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Sali To Stump For Phil Hart

Former congressman Bill Sali's appearance in North Idaho on behalf of Rep. Phil Hart and District 3 challenger Ron Mendive is being advertised at the Coeur d'Alene Press Online.

Former Idaho Congressman Bill Sali, famous for introducing legislation in the U.S. House to suspend the law of gravity in a bid to highlight his opposition to the minimum wage, will pitch for tax-protesting Rep. Phil Hart, R-Athol, at a $25-a-head fundraiser in Coeur d'Alene this week, as Hart heads into a hard-fought four-way GOP primary next Tuesday in his bid for a fifth term in the Idaho House. The fundraiser, according to an ad placed on the Coeur d'Alene Press website by Hart's campaign and shown here, also will benefit GOP House candidate Ron Mendive of Coeur d'Alene, who faces fellow Republican Jeff Tyler of Post Falls on Tuesday for the open House seat formerly held by Bob Nonini/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Question: Is Sali respected enough in Far Right circles to win support for Hart?

Read more here:

Tribune: In Sali We Trust

JEERS … to former Congressman Bill Sali, R-Idaho (pictured). For sheer audacity, Sali has few rivals. On Wednesday, he cornered the market on God. Sali walked into the House Transportation Committee and asked the state to create, finance and market a new vanity license plate with the motto “In God We Trust.” He wants $22 from each $35 plate and $12 from each renewal sold allocated to a nonproft group he formed two weeks ago. Joining Sali on the board of American Heritage Foundation are his wife, Terry, and his nephew, Travis Pascoe of Nampa. With the money, Sali promises to educate the public about “foundational principles and history of the United States”/Marty Trillhaase, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Question: Who would buy a vanity plate to fund Sali's foundation, other than Sali, his wife, and his nephew?

EOB: Sali Eyes Legislature Again

Former Idaho Congressman Bill Sali, who popped up at the Statehouse today proposing a specialty license plate bill to raise funds for his new nonprofit organization, the “American Heritage Foundation,” says he's considering running for the state Legislature again. “I am looking at this open seat out here,” Sali told Eye on Boise. “We have not made a final decision yet, but I'm looking at it.” Sali served 16 years in the Idaho House before serving one term in Congress; he lost to Democrat Walt Minnick in 2008/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Question: Wouldn't it be fun to have Bill Sali in the Idaho Legislature again? Only next time, if it happens, I don't think he'd be the strangest bird in the Legislature. Not even in the top 5.

Duroc: I Want A Specialty Plate, Too

Duroc (RE: Bill Sali wants specialty plate, too): Oh, and I forgot: the money raised by the plate will go the Duroc Needs to Buy More Beer Heritage Foundation. It’s a very important non-profit group here in the state of Idaho. Donations of microbrew IPAs are also welcome, if you’d like to help this important heritage foundation but are all filled up on specialty plates.

Question: If you could have your very own specialty plate, what would it look like and what would it fund?

Bill Sali Wants Specialty Plate, Too

Former Idaho Congressman Bill Sali persuaded an Idaho House committee today to introduce a bill to fund his new nonprofit organization, the “American Heritage Foundation,” through a new specialty license plate that would bear the motto “In God We Trust.” The foundation, which Sali and his wife Terry formed on Jan. 25, will work to educate the public about “foundational principles and history of the United States,” the bill says. He said it’ll do things like give away copies of the Constitution. Under the bill, the additional fees for the plate of $35 up-front and then $25 per year would go to the Idaho foundation, except for $13 from each that would go to the state highway account. Rep. Phil Hart, R-Athol, moved to introduce Sali’s bill, and Rep. Linden Bateman, R-Idaho Falls, spoke out in favor of it/Betsy Russell, SR. More here.

Question: What do you make of the proliferation of specialty plates in Idaho?

Bill Sali Beat ‘Em Both

At a congressional forum in 2006 in Post Falls (from left): Robert Vasquez, Sheila Sorensen, Norm Semanko, Bill Sali, Dave Olson, Cecil Kelly, Keith Johnson, Andy Hedden-Nicely and Skip Brandt. Larry Grant missed to forum. (SR file photo: Jesse Tinsley)

Idaho's current Democratic and Republican party chairmen shared a stage for the first time today at the Boise City Club, and some sparks did fly. The two started off with a shared experience: “We both lost to Bill Sali in 2006,” said GOP Chairman Norm Semanko, who lost to Sali in the 1st District GOP primary that year, while current Democratic Chairman Larry Grant fell to Sali in the general election.  “Norm and I did both lose,” Grant said, “and you might conclude from that that the penalty for losing a congressional race is to become the chairman of the party”/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Question: Who would win a WWF cage match between Norm Semanko and Larry Grant?

IPT: Labrador Steady As She Goes

Idaho First Congressional District Rep. Raul Labrador has been in office a little more than 100 days, and up to this point he has been every bit the congressman he promised he would be. The former member of the Idaho Legislature has held true to the bedrock conservative principles he promised. And so far, he has done so firmly, while at the same time being thoughtful, deliberate and respectful. He has given credit to the opposition when it’s due. He has maintained the strong fiscally conservative approach he campaigned on without all the bombast and spectacle of the last Republican to hold the office, Bill Sali/Idaho Press-Tribune Editorial Board. More here.

Question: Who would you rather have sitting in the 1st Congressional District seat now — Raul Labrador or Bill Sali?

Hucks Poll: OK w/Way Bin Laden Shot

  • Thursday Poll: Hucks Nation has no problem that terrorist Osama bin Laden wasn't armed when shot by two Navy Seals earlier this week. 210 of 234 respondents (89.74%) said they don't care one iota that the terrorist was unarmed when gunned down. 15 of 234 (6.41%) are somewhat concerned. 8 of 234 (3.42%) are bothered that he was unarmed when killed. 1 was undecided.
  • Weekend Poll: Who would you prefer to be sitting in the 1st Congressional District seat at the moment — Raul Labrador or Bill Sali?

Loertscher Still Lone Ally

Mebbe it’s not surprising that House Ethics Committee chairman Tom Loertscher, R-Ione, was doing everything possible to give Rep. Phil Hart, R-Athol, a pass during the panel hearing today. Loertscher was the lone dissenter in the 6-1 vote by the committee to look more deeply into the complaints against Athol’s Artful Tax Dodger. Loertscher was then Rep. Bill Sali’s only ally in a tax bill showdown with House Speaker Bruce Newcomb. When Sali lost the showdown, Newcomb temporarily stripped Sali and Loertscher of all committee assignments until he was persuaded to backtrack by his chief lieutenant, then Majority Leader Lawerence Denney. Denney, now the House speaker, advised Newcomb then: ” “When you root with pigs, you get dirty. Don’t stoop to their level,” Denney advised. You can read Dan Popkey’s report archived report about the showdown here (thanks to Fork in comments section). Sali, of course, went on to become a one-term congressman, and Loertscher is heading a committee in which he appears to be the one unabashed ally of Rep. Phil Hart.

Question: Is Loertscher the right guy to chair the House Ethics Committee in dealing with complaints about Phil Hart’s conduct?

Sali Won More Votes Than Labrador

In 2008, in Idaho’s 1st U.S. House district, Republican Bill Sali lost his office to Democrat Walt Minnick. In 2010, Minnick in turn lost it to Republican Raul Labrador. Question: Which of these Republicans, Sali or Labrador, would you suppose won about 45,000 more votes than the other in these elections? You can guess where this is going: Sali, in losing, took 171,687 votes, while Labrador, winning this year – in a strong win by a strong margin – took 126,231 votes: Far fewer. Look closely at the vote totals in the two elections and you find what sure looks like evidence in Idaho of that vaunted enthusiasm gap: A relatively larger number of Democrats not voting in 2010 who had in 2008. The closer you look, the more it looks that way/Randy Stapilus, Ridenbaugh Press. More here.

Question: Stapilus acknowledges a dropoff in voters can be expected in a nonpresidential year. But the dropoff for Minnick was steeper than the one for Labrador. Do you know a Demo who refused to vote for conservative Minnick?

Stapilus: Sali Changes The Subject

Last Thursday former U.S. Representative Bill Sali, long an ally of Hart’s, sent a letter (disclosed, again, via Russell) on the subject to fellow Republicans. His counsel, after saying in essence that Hart was wrongly accused (though none of the reported facts are in dispute): “Why has Phil gotten so much media attention? In the legislature Phil has been an effective voice for freedom, less government and lower taxes. Apparently Betsy Russell can’t stand that and she wants to silence his voice.” How many more politicians snagged in trouble are going to use this kind of dodge – it’s all the freedom-hating media’s fault – and get away with it? We may get some answers to that, in Idaho and far beyond, next week/Randy Stapilus, Ridenbaugh Press. More here.

Question: Do you really think the media hate freedom?

Sisyphus: Betsy Can’t Win Sali Game

Re: Betsy Russell to blame not Hart/Huckleberries Online

Sisyphus: He doesn’t even bother to use “liberal” before “media”. It’s becoming redundant for him. … I find it amusing. Shorter Bill Sali: “Hart has successfully hidden his overdue tax obligation and timber thievery for years, its only a liberal media conspiracy that it come out on the eve of his uncontested election”. Give it up Betsy. There’s no hope for you. Your best bet is to freak out over a burka wearing taxi driver and score a fat $2 million contract at Fox.

Question: Are Phil Hart’s problems part of a “liberal media conspiracy”?

Sali: Betsy Russell To Blame Not Hart

Last Thursday, former congressman Bill Sali wrote a “Dear Friend” letter defending Rep. Phil Hart from “biased accounts of the media.” In the single-page letter (which you can read here),  Hart met with Hart to hear the legislator’s side of the story and came away convinced that the media haven’t been “fair to Phil.” Quoth: Why has Phil gotten so much media attention? In the legislature Phil has been an effective voice for freedom, less government and lower taxes. Apparently Betsy Russell can’t stand that and she wants to silence his voice. She wins if you decide not to support Phil.”

DFO: For the record, Sali is playing fast and loose with the truth here. Betsy Russell did point out that Hart wrote a book and that he won various votes in the House Ethics Committee. On the other hand, I wonder why Sali didn’t remind you that the Ethics Committee unanimously, with 4 Republicans chiming in, recommended that Hart be stripped of his position on the House Rev & Tax Committee. Which would lead any fair-minded person to deduct that Hart wasn’t totally exonerated by the Republican majority on the Ethics Committee.

Question: Are you surprised that Bill Sali would attack messenger Betsy Russell for the well-documented tax problems and five-finger timber discount of Phil Hart?

Sali speaks out

Former Congressman Bill Sali addresses the House Health & Welfare Committee on Friday morning, calling for extensive amendments to a child-immunization reminder bill and speaking out for parents who choose not to immunize their kids. Idaho ranks 50th for child immunizations.

Former Congressman Bill Sali has shown up at the House Health & Welfare Committee this morning to testify on SB 1335, the IRIS immunization reminder system bill. Sali is proposing amendments to the bill, which already passed the Senate. He’s contending that the bill - backed by the Idaho Medical Association, the Idaho Legislature’s Health Care Task Force and an array of Idaho medical groups - would actually make participation in the registry mandatory, not voluntary, though the sponsors specifically told the committee that it wouldn’t. The bill makes the immunization tracking system automatic unless parents opt out, rather than requiring them to opt in. Read more. Betsy Russell, Eye on Boise

Is this bill a good idea?



Adam: Many Owe Sali Apologies

So, apparently, they believe it’s possible that the AP quoted the Memo without actually seeing it and that Bill Sali fabricated it in order to fool the AP into believing he’d been exonderated. Truth is that they don’t want to take responsibility for the the false attacks on Bill Sali. They attacked what amounted to a trivial matter of being late with an FEC report to attack Sali as dishonest and incompetent, and refuse to acknowledge their errors.  Instead, they pursue a conspiratorial line of reasoning that makes crop circles sound reasonable. The situation is reminiscent of the comments of Former Labor Secretary Ray Donovan after a court acquitted him of criminal charges, “Which office do I go to get my reputation back?”/Adam’s Blog. More here.

Question: Is Bill Sali owed an apology by bloggers and other online commenters who lambasted him for campaign finance problems that now appear to be the fault of the Federal Election Commission?

Sali: I’ve Been Vindicated

Item: Former Rep. Bill Sali says elections panel cleared him” The former Idaho congressman says he and his staff did nothing wrong in late campaign reports/Erica Bolstad, Idaho Statesman

More Info: At the time, Sali’s campaign blamed software problems. Only one other member of Congress, Rep. Al Green, D-Texas, had also failed to file a report that same quarter. … Sali’s campaign criticized press inquiries into his reports and complained that reporters had overemphasized the importance of disclosure forms in congressional races. In his recent e-mail to supporters, the subject line was “Media Bias.” “The media and the Walt Minnick campaign ignored my explanation, and my staff and I were openly accused of simply being incompetent.” “My staff and I have now been officially vindicated by the FEC,” he added.

Question: Do you agree with Sali that he has been vindicated by the Federal Election Commissin admission?

Richert: Sali Vs. Minnick/GOP Regulars

If Sali runs, look for him to try to cobble together a coalition of support among disaffected Republicans who want their party to take a hard turn to the right; small-government libertarian-leaning Ron Paul Republicans; and voters who, recession or no recession, focus on social issues. An odd alliance — but in a fractured Republican primary, it could be enough to get Sali another nomination. Northwest political blogger Randy Stapilus sums it up well; “Sali won in 2006 in a deeply fragmented field that advantaged him almost perfectly. There’d be strong pressure in the Republican hierarchy to avoid a repeat of that scenario”/Kevin Richert, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: Do you expect mainstream Republicans to rally behind one candidate to defeat Sali in the 2010 primary? Or will it be another free-for-all with Sali emerging victorious?

We’ll Still Have Sali To Kick Around

The title paraphrases Nixon’s famous petulant quote after he lost the California Governor’s race in 1962, and it appears Sali won’t go gently into that good night. He’s itchin’ for a rematch with Minnick after several thousand of his party abandoned him last time to vote for Walt. Bring it on. Sali has a great opportunity to get a crowded field again in the primary and win it, drawing a bead right on the Republican Party foot. In the words of Montomery Burns, “Excellent, release the hounds”/Sisyphus, 43rd State Blues.

Question: Would you like to see a rematch between Walt Minnick and Bill Sali in 2010?

Idaho Blogs — 1/12/09

Now that Bill Sali is no longer a congressman, he’s going to need a new job. He wasn’t exactly prospering as a lawyer before going to DC. After all, he had to work three jobs; lawyer, legislator, and musician. I’d guess that an unpopular 1-term congressman isn’t going to be a prime candidate for a lobbiest or consultant job. So, I wonder if Gov Otter will toss ol’ Bill a bone and give him a state job. I know of one that’s coming open in a few weeks at an annual salary of $89,711. The Idaho Industrial Commission, which administers Idaho’s workers compensation system, has three commissioners/IdaBlue. More here. Idaho Blog roundup below

Question: What will Bill Sali do while he waits two years for another run for Congress?

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