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Whalen Brings Up Nonini’s Drug Arrest

This flier from Pat Whalen's camp hit mailboxes in the Post Falls area during the weekend. It spotlights state Sen. Bob Nonini's 1983 arrest for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. The front of the flier shows 5 stones and says: “Bob Nonini threw rocks for political gain,” a reference to Cathyanne Nonini informing the local and national Boys & Girls Club earlier in the campaign re: an old DUI on Whalen's record. Whalen is president of the local Boys & Girls Club.

  • DFO: You can see the front of the flier in the comments section.

Question: Will this flier hurt Nonini?

Nonini-Whalen Race Hits Nasty Patch

That Facebook post by state Sen. Bob Nonini, R-Coeur d’Alene, didn’t stay up long – you know, the one in which he blasted opponent Pat Whalen for picking on Nonini’s wife, Cathyanne. It read: “My opponent took a cheap shot at my wife (Thursday night) at the NIC Candidate Forum – what type of person attacks a wife? Not a reputable or credible person.” At the forum, Whalen raised the fact that he had received a DUI in 2006, according to the Coeur d’Alene Press. That was a shocker. So was his subsequent comment that Cathyanne Nonini was trying to use the old DUI conviction to get Whalen dumped as chairman of the Boys & Girls Club of Kootenai County. Nonini pulled his Facebook post Friday after Huckleberries Online published the text of an email that Cathyanne Nonini sent to regional director Steve Ratto of Boys & Girls Clubs of America. At 10:57 a.m. Wednesday, she emailed Ratto: “This is per my conversation with Tony in your National Office. This gentleman is currently the Board President for our local B&G Club. We do not feel it is a good example for a person with a DUI conviction to be serving on a B&G Club Board, Peace and Blessings, Cathyanne.” On Friday, Whalen offered to resign as chairman of the Boys & Girls Club. But the board rejected the notion from its hard-working chairman. Some indignant Whalen supporters noted that Bob Nonini had been arrested – but not convicted – on a cocaine charge in 1983. What’s that they say about glass houses?/DFO, SR Sunday Huckleberries. Rest of the column here.

Whalen Announces For Nonini’s Spot

Pat Whalen announces his candidacy for Idaho Sen. Bob Nonini's Senate District 3 seat to an audience that includes Ron Nilson of Ground Force Manufacturing and Post Falls Councilman Skip Hissong. (Photo: Duane Rasmussen)

Pat Whalen believes the timing is right for him both personally and politically to make a run for the Idaho Senate. Whalen, a Post Falls resident and president of the Resource Computing software firm in Coeur d'Alene, announced Wednesday that he plans to seek Sen. Bob Nonini's District 3 legislative seat, starting with the May primary. Whalen, a Republican, is the current president of the Boys and Girls Club of Kootenai County and has served on Rotary in Coeur d'Alene for more than 20 years, including time as a past president. “I've had success in building teams and consensus,” Whalen said. “If you look at how fractured the Republican Party is, it's going to take that to make an impact on the community with economic development. You need a team builder”/Brian Walker, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

DFO: If Nilson and the Post Falls establishment are supporting Nilson, Nonini is in trouble. What do you think?

Trustee Hunt: You Can’t Hide, Nonini

Senator Bob Nonini is still a liar! In our homes and schools we teach our children accountability for their actions, so why can’t we teach cowardly politicians accountability in front of an impartial judge and in the polling booths? It is Bob Nonini’s signature on the “From the Desk of Senator Bob Nonini” slanderous letter that was sent out right before the Post Falls School Board election. Now he claims he didn’t write the letter, but agrees with its content. WHAT? How cowardly is that? TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS! Whether it was Nonini’s “rubber stamp” signature on the letter containing the slanders does not make them true. By the way, why would the Reagan Republicans have an Idaho State Senator’s rubber stamp and letterhead anyway? Is that legal or ethical? Or did the Regan Republicans forge his letterhead and signature?/Post Falls Trustee Julie Hunt (pictured). More here.

Question: Has Nonini and the Reagan Republican leaders stirred up a hornet's nest in their own back yard?

Richert: Nonini Remains Unrepentant

Politics is a “full-contact sport,” Republican state Sen. Bob Nonini told his hometown Coeur d’Alene Press this week. And at least he’s consistent in applying this principle. Last spring, when Nonini was seeking to move from the House to the Senate, his political action committee poured nearly $15,000 into campaigns targeting six GOP incumbents, including Senate Finance Committee Chairman Dean Cameron of Rupert and Vice Chairwoman Shawn Keough of Sandpoint. All six candidates won. If Nonini was chastened by the experience — or by the awkwardness of serving alongside fellow Republicans he targeted for defeat a few months earlier — there’s no visible sign of it/Kevin Richert, TheEDge (IdahoEd News). More here.


Hunt Responds To ‘Nonini Letter’

Following is a portion of the letter that Post Falls Trustee Julie Hunt dropped off at the Coeur d'Alene office of the Spokesman-Review Wednesday re: a letter circulated in the closing days of the Post Falls School Board election, under Sen. Bob Nonini's signature:

The one that really ticks me off … as a mom, as a woman, as a 22-year resident of Post Falls, and a voter … is the letter sent “From the Desk of Senator Bob Nonini” dated May 17, 2013. May 17, 2013 … are you kidding me? Four days before the election the letter was sent so that there was no chance for me to refute Senator Nonini's lies! That's cowardly, even for the worst of politicians. I received a copy of Nonini's letter the afternoon of the election after it had been circulated privately for maximum effect. Senator Bob Nonini, you sir, are a bold-faced liar! You claim in that letter that “…I have had many opportunities to meet with their opponents…” (referring to me as one of the 'opponents'). The truth is (not that you would know it if it slapped you in the face), that you and I have NEVER met. Not once! Full letter here.

Question: You thoughts on Hunt's response?

Nonini’s Trustee Letter Causes Stir

A letter signed by Sen. Bob Nonini that arrived in some Post Falls voters' mailboxes a few days before Tuesday's school board races is stirring a post-election debate. Nonini said he was caught off guard when he was the only lawmaker who had a signature on the letter. It was dated May 17 and in support of candidates Carol Goodman and Glorie Ward, both endorsed by the Reagan Republicans and election winners. “There was a misunderstanding behind the letter,” he said, adding that he didn't send the letter. Nonini said, had he known he would have been the only legislator to have his signature on the letter, he would have given it a second thought as to whether to allow to have it sent. However, Nonini said he signed off on the content in the letter. It says “From the desk of Senator Bob Nonini” on the top. Jeff Ward, treasurer of the Republican group and Glorie's husband, said he did the footwork on the letter in collaboration with the candidates/Brian Walker, Coeur d'Alene Press. More here.

DFO: Some of you have asked about the letter that was sent out in Sen. Nonini's name. SReporter Scott Maben tried to contact Nonini last night about this issue, leaving a message on his cellphone. Nonini didn't call back.

Question: Why am I not surprised that the Reagan Republicans are also involved in this?

Nonini Sends Out Endorsement Letter

State Sen. Bob Nonini, R-Coeur d'Alene, poked his nose into the Post Falls School Board races at the last moment by authoring a letter in favor of two challengers to the incumbents. Predictably, Nonini favors the archconservative candidates in the race and doesn't even mention the incumbents who have given Post Falls years of public service. One paragraph, however, stands out as over-the-top, even for Nonini: “I have had many opportunities to meet with their opponents over the eyars and one thing has become apparent. Their only concern is the teacher's union and keeping the union members happy without any regard for the residents funding Post Falls public education.” Seriously, that's the only concern that Dave Paul and Julie Hunt have had? Not the kids? Ever? This from an individual who, as a former House Education Committee chairman was rebuked at the polls when Idaho voters rejected Propositions 1-3, which he supported wholeheartedly. And which would have devastated Idaho education? Bad form, Bob. Bad form. Full Nonini letter here.


Trib: To Goedde, ‘No’ Means ‘Not Yet’

Five months ago, the people of Idaho said no. No to overturning teachers' employment rights — 57 percent. No to imposing a top-down merit pay system rewarding teachers more for whether they work in a wealthy school than what they do — 58 percent. No to pulling money meant for teacher salaries to pay for an untested technology initiative — 66.7 percent. When state school Superintendent Tom Luna was cramming this 2011 overhaul package down the throats of Idaho parents, students, teachers, and taxpayers, Sen. John Goedde, R-Coeur d'Alene, was helping him every step of the way. Since November's referendum campaign, Goedde, chairman of the Senate Education Committee, has taken any opportunity to get even with the voters for repudiating his handiwork. If there's a bill to continue weakening teacher collective bargaining rights, he's on board/Marty Trillhaase, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Question: What do you make of state Sen. John Goedde, R-Coeur d'Alene, still ignoring the will of the people to push the voter-rejected Luna Laws at every opportunity?

Nonini, Other Frosh Sink Ed Budget

When several House Republicans sought to defect to the Senate during the 2012 elections, the conventional wisdom held that this shift would make the Senate more conservative — and more like the House. The verdict: Yes and no. The newcomers certainly had a profound impact Wednesday, when the Senate rejected the 2013-14 public schools budget. The six Republican newcomers all voted against the budget: Cliff Bayer, Boise; Jim Guthrie, McCammon; Marv Hagedorn, Meridian; Bob Nonini, Coeur d’Alene; Jim Patrick, Twin Falls; and Steven Thayn, Emmett. Senate Education Committee Chairman John Goedde and fellow budget opponents needed every one of these votes, since the $1.308 billion budget was voted down by a 17-18 margin/Kevin Richert, The EDge. More here.

Question: Why am I not surprised that Bob “No Comment” Nonini joined Goedde in this rebellion against the $1.3B Education budget?

Nonini-Malek Feud Simmers

From Kestrel West Morning Memo: A defeated measure designed to protect health care workers from assault highlighted a simmering feud. “It sure appears as a conflict that Luke Malek did not disclose that he was doing this as a favor to his father and KMC. Young Luke needs to understand that we expect more transparency in government that Luke is willing to concede,” [Bob Nonini wrote} … Malek said of Nonini, “This isn’t the first time he’s impugned my character … I think what we are seeing in Bob’s case is mostly frustration with an inability, once again, to create any sort of coherent legislative agenda …” Story here.


Trib: Nonini’s Bill Gets Its Due

In his weekly Cheers & Jeers column, Marty Trillhaase of the Lewiston Tribune cheers … to Senate President Pro Tem Brent Hill, R-Rexburg: “He didn't just block Sen. Bob Nonini's barely concealed ploy to spend tax dollars on religious schools. Hill drove a stake through its heart. Nonini was engineering an end run around Idaho's constitutional ban against using public dollars for religious instruction. He suggested giving taxpayers a credit when they contribute toward private school student scholarships. Estimated cost: $10 million. Not so fast, said Hill. When he's not running the state Senate, Hill is a CPA. Said Hill: For every $100 contributed to a scholarship, the taxpayer would net “at least $107” and the state would pay another 10 percent for administrative costs. Down Nonini's bill went on a 7-2 Senate tax committee vote/Marty Trillhaase, Lewiston Tribune. Full Cheers & Jeers column here.

Question: Huckleberries is trying to figure out how someone as opposed to public education as Sen. Nonini could be appointed first to chair the House Ed Committee & now a member of the Senate Ed Committee? Anyone?

Nonini Faults Malek Ethics, Bill Fails

Rep. Luke Malek, R-Coeur d’Alene, a former Kootenai County deputy prosecutor whose first bill as an Idaho state representative was defeated on a tied Senate vote today – a tie that was broken by a no vote from Lt. Gov. Brad Little – said, “I’m disappointed that it was defeated this year, but confident that once we iron out the misconceptions voiced in the floor debate, we will be successful next year.” Malek said Sen. Bob Nonini, R-Coeur d’Alene, was mistaken when he said the bill would make it a felony to just assault a health care worker with words. “There is no such thing as verbal assault,” Malek said. He pointed to Idaho Code 18-901, which includes the “by word or act” phrase to which Nonini referred in the Senate debate/Betsy Russell, Eye on Boise. More here.

Later, Betsy Russell/Eye on Boise reports: Sen. Bob Nonini, R-Coeur d’Alene, declined to respond to questions from a reporter about his debate against HB 292, the health worker assault bill, or his response to Rep. Luke Malek, R-Coeur d’Alene, the bill’s sponsor, who said Nonini questioned his ethics for sponsoring the bill. “I told you ‘no comment,’ and let’s leave it at that,” Nonini said.

Question: What do you make of Nonini questioning Malek's ethics?

Nonini Ap-hollow-gy Revives Memories

Sen. Bob Nonini's florid style makes his turn in floor debates must-listen moments for reporters. But when Nonini confessed last week that he regretted spending thousands in last spring's primary to defeat a fellow Republican, all eyes were on the Coeur d'Alene lawmaker. Nonini's mea culpa was directed at the Senate floor sponsor of Gov. Butch Otter's bill on a state-run health insurance exchange, Sen. John Tippets, R-Montpelier. “I have really grown to respect the senator from (District) 32 and will publicly say embarrassed by my actions last May in something that you're probably all aware of,” Nonini said. “He's quite the gentleman.” Yes, his colleagues are well aware. They're also surprised that the Senate freshman, who served eight years in the House, waited until the waning days of the session to fess up. And they remain puzzled that he didn't tip his hat to the other five Republicans he tried to unseat/Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: Do you think Nonini's apology on the Senate floor, in the waning days of the Legislature, was sincere?

Read more here:

Trib Jeers Oath Breaker Nonini

In his weekly Cheers & Jeers column, opinionator Marty Trillhaase of the Lewiston Tribune jeers state Sen. Bob Nonini, R-Coeur d'Alene:

Nonini wants to suck $10 million from the traditional schools serving more than 95 percent of Idaho's kids - and pump it into private schools. Passed Wednesday by a 35-to-33 House vote, Nonini's bill extends credits to people who contribute toward the scholarships of 3,000 private school students. Nonini asserts this will save public schools $5.7 million by pulling more students out of their classrooms. But he glides past some realities. Hiring one teacher for 24 second-graders costs as much as hiring that teacher for a class of 25 students. Building lighting and heating costs are constant. Same goes for transportation costs.Less money for Idaho's already lean public schools means more money for religious-operated schools/Marty Trillhaase, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Question: Last year, Nonini used his position as House Education Committee chairman to push the Luna Laws through the Legislature. This year, he pushes a bill that sucks another $10M from public education. Can you think of someone in the Legislature who has done more harm to public education in the last year?

Trib: Nonini (Thinks He) Knows Best

Leave it to Idaho Sen. Bob Nonini, R-Coeur d'Alene, to spill the beans. When it came to last week's Senate vote to open northern Idaho's highways to city-block-long, double-trailer trucks weighing 12 tons more than the current legal limit, Nonini made it clear who has his ear. “On one side of the scales we have government entities, and for the most part they're in opposition,” Nonini said. “On the other side we have industry, and they're supporting this. As I weigh those comments, tipping the scales towards government or industry, my scale tips toward industry. We need to help them.” The people Nonini discounts answer to voters. They listen to taxpayers.They're county commissioners, highway district officials and city leaders. They know what roads and bridges cost. They have more than a vague sense of what 129,000 pounds will do to bridges and road surfaces/Marty Trillhaase, Lewiston Tribune. More here.


3 Local Senators Back Telemarketers

Originally posted 10:49 a.m. Wednesday

The Senate has voted 26-6 in favor of HB 55, the bill brought by two phone companies to allow telephone, cable and other telecom companies to make commercial solicitation calls to their existing customers even if they’re on the do-not-call list. Sen. Chuck Winder, R-Meridian, noted that the bill adds those companies to the existing do-not-call exemption for businesses with an existing relationship with a customer; and also adds a clause saying if one of those businesses calls and the customer tells them to stop calling, they can’t call again. Violations could mean a $500 fine/Betsy Russell, Eye on Boise. More here.

AYES — Bair, Bayer, Bock, Brackett, Buckner-Webb, Cameron, Fulcher, Goedde (pictured), Guthrie, Heider, Hill, Lacey, Lakey, Lodge, Martin, McKenzie, Mortimer, Nonini, Pearce, Rice, Siddoway, Stennett, Thayn, Tippets, Vick, Winder
NAYS — Davis, Durst, Johnson, Keough, Patrick, Werk
Absent and excused — Hagedorn, Nuxoll, Schmidt
Floor Sponsor - Winder

Nonini Donates To GOP Senate PAC

Remember the mischief in the primaries with Republicans donating against Republicans?** It looks like some of the players are trying to make amends. Rep. Bob Nonini's PAC, Idaho Association for Good Government, donated $1,500 to the Senate Republican PAC, according to a report filed with the Secretary of State.  Will it be enough to repair the rift? Earlier this month, Senate President Pro Tem Brent Hill told Betsy Russell that if Nonini wins his Senate race, disciplinary actions aren't off the table. On Wednesday, Hill said the donation wasn't solicited, and he hadn't discussed the donation with Nonini/Melissa Davlin, Capitol Confidential, Twin Falls Times News. More here.

  • How about a song dedication — from Idaho Senate GOP to Rep. Nonini: “Can't Buy Me Love” by The Beatles.

Question: Will Nonini be able to buy an indulgence from Senate GOP leaders for $1500?

No Senate GOP PAC Love For Nonini

In practically every legislative district in the state where there's a contested race - and even one where there's not - the Senate Republican PAC has made a campaign contribution to the Republican candidate. The two exceptions: Sen. Monty Pearce, R-New Plymouth, in District 8, and Rep. Bob Nonini, R-Coeur d'Alene, who's running for the Senate seat now held by the retiring Sen. Jim Hammond, R-Coeur d'Alene. It turns out that Pearce was left out by mistake. “It was an oversight if we didn't make him one,” said Senate President Pro-Tem Brent Hill, R-Rexburg. “We need to make one to him. … It wasn't intentional.” Pearce, chairman of the Senate Resources Committee, faces Democrat Alma Hasse in the November election. Nonini was another matter - it was no oversight/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here. You can see contributions by Idaho Senate GOP PAC to Senate races with challengers here.

Question: Am I reading too much into this?

Nonini Primary Mischief An Issue

Fourth-term state Rep. Bob Nonini is running for the Senate, but his actions in the primary — pouring thousands into the campaigns of unsuccessful challengers to several sitting GOP lawmakers, including three senators — could make him an unpopular arrival there. “I'm getting back-door support from moderate Republicans,” said his Democratic challenger, Kristy Reed Johnson. “Mr. Nonini has left the center of the party.” Nonini, R-Coeur d'Alene, says, “I'm going to have some bridge-building to do, I'm sure. And I'm confident that I can do that.” It's the hottest race in North Idaho's District 3, a heavily GOP legislative district that nevertheless has Democrats mounting challenges for all three seats. Johnson's husband, Ronald K. Johnson, is challenging Rep. Frank Henderson, R-Post Falls; while fourth-time Democratic candidate David Larsen is up against GOP primary winner Ron Mendive for Nonini's old House seat/Betsy Russell, Eye on Boise. More here.

Question: Which action by Nonini do you consider worse — his primary support for Tea Party candidates in other districts or his unabashed support as House Education chairman in 2011 for the Luna Laws?

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