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Bloggy: It Hurts To Be Unfriended

Bloggy: Yes, it hurts to be unfriended, or even worse, unrelationshipped, especially if the unrelationship means you won't be getting sex with her anymore, when I think part of it is due to Facebook enslaving itself to the binary world of computer dorks. Have a third option: TIME OUT. “Mr_Bloggy has timed you out for 30 days.” It's a warning - knock whatever crap is bugging me or I'll finish the deal in a month. We all deserve a warning.

Question: Why do you unfriend someone? Have you ever been unfriended?

Bloggy: The End Is Near

More dead birds falling from sky (Sweden, USA) more fish washing up dead (USA, Brazil). Something seriously bad is up. If you haven't made peace with your God, Spaceship, Oak Trees, Talking Chihuahua, Buddha, Justin Bieber doll - best do it quick. The Apocalypse is upon us. This isn't just climate change. This is something more terrible, more horrifying, more ultimate. The dead shall walk. Dark forces are clearing the way. More below.

Question: Do you believe a biblical Acopalypse is coming?

Bloggy: Beware Of Biggs Junction

Mr_Bloggy: If you ever stop for gas in Biggs, Oregon and are like SO HUNGRY you'll even eat chicken wings from under a heat lamp next to BBQ burritos and crap like that and you're at the big Shell, I think, w Linda's or Laura's restaurant or something and a Subway, my advice is show a little patience and hit the Subway or the cafe, because otherwise you might do as I did and take a bite from the first chicken wing and realize it's kinda not right and skip the other three, which is really smart thinking because if you'd eaten the other three along w the bite of the first you might have DIED FROM THE DIARRHEA instead of just been seized and wrack with colon detonating cannon and firehose blastings into the night. More below.

Question: Have you ever suffered food poisoning?

Bloggy Explains Why HBO Works

Mr_Bloggy: But the real success narrative for HBO is quite simple: LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL. You bring your community into these pages, in terms of straight up news, gossip, rivalries, politics, outrages, casts of nearly caricatured local characters - plenty in black hats and plenty in the white ones and endless cavalcade of Souzas, Harts, Gray Wolves, Brannons, Spencers, Kennedys, Sgt Cupcakes, Hagadones, etc’s. Full post below.

DFO: Eloquent Mr_Bloggy offers a fine analysis re: what makes Hucks Online tick year after year. Definitely worth clicking in the drop-down box to read the rest. I appreciate his break down.

Question: What can I do to improve Huckleberries Online for 2011?


Bloggy: War On Xmas Post-Apocalypse

Mr_Bloggy: Mr_B is 99.9% bad. The remainder is held in reserve for the coming War on Christmas Post-Apocalypse in which, if it were a movie, there would be a scene: Lone man walks down smoking, crater filled city street. Shadows fall from the hulks of buildings. The sun is a diffused ball behind a gunmetal sky of blanched clouds. Man carries a heavily modified 7.62x51 mm NATO GE “Minigun” 6-barreled air-cooled machine gun. He is clad in a black tactical haz mat suit. A cigarette hangs limply from his lower lip, he sucks on it and exhales the smoke in two thin streams from his slightly flared nostrils. More below

Question: If you were to be judged by Santa re: being naughty or nice, would you get a nice present or a lump of coal this year?

Bloggy: Possible Names For GOP Wing

Recuperating from his recent trip to Alaska with his she-devil at the wheel, Mr_Bloggy offers these names for the Tina/Phil/Bob triumvirate driving the local GOP bus:

  • Barking Yam Hounds
  • Cheez Whip Finger Sniffers
  • Monkey Headed Squirrel Broilers
  • Funky Teabag Strainer Possums
  • Two Men and a - a Um - a … well a (what?) oh yeah .. a “Lady”
  • You Will Know Us by the Trail of Our Donut Crumbs
  • Axis of Weasel
  • Ronald Reagan’s Brain
  • The Gang that Couldn’t
  • More below

Question: Yesterday, the suggestion ‘Fedora Republicans’ was offered as a possible nickname for the Old Guard wing of the local GOP.  Any other name possibilities for the Phil Hart wing?

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