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TUESDAY, OCT. 4, 2005

Definition: "Freak Dancing"

Merriam Webster says: Main Entry: freak·ing Pronunciation: 'frE-k&n, -ki[ng]Function: adjective or adverbEtymology: euphemism for frigging or (f-bomb): DAMNED -- used as an intensive Urban dictionary says:1. freaking: Obscene dancing which simulates sex by the grinding the of the genetailia with suggestive sounds/movements. often done to...

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SR Letter of the Day -- "I'm Not A Fat Cat"

Dave Oliveria called me an "East Lakeshore Drive Fat Cat" because I chalked a line on my beach at the 2,130 feet private property mark recently set by Judge Judd in his Sanders Beach ruling ("On Sanders Public Beach," Sept. 12).Webster's defines a "fat cat"...

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Don't Forget -- Groene on Oprah Today

"Kidnapped by a Pedophile: The Shasta Groene Tragedy" is the title of today's "Oprah Winfrey Show." Steve Groene, father of the 8-year-old kidnapping victim from Coeur d'Alene, was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey and will be sharing the latest information in the case, according to Winfrey's...

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WorldNetDaily Poll

What do you think of the selection of Harriet Miers for associate Supreme Court justice? 1. A brilliant and bold move for diversity 2. A good choice that will unite Democrats and Republicans 3. A good choice that will surprise Republicans 4. I don't know,...

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MONDAY, OCT. 3, 2005

P.S. -- 10/3/05

My mother tells me that I would have been named Franklin Simas Oliveria Jr. had my father gotten to the hospital on time. Hmm. Little Frank. Frankie. Dunno if I would have preferred it to David, although I only answer to Dave, unless a member...

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Wild Card/Monday -- 10/3/05

Beware of the exclamation point in e-mails and blogging, warns SR columnist Jim Kershner here. Tongue firmly cheeked, Jim explains how you can come across wrong in cyberspace if you don't understand few basics. You can comment on this!!!! Or anything you want as your...

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Where's He Think This Is? Montana?

Dunno if Digital Fog is pulling my leg, but this traffic stop from Oregon is funny. And DF has other good new stuff on his blog now to warrant another visit, including one parody about "Deviled Ham" that almost made me spit out my coffee...

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Thin Air Officially Debuts

I drove out onto CDA Lake Drive, and parked by the "Lake Steamers" sign, a mile or so east of the Beachhouse Restaurant. Looking back towards CDA from there, I can see where bulldozers are beginning to take big bites out of the hillside where...

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Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest -- 10/3/05

WSU linebacker Will Derting grabs his knee late in the game against Oregon State. Derting suffered a sprain and is questionable for the next few games/SR photo by Christopher Anderson. See Item No. 4.1. David Horsey/PI takes after Louisianans/Mississippians who hate gummint on one level...

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2 More Cents re: NIC's Potty Mouth 

North Idaho College's reacted predictably to the flap caused by English instructor Keith Hunter's inability to watch his mouth was predictable: Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Prez Michael Burke was the worst of the lot in refusing to comment to the...

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Local Question of the Day -- 10/3/05

Issue: NIC students: Instructor out of line: Former class members say educator made sexual remarks, used foul language/Marc Stewart, Coeur d'Alene Press.DFO: Sounds as though this guy is more interested in free associating and gutter language than he is in teaching students. For the amount...

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Quick Fix 6 -- 10/3/05

1. APhoto Fix: White House counsel and Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, left, listens to Senate Majority Leader Bill First, R-Tenn., on Capitol Hill during a courtesy call on the Senate, Monday, Oct. 3, 2005 in Washington. President Bush nominated Miers to the Supreme Court...

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SUNDAY, OCT. 2, 2005

Best of HBO (Continued) -- 10/3/05

If you read our online site, you know that SR editors split about covering PETA’s publicity stunt in downtown Spokane, including the appearance of a semi-nekkid femme pretending to be a caged animal. On his Video Journal blog, Colin Mulvaney explained: “Most editors in the...

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SATURDAY, OCT. 1, 2005

Back to the Future w/Wood Heat

Usually, when something sounds too good to be true, it is. But that doesn't appear to be the case with the new biomass boiler being considered by the Kellogg School District to reduce heating costs and make the district less dependent on Avista Utilities, with...

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FRIDAY, SEPT. 30, 2005


Issue: Most Americans see 'judicial activism' crisis: Legal experts shocked by results of survey by American Bar Association publication/WorldNetDaily.DFO: Count me among those who believe the judiciary, particularly the federal judiciary and 9 U.S. Court of Appeals, is out of control. When a single federal...

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St. Peter Wave

He squats in the rainat the Albertson's, holding his cardboard sign Help Me God Bless You.A toothless grin framedby a rough pepper beard.I drive away and wonderhow much faith it must taketo ask God to bless uswith our groceries, our cars,our warm jackets. St. Peter...

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Top Cutlines/TGIF -- 9/30/05

With warnings to looters still on his business, Bob Rue folds a wet oriental rug outside his shop in New Orleans Thursday. Rue said he had already received about 30 flood-damaged rugs from customers wanting him to salvage them. You write the cutline. Top Cutlines:1....

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Stinky of the House of Aver

You've heard about him. You've read about him. Now, here he is. Steve Aver, right, with friends Mike Johnson, left, and Jerry Goforth, center, has been asked to leave the Bonner County courthouse because of his body odor. He's an avid amateur lawyer who files...

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Huckleberries Online

D.F. Oliveria started Huckleberries Online on Feb. 16, 2004. Oliveria's Sunday print Huckleberries is a past winner of the national Herb Caen Memorial Column contest.