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Learning To Tie A Tie Via YouTube

In an email, Arpie writes: “On Facebook the other day a friend was proud of her 13 year old son who went to YouTube to learn how to tie a tie.  I've used YouTube for everything from how to fix a bicycle break to fixing my plumbing.  I know Idaho Dad used it to learn how to drywall his basement.

Question (from Arpie): What is the weirdest thing you have used You Tube for?”

Arpie: In Praise Of 9-Year-Olds

Arpie: This was a hard speech for me to watch. For the past half dozen years I have been teaching nine-year-olds. Obama’s references to Christina Taylor-Green, the girl that was killed were sorrowful and uplifting at the same time. I’ve been lucky to have taught dozens of kids like her in my career of teaching hundreds of kids. Obama has been criticized for not coming up with a lasting line in any of his speeches. I’d nominate, “We should do everything we can to make sure this country lives up to our children’s expectations.” More below.

Question: How can we live up to the expectations of today's 9-year-olds?

Arpie: Why Idaho Test Scores High

Arpie: Here’s why Idaho usually scores high on the SAT and the ACT. Idaho has a lower percentage of kids going on to college than many states thus fewer kids taking these tests. And the kids that are taking the test are on average a higher quality than other states. I have not looked to see if that is the case here, but suspect it is. Does that make some sense?

Question: Can you remember taking your SAT or ACT tests? How did you do?

Arpie: How Did Smokin’ CDAs BBQ Go?

Arpie: I hope to hear a complete and thorough accounting of the (Smokin’ the Coeur d’Alenes) BBQ event this weekend. I didn’t make it. Anyone know how things went? How did Bent do? My favorite home brew Laughing Dog was there. I hope Bent got to spend some time with Fred. I heard of the possibility of tens of thousands of people. That seemed high. How many folks were there? I heard people that paid to get in didn’t get to eat the good stuff. What did they eat?

Question: Bent, do you have a report about the big barbecue at the fairgrounds, for you HucksOnline fans?

Arpie: Recession Stopped Fancy Dancers

Arpie: Stickman’s comments make me realize how the recession has (at least temporarily saved Sandpoint. The “Fancy Dancers” were just starting to take over town when the recession hit. Now one can drive by mothballed developments, half built marinas and a 15 hole golf course knowing those people won’t be here for a few more years. It’s been refreshing to go out on the town these days- say to a movie or a concert at the Panida and see people you know and people dressed north Idaho style instead of the fancy dancers.

Question: Does it bother you that developments such as John Stone’s Riverstone expansion are on hold as a result of the recession? Or are you relieved that the recession has slowed down the onslaught of the fancy dancers?

Arpie: Name That ‘Contract w/America’

Arpie: Speaking of right on schedule: “(CNN) - House Republican candidates will be encouraged, but not forced, to sign on to the policy blueprint being crafted by GOP leaders for the midterm elections that’s being compared to the 1994 “Contract with America.” I propose a naming contest. What will the 2010 CwA be called? I’ll by a beer to the entry closest to the actual winner and the funniest.

Question: Can you suggest a name for the 2010 equivalent to the 1994 “Contract with America”?

Arpie: Farewell, Ol’ Rope Swing

It wasn’t a great rope swing, but it was a darn good one. It was also the most well used and loved I have ever seen. This rope swing was a deciding factor in our family’s move to Sandpoint. Almost a dozen years ago when we were contemplating moving here, I first spotted the rope swing after we had finally found the entrance road to Sandpoint’s City Beach. A herd of tough local ten to fifteen year-olds was hanging out around the uphill side of the rope swing close by the railroad tracks on a hot June day, as they have been doing for generations. Being a rope swing connoisseur, I was itching to try this one, but was stymied by how to get a turn with the locals who seemed to rule the place. As I walked up still trying to figure out an angle or at least find the end of the line, a thirteen year old towhead just handed me the rope. Offered like a gift of innocence/Arpie. More here.

Question: Have you ever swung off a rope swing into water? Where?

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