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Bill McCrory Contempt Charge On Hold

Item: Contempt charge on hold: Judge wants to wait until election challenge is decided/Tom Hasslinger, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: McCrory pleaded not guilty to the contempt charges on Tuesday. That trial has been scheduled for 9 a.m. Friday, Sept. 17, a day after the election suit is scheduled to wrap up. If he’s found guilty on the two accusations, he could face up to $10,000 in civil fines.


McCrory Denies Contempt Charge

Update: McCrory denied that he was in contempt of court, at the hearing this afternoon. Now, Judge Charles Hosack will set a date in September to hear the case.

A contempt of court hearing involving Bill McCrory, a supporter in Jim Brannon’s long-running suit to overturn the 2009 Coeur d’Alene City Council election results, is scheduled for 3 o’clock this afternoon in 1st District Judge Charles Hosack’s courtroom. Scott Reed, the attorney for Councilman Mike Kennedy, wants McCrory held in contempt of court for allegedly violating a confidentiality agreement in the case. According to an Aug. 13 Coeur d’Alene Press story, Reed complained that voter information pertaining to the recently-reviewed absentee envelopes wasn’t supposed to be shared outside the courtroom and Bill McCrory violated that privacy agreement. Stay tuned.

Question: How do you think this’ll play out?

Bill McCrory in contempt?

COEUR d’ALENE - The attorney representing City Councilman Mike Kennedy wants a document reviewer held in contempt of court for reportedly violating a confidentiality agreement.

Voter information pertaining to the recently-reviewed absentee envelopes wasn’t supposed to be shared outside the courtroom and Bill McCrory violated that privacy agreement, a complaint filed Thursday by attorney Scott Reed states.

“Information he observed in the examination of election documents … he swore he would keep to himself as confidential,” the complaint says. McCrory’s envelope findings were filed as a court affidavit, and later posted on the website,, along with a newspaper article about the affidavit. Both the affidavit and article revealed voter identities. Tom Hasslinger, Cda Press Read more.

Yikes! Persons found guilty of contempt of court face fines or jail time. How do you this think latest sally in the never-ending saga of Brannon v. Kennedy will turn out?

MikeK: McCrory’s Affidavit ‘Ridiculous’

Councilman Mike Kennedy re: banner front-page story re: discovery by Bill McCrory of “many ballot irregularities” in today’s Coeur d’Alene Press: “I could write volumes about this story (and its placement on the front page) and the ridiculous affivadit which spawned it, but the bottom line is the claims are completely and totally irrelevant to the electoral lawsuit in the slightest. Aside from which they are false, defamatory, and politically motivated. Other than that, what’s not to love?”

Question: Am I the only one who wonders when the Coeur d’Alene Press will begin covering Rep. Phil Hart’s tax troubles with as much fervor as it does Jim Brannon’s never-ending election challenge?

Sisyphus: McCrory Claims? So What

Sisyphus: (Bill McCrory’s allegations of voting irregularities in Coeur d’Alene are) the same minor and inconsequential issues exist in every election. In just about every election there are large quantities of folks of all backgrounds and experiences and education levels volunteering their time to be involved in a collective, common and essential process of a democracy. This is the EXACT issue for Kelso’s election challenge centered upon against Jim Risch 10 years ago. Kelso alleged there were 190 or so of these same issues with absentee ballot envelopes in that case. The District Judge and the Idaho Supreme Court said a collective (my words) “so what?” and denied Kelso’s challenges. Kelso is re-litigating what he lost 10 years ago costing the Kootenai County taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars.


McCrory Claims Irregularities Found

Bill McCrory, a supporter of seat 2 challenger Jim Brannon and a man who recently attempted unsuccessfully to intervene in the election challenge lawsuit, signed a court affidavit claiming he found around 900 irregularities after reviewing the absentee ballot envelopes. Examples of the irregularities include ballot return envelopes that were not signed by the elector, or did not have the date and time receipt written or stamped after they were returned/Coeur d’Alene Press. More here.


DOTC: Brannon Case To Trial Sept. 13

  • Update: Dan of the County reports: “(The Brannon case is) now set for trial the week of September 13th.”

At 3:30 p.m. today, Judge Charles Hosack will hear five motions in the long-running attempt by challenger Jim Brannon to overthrow the Coeur d’Alene City Council election results. Brannon has asked Hosack to reconsider the ruling he made May 14 that Brannon hasn’t made a claim that’s sufficient to overturn the results in his five-vote loss to Councilman Mike Kennedy or the three other races on the municipal ballot last November. Also, the judge is being asked to rule on the request to intervene in the lawsuit by Bill McCrory and his wife. Also, Attorney Scott Reed, who represents Kennedy, and Mike Haman, who represents the city of Coeur d’Alene, have asked the judge to set a date for the trial.

Question: Am I being a bit cynical when I consider that a Sept. 13 trial will push this case into the heart of the next election cycle, possibly benefitting some of the individuals running for various local offices?

MikeK: Brannon Will Pay $$$ In The End

Councilman Mike Kennedy: Jim Brannon filed this suit — no one else (though Bill McCrory has incurred liability by seeking to enter the lawsuit on Jim’s side). Brannon sued the county, the city, and me, after rejecting the free opportunity he had to follow the state legislated process and do a recount before considering legal options. Writing as a private citizen being sued, here, regardless of whether he loses or wins this court case, because of this willful and admitted plan of suing me individually first without pursuing all legal steps in the process, I would assume that Mr. Brannon has been preparing himself personally for the time when I as a private citizen seek to recover every penny of all applicable legal costs, personal costs, and damages in this lawsuit through full discovery in the courts. And I would certainly assume that preparation doesn’t include (hypothetically speaking, of course) diverting or shielding personal assets, inheritances, or family trusts in the names of any other individuals or family members. Full comment here.

Question: Some would say that MikeK should grin & quietly bear the costs and personal hassle of being sued individually by the loser in his narrow council victory last fall — that his post at HucksOnline provides fodder for Brannon and the Kennedy haters who follow him. I wouldn’t. Would you?

OpenCDA Takes Aim At English Again

At, Bill McCrory is taking aim at one of his favorite pincushions, Dan of the County, by blaming him for that flap in the Senate District 3 race, involving incumbent Mike Jorgenson and challenger Steve Vick. Seems Vick lost his Idaho voting privileges when he moved to Montana and then didn’t get them back, as he should have done, when he moved back to Kootenai County and tried to re-register. Seems Idaho law cancels voting rights when you register elsewhere. However, when Vick attempted to re-register, the clerk’s office said he was already registered and didn’t need to do so again. The clerk’s office hadn’t been notified of Vick’s move to Montana. Vick voted in the 2008 primary and general elections without problems. Now, Jorgenson is claiming he isn’t qualified to be a candidate for Idaho Legislature. And McCrory is blaming English for not being omniscient.

Question: Who do you think is to blame for this snafu?

McCrorys Give Reason For Motion

In the Coeur d’Alene Press today, a letter from Bill & Lisa McCrory explains the reasons why they’re asking to be involved in Jim Brannon’s attempt to overturn his 5-vote election loss to Councilman Mike Kennedy. As pointed out here a few days ago, Bill McCrory, of infamy, contends that mistakes were made — and possibly encouraged by election officials, such as County Clerk Dan English — and that the original lawsuit seeking to overthrow the results of the entire election should be reinstated. You can read the letter here.

Question: What do you make of the letter from McCrory and his wife?

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