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THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2009

Items of men’s underwear are seen on display at a London department store. As male vanity has increased in the past decade, so have retail sales – from tinted moisturizers to home waxing kits and men’s underwear. (Lefteris Pitarakis / The Spokesman-Review)

Skivvies Win by a Whisker 

HBO Sleepwear Poll Results: Skivvies win by a narrow margin. Out of 104 respondents 33% said they sleep in their undies while 32% say they sleep nekkid. Only one voter admitted to sleeping in lingerie. We hope to identify him later.

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Astronaut John Grunsfeld, with the Hubble Space Telescope at his back, holds onto the shuttle’s robotic arm while working on repairs  Monday.  (Associated Press / The Spokesman-Review)

To Boldly Go 

No thanks. I'm horribly claustrophobic. You know the yellow submarine at Disneyland? Can't do it. The thought of shooting into the atmosphere in a tiny cylinder with no quick trip home makes me woozy. And the beverage service sucks.Yet Bent says, "As for drinking recycled...

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Guilty Pleasures 27 

Says OTV: "...the only thing worse than bad TV is people on their high horse crowing about how so above watching bad TV they are. Be honest, y'all have guilty pleasures too."Well. Do you?

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Idolized 16 

Don't know nothing 'bout this, having never watched the show, but folks are buzzing about last night's American Idol upset know OTV, won't be pleased by this turn of events. Anyone else surprised?

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Cindy Hval (The Spokesman-Review)

Kittens are Cheaper 23 

Look. It was either adopt a kitty or have another baby. I went with the more affordable option. Are you a dog person a cat person or a petless person?

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Would You Drink it? 12 

Evidently, the economic crisis has hit NASA hard. These poor astronauts must have been awfully thirsty: I'm all for recycling, but thoughts of a sweat and urine cocktail make me queasy. Would you drink recycled urine? What's the most unusual drink you've consumed?

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Cindy Hval
Cindy Hval is a freelance columnist for the Voices neighborhood sections. Her Front Porch column appears twice a month in the Thursday Voice.