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FRIDAY, JULY 3, 2009

T.M.X. Elmo, the "X" stands for extreme, — and also elusive, for most shoppers this holiday season. 
 (Associated Press / The Spokesman-Review)

Elmo's Hanging on by a Leg 

The other morning the boys and I saw something rather disturbing--- a plush Elmo dangling by one leg from the trunk of a silver Subaru. Did some poor tot get dropped off at daycare without his Elmo? Is a mean older sibling torturing a younger...

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Art of Weddings model Donna Meyer gets scanned by Sheryl Neal, of University Chiropractic, at the Spokane Valley Open for Business Fair at Mirabeau Park Hotel.
 (Liz Kishimoto / The Spokesman-Review)

Might be a Hitch in the Hitching 

Sounds like there's going to be a lot of stressed out brides in the next couple weeks: don't remember being at all stressed out about my own wedding. Then again, it was 23 years ago. The only mishap involved the groomsmen who decided to...

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 Japan's robot Saya, developed by Hiroshi Kobayashi, Tokyo University of Science professor, works as a receptionist at the university's front desk in Tokyo, Japan, Wednesday, March 11, 2009. First developed as a receptionist robot in 2004, Saya was tested in a real Tokyo classroom earlier this year to a handful of fifth and sixth graders, although it still can't do much more than call roll and shout orders like "Be quiet."  (Itsuo Inouye / Associated Press)

What Long Weekend? 17 

So, am I the only one who has to spend time at my desk today? Another S-R blog ran a thread titled "The Long Weekend Loose Thread," which is fine, but the blog host put it up YESTERDAY. Geez. Did your weekend already begin? What...

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FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2009

Sarah Palin speaks during a rally Sunday in Omaha, Neb. (Nati Harnik / The Spokesman-Review)

Not Feminist Enough? 11 

Charles Dixon: "...your description of Palin as “a woman [who] does nothing to advance the cause of woman's equality” only serves to reinforce my entire post. She's the elected governor of a state. She was a vice presidential candidate. And she did all of it...

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The Spokane River flows near the Harvard Road Bridge on Tuesday. Fast currents and low bridge clearances are creating  hazardous conditions. (JESSE TINSLEY / The Spokesman-Review)

Local Headlines

Stretch of Spokane River reopened: wants smaller Pullman store: Tribe plans $75 million casino expansion: state parks director to step down: cars rolling in for Car D’Lane: stormy weather may be in store:

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New blue handicapped parking signs have been added to parking meters along Sprague and First avenues between Post and Madison streets in downtown Spokane. The signs mean that disabled motorists, who can park at meters for free, can use the spaces for only four hours at a time.   (Dan Pelle / The Spokesman-Review)

Car Karma 

So, I'm zipping down Division Street hill when I see a motorcycle cop parked near the bottom of the incline. I immediately braked, but it was too late. He pulled me over for going 45 in a 30, but in a burst of generosity, wrote...

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Associated Press Wanda Sykes performs at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, with President Barack Obama as the guest of honor, May 9. (Associated Press / The Spokesman-Review)

R U Syked? 24 

Wanda Sykes will be performing tomorrow night in Spokane, fresh from her gig at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner. The gig in which her joke wishing Rush Limbaugh's kidneys to fail went flatter than a pre-implant Pamela Anderson.Question: Humor is so subjective. Sykes fails...

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Mike Frederick, lead guitar player for the rock and jazz fusion band "Octopus Repellant" performs an orginal tune with help from horn section members Chris Parkin (center) and Julia Barcelo .  The band made up from students from Mt. Spokane High School and one from Ferris, opened BOBFest (battle of the Bands) Saturday afternoon in Riverfront Park.   Dan Pelle/The Spokesman-Review (The Spokesman-Review)

Bobbing Along 

Saturday marks the 13th Annual BOBfest, the high school band battle, put on by Spokane's Chase Youth Commission: My first smile of the morning came from reading the list of bands scheduled to compete. Here's a sampling:Executive SmackFalling In Absence (huh?)Raw NerveGreen Light GoOlaf...

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Talk to the Hand 11 

The other day I was two cars behind a stalled pickup at a stop sign. The truck in front of me started backing up to go around the dead vehicle. He was backing up quickly, so I honked my horn to let him know I...

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Fishwife: Letterman Fading Fast 10 

Fishwife says, "Letterman is fading fast. Can't hold a candle to Conan and Jay." tempest in a teapot aside, I agree. I used to adore Letterman. He kept me company on many nights when I was up with babies but when compared to Conan...

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FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2009

Take Two or Not 

If you get this: probably shouldn't take this:'s your cure for what ails you?

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The Star Princess sails past the Seattle skyline, heading out of Terminal 30 bound for Alaska.
 (MCT / The Spokesman-Review)

Country Mouse or City Mouse 17 

I spent a few days in downtown Seattle recently. I love big city life. I enjoy the hustle and the bustle and the anonymity of blending in with the crowds. I love being able to walk everywhere, and the quiet oasises you find in the...

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Zuriel E. Roush (Spokane Police Department)

Risky Business 

"... investigators and Spokane health officials fear the number of sex partners Zuriel Roush exposed to the virus could be as high as 80. If that’s true, the case could create an unprecedented health problem for the Inland Northwest." why in 2009, do people...

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Many noted chefs use coffee to put a new twist on traditional recipe favorites. This coffee-inspired chocolate cake includes two shots of espresso. 
 (Starbucks Coffee Liqueurs / The Spokesman-Review)

PMS Mobile Unit 13 

That's what the sign on the back of the white Dodge Ram pickup said. "PMS Mobile Unit: I Fix It," and a phone number. I followed the truck east on 29th until he cut me off, and made a sharp right turn. Which ticked me...

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Natural Gas 

I've always wondered what unnatural gas is.Anyhow, here's some good news:

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We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do 

A five-year-old Cougar cheerleader in training: you know the words to your alma mater's fight song? I thought ours was "We are the Champions." Maybe Queen stole it?

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A vacant lot at the corner of Seventh Street and Sherman Avenue in Coeur d’Alene will be the site of a six-story office building and will offer views of the lake. VIQ Development, an Idaho-based real estate development firm is developing The Plaza on Sherman.  (Kathy Plonka / The Spokesman-Review)

Idaho: Up and Down 

In Idaho news, downtown CDA's profile keeps rising, but school budgets are falling.

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THURSDAY, MAY 28, 2009

Marjorie and Aram Langhans, pictured last week in Yakima, became vigilant about guarding their Social Security numbers after their nephew’s identity was stolen.  (Associated Press / The Spokesman-Review)

Give Me Your Number or Else 17 

When Aram Langhans asked the Yakima Heart Center to remove his Social Security number from their files, his request had unexpected consequences: was the last time you were asked for your SS number? Have you ever refused the request?

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Mickey and Minnie pose at Sleeping Beauty's Castle in Hong Kong Disneyland which opened Monday.
 (Associated Press / The Spokesman-Review)

What Else Has Disney Ruined? 

Cabbage Boy on May 28 at 10:47 a.m."Sad thing is there are many kids who probably have learned their “history” from Disney. No need for revisionist history when you have entertainment history already indoctrinated."Bent on May 28 at 11:21 a.m."I know, CB. Bambi ruined a...

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A pair of tiny entrants in the 2007 Spokane Pet Fest  costume contest.Courtesy of Pet Fest
 (Courtesy of Pet Fest / The Spokesman-Review)

Your Pet's Social Event of the Season 11 

Wiener dog races, singing Chihuahuas, pet portraits and animal massage. What could be more fun? Alas, Milo is strictly an indoor cat and too young to attend this event. Where do you hang out with your pets?

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Arpie: They Don't Make Pencils Like They Used To 

"Pencils seem to be made more cheaply than they used to be. Quite often the lead is not in the center of the pencil. This yields a poorly sharpened pencil that has wood on one side." Full comment here: else they don't make like...

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Small-scaled traditional furniture and art works on the walls add visual interest to this studio apartment room decorated by Cynthia Edmunds of New York. The room also features double-sided curtains with a floral pattern on one side, checks on the other. The sofa cover is reversible, too. By night, that sofa is a single bed. 
 (Associated Press / The Spokesman-Review)

Visualize This 

I'm still a little sore from moving my piano Friday. We got a new sofa. You know what that means--- time to rearrange the furniture. Only thing is, I'm NOT a visual person. I have to move each piece to see if I like it...

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Though pretty to look at, good gardeners know that getting rid of dandelions is easier said than done. (no photographer / The Spokesman-Review)

Everything's Coming Up--- Weeds 38 

For some of us, summertime=yard work. With 4 sons, 3 of them teens, it's been a long time since I've mowed a lawn. But, there's weeding, and edging, and trimming, and did I mention weeding? Maybe we should forget the grass and go for one...

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Working for UI in New Mexico 

"The University of Idaho is spending nearly $400,000 a year to support three employees in New Mexico without any oversight, an electrical engineering professor at the school says." UI professor questions money spent in New Mexico Thoughts?

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