1,762 32%

US Senate: LaRocco Concedes To Risch

Larry LaRocco has taken the stage and conceded the U.S. Senate race to Republican Jim Risch. “We’re too far behind right now, I’m a realist,” he told supporters at the Idaho Democratic Party election night party at the Hilton Garden Inn in Boise. “We just can’t catch up tonight”/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

UNITED STATES SENATOR (614 of 956 precincts)
DEM Larry LaRocco 141,659 33%
LIB Kent A. Marmon 6,395 2%
IND Pro-Life 5,550 1%
IND Rex Rammell 23,846 6%
REP Jim Risch 246,805 58%

Online Poll: How Are You Feeling Re: Election?

Pick the description that best captures how you’re feeling about the election today/Seattle PI

*None of the above

Headlines @ 5 — 11/4/08

Kevin P. Casey/AP
In this Thursday June 24, 2004, file photo, Seattle SuperSonics fan Edward McMichael waits in the practice court as SuperSonics coaches and staff members wait for the start of the 2004 NBA draft, in Seattle. McMichael is wearing a Mariners ‘M’ because the Sonics don’t have a letter he can wear on his head. McMichael, a beloved Seattle street musician known as the “Tuba Man”, was found dead Monday from beating injuries he received in a robbery over a week ago, officials said Tuesday. More here

*UIdaho suspends 3 football players/Lewiston Tribune
*Fire burning at Weippe lumber mill/Lewiston Tribune
*11YO Moscow boy has monster tale to tell/Moscow-Pullman Daily News
*Cyans World lays off 50 workers/SR
*Newport men held on felony drug charges/Bonner County Bee
*Not guilty plea entered in Bonner County fatal crash/Bonner County Bee

Election Faces — From Montana

Michael Albans/AP
79-year-old rancher Bill Pinkerton leaves the one room Beaver Creek Schoolhouse in rural Treasure County after voting, Tuesday in Missoula, Mont.

Item: Palin Releases Medical Records …

Repub VP candidate in excellent health/New York Times

DFO: See, Sisyphus; there’s no need to worry. Palin would be in excellent health in the long-shot event that John McCain wins tonight and then croaks shortly after the inaugaration ;-)

Election Faces — From Moscow

Geoff Crimmins/Moscow-Pullman Daily News, AP
Acer Bearman-Drummond wears a sticker after voting with his mother, Jessica Bearman, at the Latah County Fairground in Moscow on Tuesday.

Smith: More Paper Cuts, This Time Seattle

But the impact on journalism is devastating. As with The Spokesman, the journalists remaining at The Times will be among the best anywhere. Their work will be first rate. But there will be less of it and the community will lose something important as a result. Honest editors and publishers will not pretend otherwise. But count on it, the marketing spinmeisters will continue to blather about leaner, meaner, more efficient newspapers that better meet customer needs, are faster reads, easier to hold and handle and other such nonsense. That may be good marketing, but it isn’t good journalism and it won’t serve the interests of community/Steve Smith, Still A Newspaperman. More here.

Question: What will be the net effect of all the staff reductions in the country’s newspapers?

3 UI Footballers Face Battery Charges

Three University of Idaho football players have been cited for battery after allegedly beating up a man at a weekend party in Moscow. Police responded to a report of a fight at an apartment on North Polk Street Extension shortly after midnight Sunday. They issued citations Monday to Breyon Williams, 22, Dewey Hale, 19, and Shelton Miles, 18. Williams and Miles play defensive back for the Vandals. Hale is a wide receiver/Moscow-Pullman Daily News. More here.

CindyH’s Election Day Predictions

A) Nobody’s going to have a nicer election day story than my Sam’s song.
B) Mail-in voting will be revoked in Spokane because we’re all ticked off that we don’t get free coffee, donuts, or M&M’s! We don’t even get a sticker!
C) I’ll be leading the way in trying to reverse the whole vote by mail initiative. Why? My precinct was a fire station/CindyH.

Question: Anyone have a wacky election prediction?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 11/4/08

Jerome A. Pollos/CDA Press, AP
Don Boehm carries a sign to a precinct office Monday at the Kootenai County Election Office in Coeur d’Alene, in preparation for today’s elections. During the last presidential election, voter turnout was nearly 87 percent in the 75 precincts of Kootenai County.

*Moscow bank robber apprehended/SR
*Bruce Willis’ Mint Bar shuts after 14 years/Twin Falls Times News
*Spokane passes voluntary grocery bag resolution/SR
*Idaho’s rural counties benefit from bailout earmark/Twin Falls Times-News
*2nd Cabinet grizzly killed/Daily Inter Lake
*Boise State coach in line for UW position?/KTVB
*Leading fly fisherman, conservationist dies/AP

Orbusmax Special: Seattle Times to cut 10 percent of staff here.

UI Tells Latah R’s To Cease, Desist

The University of Idaho today issued a statement regarding a recent political party mailing that some recipients inferred to be an endorsement. “The University of Idaho has been notified of a political mailing sent to registered voters in Latah County by the county’s Republican party. The mailing uses the university’s name and a derivation the university’s marketing slogan in a fashion that creates an inference of an endorsement of political candidates. We are clear: the University of Idaho does not endorse candidates for political office”/University of Idaho. More here.

Dan Of The County Fields Election Complaint

Just fielded a complaint from a voter who was concerned about all the traffic with parents, kids, voters, etc. at a local elementary school. She told me she thought the schools should close for election day. I told her she was preaching to the choir. I’ve been after the education folks for some time to schedule election day (primary and general) as in-service days since they have several throughout the year anyway. It would free the parking lots, remove the security issue with so many strangers on campus, and free up all the 17 year high school students to be poll workers/Dan of the County. More here.

Question: What do you think of the idea by Dan of the County to hold elections on teacher in-service days, for safety and practical reasons?

HBO Poll: None of the Above

If your ballot had included a choice of “None of the Above” for each office, how often would you have used it? And for which race(s)?

Scanner Traffic — 11/4/08

3:38 p.m. 2 males in verbal dispute at Lake City High. No weapons.
10:43 a.m. Sheriff release name of Spirit Lake drowning victim/KCSD report here.
9:54 a.m. A 2-car crash is blocking the e/b on-ramp @ I-90 & Northwest Boulevard.
9:19 a.m. R/P reports that sparks & flames are coming from the sign @ the old Post Falls Mazda dealership.
9:10 a.m. R/P reports fire in the trees behind the Christmas tree farm @ 95 & Cougar Gulch Road. About a half acre is involved.
8:21 a.m. R/P voices concern about a large slash pile on Fantasy Loop, off North Atlas Road, that’s too close to the forest.
Overnight: Kellogg man killed in Highway 3 single-car crash/ISP report here.

Groene: No More Trials For Duncan

Item: Groene opposes more Duncan trials/Betsy Russell, SR

More Info: Steve Groene, father of two North Idaho children murdered by Joseph Duncan, said today that he’s against trying Duncan for an additional child murder in California. “I’m going to head down there myself to put an end to that,” he declared. “There’s no reason to spend the taxpayer’s money, and there’s no reason to drag Anthony Martinez’s memory through the crap like they did Dylan’s up here.” Groene said if officials won’t listen to him, he’ll make a public appeal.

Question: Should California heed Steve Groene’s plea not to prosecute Joseph Duncan for the murder of Anthony Martinez?

HBO’s AM Headlines — 11/4/08

UI Argonaut Photo
At 4:05 p.m. (Monday), the Moscow Police Department got a report of a robbery at Zion’s Bank on Main Street. According to a police statement, the suspect was described as a male of either Native American or Hispanic descent, wearing a black and gold Idaho baseball cap. He slipped a note to the teller and said, “I’m serious” before he took an undisclosed amount of money and left the scene/Eric Peterson, UI Argonaut.

*Avista earnings double for first 9 months/SR
*Idaho voters can cast ballots, buy booze/AP
*Thousands of gallons of gas spill at tank farm/John Stucke, SR
*Bonner County couple embezzled humanitarian funds, suit claims/Keith Kinnaird, Bonner County Bee
*Spirit Lake officials debate squad car purchase/Tom Hasslinger, CDA Press
*Deputies: MySpace prompts knife attack/Tom Greene, CDA Press

Holly: Daily News May Have UI Fight News

RE: Rumorama: Big fight involving UI Footballers?

Holly: I am pretty sure the Argonaut did not get anything confirmed in time to print anything about the incident in Tuesday’s paper. The Daily News goes to press at noon, so it has tomorrow morning to finish gathering info if it can get official confirmation. If you want a story about this sooner than later, check the DNews, because the Argonaut doesn’t come out again until Friday.

Question: Does anyone have access to the reader comments (where this rumor first surfaced)?

FHB: Wow! Free Stuff w/Election Votes

Frum Helen Back: Wow, I just found out it’s election day and I can get a free Krispie Kreme donut and a free cup of Starbucks coffee. Wish I knew who is running but I’m sure it will be on the ballot.

DFO: Shh, don’t tell DOTC about the free stuff. He gets owly about the law and promos tied to the election. Do you have to where your “I voted” sticker to get free Starbucks coffee? Where do you get the Krispy Kreme? I just voted and could use a cup of joe and a doughnut. BTW, my precinct was giving out free little bags of M&Ms.

1st Poll Vote Of ‘08 Cast @ Dixville Notch

Cheryl Senter/AP
First voter, Tanner Tillotson, front center, of Dixville Notch cast his ballot at the nation’s presidential election in Dixville Notch, N.H. Tuesday.

Wild Card/Monday — 11/3/08

In the news this evening, we have confirmation that bones found at a crash site were those of adventurer Steve Fossett here. Barack Obama and John McCain make their final appeals to voters here. And a new study shows that counties with high rainfall have higher autism rates here. We’ve made it to Election Eve, Hucksters. It’s all over but the final votin’ and countin’ and the continued playin’ of this Wild Card …

Palin Exonerated In Troopergate Probe

Alaska’s Personnel Board concluded Monday that Gov. Sarah Palin did not violate ethics law by trying to get her ex-brother-in-law fired from the state police, contradicting an earlier investigation’s findings/CNN. More here.

Kellogg Bloggin’: Christian Bros. Cribbage

I must have been about thirteen or fourteen years old when one of my aunts or cousins from Orofino gave me a cribbage board for Christmas. I had no idea what it was. I took the board out of the box and all I saw was holes. They weren’t numbered and I could see no purpose for it. “What’s this?” “I’ll show you later, Son. Wait until things settle down.” I don’t know if things settled down that Christmas Day, but in the next day or two Dad got out a deck of cards, poured himself a brandy over ice, lit up a Camel straight, and began patiently explaining 15 two, 15 four, nibs, crib, double runs, suited Jacks and the other ins and outs of cribbage/Raymond Pert, Kellogg Bloggin’. More here.

Question: Which board game is your favorite?

Scanner Traffic — 11/3/08

5:29 p.m. 7YO reports that a little friend of hers got into trouble w/his parents after accidentally calling 911 while playing with the phone.
5:02 p.m. R/P reports she has a cat w/a broken back at her residence.
4:30 p.m. Caller wants to see about redeeming a black wolf mix that was picked up by animal control at Worley Elementary.

Study: Women Lead Men In Hand Cooties

Study: Women lead men in bacteria, hands down/AP

More Info: Wash your hands, folks, especially you ladies. A new study found that women have a greater variety of bacteria on their hands than men do. And everybody has more types of bacteria than the researchers expected to find. “One thing that really is astonishing is the variability between individuals, and also between hands on the same individual,” said University of Colorado biochemistry assistant professor Rob Knight, a co-author of the paper.

Question: Are you religious about washing your hands, especially during flu season?

TUBOB: You Betta, You Betta, You Bet!

I’ve been reluctant to blog of this, as my mourning period didn’t end until yesterday, but a couple of weeks ago my best swimming pal, Ho Chi Finh, expired. My Betta bud had not been very perky for a few days and was ignoring his feed and I came home after a weekend in Spokane and he was a goner. The weird thing was he’d been doing great up until a couple of weeks before he bellied up, but his tank had grown dirty, I mean real scummy and nasty and even though everyone says Bettas do best in filthy muck, barely inches deep, I just couldn’t stand it. Ever since the cleaning he hadn’t seemed the same. Maybe everyone knows what they’re talking about after all/TUBOB. More here.

Question (from TUBOB): When you’ve lost a dear pet do you quickly replace him/her or do you allow some appropriate time to grieve or do you never get another one like him/her?

Obama’s Grandmother, 86, RIP

Courtesy: Obama Presidential Campaign
This photo provided by the presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., shows Obama in 1979 during his high school graduation in Hawaii with his grandmother Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham. Sen. Obama says his grandmother died Monday. Story here.

Rumorama: Big Fight Involving UI Footballers?

James Bond: There was a post on the message board that indicated a huge melee took place at a frat or somewhere at University of Idaho that involved several football players. I heard a girl got her face smashed, but I don’t know for sure and I don’t know who might have done it. The Internet is ablaze with this discussion, and I am hearing that the Idaho Statesman has a police report on it. Is this making news up there?

Question: Anyone know anything more about this?

Souza: Beware NIC Trustee Boogeymen

There are only two seats on the board up for election this year. Incumbents Judy Meyer and Mic Armon both want to keep their positions. Judy Meyer is being challenged by Richard Phenneger, who wrote the letter regarding safety. This is the only seat on the NIC board that voters will have the ability to change. Mic Armon is running unopposed, I’m told due to a last-minute paperwork glitch. Because he has no opponent, the only way to register dissatisfaction is to leave the check box empty or write in a name/Mary Souza, CDA Press. More here.

DFO: Mary’s right (in one aspect). You Merry Hucksters shouldn’t forget to vote in the NIC trustee race and to encourage your friends, family and neighbors to do so, too — for incumbent Judy Meyer. Not only has she served as chairman of the Idaho Board of Trustees and, together with her husband, Steve, given a million bucks to the college, but she understands the value of a high-education corridor. She’s light years ahead of Phenneger re: experience for the job and vision.

Question: Which county or legislative election is the most important for you?

HBO @ Noon — Lowe’s Or Home Depot

I have a small problem. I have received the annual company gift certificate for $25 to one of eight area stores or malls of my choice. I’ve narrowed my choices to Home Depot or Lowe’s. Do you have a preference of one store over the other. Or are they about the same in service and price?

Question: Which box store do you prefer — Lowe’s? Or Home Depot?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 11/3/08

Brett Phibbs/New Zealand Herald, AP
The North Shining Stars perform in the tiny division at the All Star Cheer International cheerleading championship in Auckland, New Zealand suburb of Takapuna Sunday. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines:

1. UI could not spend money on new longer skirts so they found shorter legs — Pecky.
2. Unfortunately, the North Shining Stars were disqualified because of their revealing uniforms. Said one judge, “Showing elbow dimpling is just inappropriate. What was their coach thinking?” — CindyH.
3. Gimme an S, S; Gimme an A, A; Gimme a T, T; Gimme an S, S; Gimme an R, R; What does it spell? SATSR???? (oops) — Bob.

HM: JohnA

De Leon: Learning Value Of Earning

Item: Learning the value of earning: Many parents believe strongly that kids need financial education/Virginia de Leon, SR

More Info: Teaching kids about money was a recent topic of discussion on The Spokesman-Review’s Parents’ Council blog. While everyone agreed on the importance of financial literacy, parents came up with different ways to impart this knowledge to their children. For instance, some thought it was a good idea to give kids an allowance. Others, however, did not. “I consider that a sort of baby welfare system,” wrote Trish, who raised four children, now all adults. “I believe that by giving them an allowance, we teach our children that they deserve money simply because they exist.”

Question: Do (did?) you give your kids an allowance? Are they good with money?

HBO’s AM Headlines — 11/3/08

Kathy Plonka/SR
Folks milled around downtown Coeur d’Alene while the new City Of Coeur d’Alene Police and Fire Public Safety Building was moved to its spot in Coeur d’Alene City Park last week. At least 22 Citizen on Patrol and fire fighter volunteers will man the facility. Story here.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR
*Athol man drowns in Spirit Lake/KXLY
*Handle Extra columns: Huckleberries: Hunting season brings out all kinds/DFO; Slice of Sandpoint: Respite, therapy offered at DayBreak/Patty Hutchens; Many sprinklers turned off too soon/Michelle Boss
*Child killer Duncan to be sentenced again/Betsy Russell, Eye on Boise
*Suspects arrested in Deer Park pharmacy heist/Dan Hansen, SR
*CDA boys adjusting to life on two legs/Maureen Dolan, CDA Press

Question: Is it a good idea to have a small public safety building in City Park?

Online Poll: Popular Vote? Electoral College?

Which method of selecting a U.S. president would you prefer?/Lewiston Tribune

*Direct popular vote
*Electoral college

Anti-Sali Flier Could Trigger New Law

Item: Sali incident sparks idea for new law/Associated Press

More Info: Republican lawmakers in southwest Idaho said they will consider legislation next year to create potential financial liability for someone who publishes or distributes another person’s Social Security number. The announcement Saturday follows a mailing of fliers sent out late last month by the Idaho Democratic Party throughout the 1st Congressional District that shows the Social Security numbers of U.S. Rep. Bill Sali and his wife, Terry.

Question: Is this law needed?

Stantis: Bringing Up The Rear

Scott Stantis/Birmingham News

Canadian Radio Pranksters Target Palin

Jacques Boissinot/Canadian Press, AP
This June 2, 2004, file photo shows Montreal radio station humorists Sebastien Trudel, left, and Marc-Antoine Audette, right, known as the “Masked Avengers.” The Masked Avengers, a radio pairing notorious for prank calls to celebrities and heads of state, prank-called Republican vice presidential candidate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on Saturday. Palin unwittingly took the call Saturday from Audette posing as French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Story here.

ThomG provides the video here

Don’t Look! It’s Your 401k Statement

Item: Don’t look! It’s your 401(k) statement/Heather Lalley, SR

More Info: To peek or not to peek, that is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of a sinking 401(k), or toss that quarterly statement straight in the trash? During this economic crisis, with stocks on a scary roller-coaster ride, there seem to be two kinds of people: Those who are following the peaks and plunges of their investments and those who simply refuse to look.

Question: Do you look at your quarterly 401k statement — or do you toss it aside and wait for the market to go back up and stabilize?

Stickman: Speak Softly & Carry A Big Stick

RE: Vandals attack Mudgy & Millie Downtown
I have a story about something that happened this past summer. As I was sitting doing what I do best, making sticks and giving them away of course, 5 young toughs drove up across the way and started throwing beer bottles all over the parking lot and causing complete mayhem. I grabbed my biggest stick and wandered over. They were surprised a bit that an old guy would approach them I think, but I was calm and they turned very defensive, must have been the giant stick. They wanted to know what I was going to do with the big stick, and all I said was that I make them and give them away. Would they like one. Of course they said, they are beautiful. I mentioned that first could we please pick up all of the glass in the parking lot and then they could come over for a stick. We did and they came over and had a ball. To this day I still see them and they wave when they come by and they have never thrown another bottle in that parking lot. I could have called the cops, or caused some sort of commotion, but tact was in order right then. It worked. It doesn’t alway/Stickman.

WND Poll: Obama & Religious Vote

Item: God Gap: No gain for Obama with religious vote/WorldNetDaily

Question: What do you think of the finding Obama made no gain with religious voters?

1. Good — now he won’t owe them anything after he’s elected
2. Unfortunately, the vicious rumors that Obama was secretly a Muslim poisoned the minds of Christians
3. The Gallup poll was skewed toward white evangelicals — he has done very well among Muslims, New Agers and other minority faiths
4. Conservative white evangelicals, with their narrow mindedness, have destroyed the Republican Party — that’s why Democrats are winning
5. Christians who are wary now will be pleasantly surprised by all the good things his policies accomplish

Turiaf Now Lacing ‘Em Up For Golden State

Nathan Denette/Canadian Press, AP
Toronto Raptors’ Jermaine O’Neal, right, drives past Golden State Warriors’ Ronny Turiaf during the first half of a NBA basketball game on Friday in Toronto. Turiaf scored 4 points, blocked 5 shots and grabbed 5 rebounds in the Warriors’ 112-108 overtime loss to the Raptors. Boxscore here.

Question: Who’s your favorite former Gonzaga basketball player — Ronny Turiaf, John Stockton, Dan Dickau, Blake Stepp, Casey Calvary, Adam Morrison, David Pendergraft … or some other?

Trade-Tech High School Agreement Signed

Item: Trade-technical high school coming to Rathdrum Prairie campus/Alison Boggs, SR.

More Info: In the near future, Kootenai County high school students interested in such careers as diesel mechanic, machinist or welder will have the opportunity to attend a school that offers courses in those and other trades alongside classes in English, social studies and math. Next door to that high school on the same 100-acre parcel of Rathdrum Prairie land, North Idaho College will establish a campus geared toward professional and technical education, allowing students to move seamlessly into college programs.

Question: How popular will a trade-technical high school be in Kootenai County?

Deeds: Boise Theaters Turn To Soft Porn

Item: Area theaters get into the naughty-movie business/Michael Deeds, Idaho Statesman

More Info: Man, you know the economy is rough when Edwards and the Majestic start showing a porno movie at the megaplex. “Zack and Miri Make a Porno,” directed by Kevin Smith (“Clerks,” “Chasing Amy”), is opening on thousands of theater screens this weekend. It’s an R-rated comedy about two roommates - Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks - who create a skin flick to make ends meet. Like a run of recent adult comedies, “Zack and Miri” pushes the raunch envelope. It received an NC-17 rating before Smith appealed it down to an R. It features male and female full-frontal nudity, but not from its stars.

Question: Would you support a theater megaplex if it began showing soft porn, like “Zack and Miri”?

Rosdahl: Only INW Persian Restaurant Opens

Hey. This was a tough one – figuring whether the lead to this piece should be a new Persian restaurant or an erotic lingerie store. They’re both somewhat unique to North Idaho. Let’s go with Babak Kabab, which the owners claim is the only Persian food restaurant in the Inland Northwest. It’s in a former snack shack at 3023 Government Way. The well-known menu items are kababs, primarily barbecued kubideh or jujeh, ground beef and chicken sandwiches. They also have American and Persian breakfast items and espresso and hot dogs and chili for lunch/Nils Rosdahl, SR Handle Extra. More here.

What kind of ethnic food is needed that the Coeur d’Alene area doesn’t already have?

I-90 Crash Sends 2 To Hospital

Two people were taken to the hospital and traffic was blocked for about an hour and a half after a multi-vehicle injury collision occurred on east bound I-90 at mile marker 2 near Stateline. The collision involving a passenger car, a pick-up truck and a R.V. happened around 4:00 p.m. Thursday/KHQ. More here.

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